Do You Believe? The Big Bible Summit Is Coming in September


An Amazing Fact: Did you know that some of the English language’s most-used expressions come from the Bible? Idioms such as “apple of my eye,” “writing on the wall,” “salt of the earth,” “turn the other cheek,” “a drop in the bucket,” and even the “blind leading the blind” all find their origins in the Bible? But the impact of God’s Word goes far beyond impacting our languages—it has extraordinary power to change the heart.

There is a famine for the Word of God!

Even though more than 100 million copies of the Bible are sold yearly worldwide, few people really understand its staggering endurance, historical accuracy, dependability, and wonderful power to transform lives. According to one Barna study, only half of Americans believe the Bible was truly inspired by God.

Second Timothy 3:16, 17 says, “All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work.” Skepticism about the Bible, including the creeping doubt rising in the church, is leading to disarray in all parts of our culture. So how do we help convince skeptical friends, family, and co-workers that the Bible is a miraculous book that can be fully trusted?

Amazing Facts International is thrilled to invite you to join us for The Big Bible Summit, a faith-building seminar series that will equip you with the tools to better understand and explain God’s Word in these troubling times of unbelief.

Mark your calendar! The Big Bible Summit is scheduled for Friday, September 1, through Saturday, September 2, 2023.

You’ll get trustworthy and inspiring answers to questions like:

Does the Bible still matter?
Can it really be trusted?
How can an ancient book have answers for people living today?
What does history and science say about it?
Why are there so many translations?
Which version should you use?
How can we know it was actually inspired by God?
And many more!

Says Pastor Doug Batchelor, president, “The unique power and origins of the Scriptures is one of my favorite topics, so I’m especially excited to be taking part in this informative and inspiring seminar. I know that people from all walks of life will be moved by these presentations, so please invite your loved ones to watch with you.”

How to Watch

If you’re in the Sacramento area, please come in person and bring a friend. The Granite Bay Hilltop Church is hosting the seminar at 6605 Sierra College Blvd., Granite Bay, CA 95746. Lunch on Saturday will be provided for our local guests.

You can also watch this FREE event online at AFTV and on Amazing Facts’ YouTube and Facebook pages.

Speakers and Schedule

Pastor Doug will also be joined by Jëan Ross, vice president of evangelism, and other enthusiastic speakers, including Luccas Rodor, Jeff Walper, Shawn Brummund, and Aron Crews of the Granite Bay Hilltop Church.

The series begins Friday, September 1, at 6:30pm PT.

The following is a list of topics being covered:

Historical Evidence for the Bible
Personal Evidence for the Bible
Bible Translations
History of the Bible
Inspiration of the Bible
How to Study the Bible
Influence of the Bible
Q&A forum

For more details and to register, visit


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