Pastor Doug Heading to Oceania

At the end of January, Pastor Doug Batchelor and the Amazing Facts live evangelism team will be heading to Australia and New Zealand to share vital, life-transforming Bible truth with thousands of believers and seekers. The trip is being organized in partnership with Amazing Facts Oceania.

Their first stop: Melbourne, Australia. From January 26–28, Pastor Doug will speak at the Adventist Youth for Christ Convention. After two years of not being able to fellowship with likeminded believers, God’s young people in Australia are excited to get together and grow in Christ. (Information about event location is not available at this time.)

Next, on Tuesday, January 31, in Brisbane, Pastor Doug will present the “Seven Signs of Christ’s Return,” revealing where we are in Revelation’s prophetic timeline. It will be a powerful opportunity to bring friends and family and for believers Down Under to prepare for the soon coming of Jesus. Please join us at the iSEE Church on 8 Ellen Street.

Then on February 1, also in Brisbane, Pastor Doug will present “Finding Peace, Power & Purpose” at a special Wednesday night youth program. Young and old are invited to discover our lasting source of strength in this age of uncertainty and chaos. This presentation will take place at the Mt. Gravatt Church at 341 Broadwater Road.

Finally, from February 3–9, Pastors Doug Batchelor and Jëan Ross will present “Seven Signs of Christ’s Return” at the Due Drop Events Centre in Auckland, New Zealand. All are welcome to these free programs, which will feature inspired, hope-filled teaching and wonderful music.

Says Pastor Doug, “I’m thrilled to be returning to Oceania to fellowship and share from God’s Word. It’s been a challenging few years for the people living in the region, so I hope to bring them new insights that will encourage them—while also challenging them to grow in their faith.”

Please pray for God’s guidance and traveling mercies as our team prepares for this outreach effort!


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