Amazing Facts to Begin Broadcasting in Dallas and Orlando

Amazing Facts International will broadcast our flagship television program, Amazing Facts with Doug Batchelor, on WRBW in Orlando, Florida, beginning March 5, 2023, and on KDAF in Dallas, Texas, starting February 12, 2023.

Doug Batchelor, president of Amazing Facts, shares, “I’m thrilled that we’ll begin broadcasting the three angels’ messages on these two giant local TV stations, which reach huge numbers of people who desperately need to hear God’s last-day truths.”

He also says that being on the air in Dallas will plant seeds and help prepare hearts for Pinnacle of Prophecy, a huge outreach campaign that will include a full AFCOE class, pre-work events, and a full-length Bible prophecy series this fall. (Stay tuned for more information soon!)

Both WRBW and KDAF serve large metropolitan areas, reaching several million TV households combined. With over 1.5 million TV households, Orlando is the 17th largest television market in the USA. It also includes nearly a million cable households. Its surrounding nine counties blanket a geographic footprint of nearly 10,000 square miles.

The Dallas-Ft. Worth metropolitan area is the fifth largest television market in America. It is also the state’s largest market and covers 32 counties and roughly seven million residents. KDAF has the potential to reach 2.6 million TV households.

Here’s how to watch Amazing Facts with Doug Batchelor in Orlando and Dallas—

Orlando on Sunday at 10:30 AM ET
WRBW/Fox 35 Plus, channel 28 (digital/UHF) or channel 65 (virtual)

Dallas on Sunday at 8:30 AM CT
KDAF/CW33, channel 32 (digital/UHF) or channel 33 (virtual)

As always, this outreach would be impossible without friends of the ministry who give generously for this last-day work. Thank you! And if you’d also like to support Amazing Facts broadcasts and share Christ as far and wide as possible, please contact 877-506-1751 or visit

For inquiries about these or other Amazing Facts broadcasts, please email


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