The Pinnacle of Prophecy: Unlocking Revelation’s Mysteries

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Beginning October 27, 2023, Amazing Facts International will present The Pinnacle of Prophecy: Unlocking Revelation’s Mysteries with speaker Pastor Doug Batchelor. This evangelistic Bible series will feature 14 timely, power-packed presentations and will be broadcast from the Granite Bay Hilltop Church in Granite Bay, California, with a live audience.

It can also be seen around the world on AFTV, Facebook, and YouTube.

Devastating events in our world—financial collapse, natural catastrophes, international conflicts, political strife—are causing many to feel anxious about what the future holds. But the book of Revelation provides hope-filled answers to life’s deepest questions and prepares people for the soon coming of Jesus.

“Communicating the ultimate message of Revelation is our goal,” says Pastor Doug, “I believe these unique multimedia presentations will challenge what most people think they know about the world and their purpose in it. Our message is that God’s final prophetic Word will soon come to pass. Are you ready for it? Together, we’ll learn the what, the when, the why, and the how in a way that will prepare us for what is coming to our planet.”

The Pinnacle of Prophecy will be a Revelation series like no other! Pastor Doug will lead viewers to the pinnacle of Bible prophecy as found in Revelation 14—where God gives three end-time messages through mysterious angelic beings. He will also offer a clear understanding of our world’s current events and why they are happening—and why it all must culminate with the Second Coming.

The first three nights will get off to a quick and fascinating start … 

Night 1: Friday, October 27, 7:00 PM — The Truth About Angels
Who are these heavenly messengers? What can we learn from them?

Night 2: Saturday, October 28, 7:00 PM — The Everlasting Gospel
What is the foundational message in heaven’s last call to Earth?

Night 3: Sunday, October 29, 7:00 PM — The Coming of the King
Unmistakable signs signal Jesus’ soon return—and are you ready for it?

Other topics to be covered include the truth about hellfire, the afterlife, the millennium, the mark of the beast, the USA in Bible prophecy, and many more eye-opening revelations.

Would you or your church like to be a part of this extraordinary opportunity to bring the three angels’ messages to a world lost in spiritual darkness? We may not have many more opportunities to share every aspect of this message openly, so please prayerfully consider hosting the event at your church or even your home.

Ten Bible lessons are also being developed for this series, with plans for them to be available for sharing at your event. We’ll also make advertising easy. So let’s lead viewers into an eternal, joyful relationship with God together!

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