Amazing Facts Bible School Celebrates One Millionth Student!

By Shenalyn Page
Posted November 02, 2023

Here’s a thrilling amazing fact: The Amazing Facts Bible School recently registered its 1,000,000th mail-based student!

“It’s exciting to see that we’ve enrolled so many people through the years,” says Cathy Bauer, Bible School director. “Yet our goal is not just to enroll students, but to also build relationships with each of them and help them get to know Jesus for themselves.” 

The Bible School and its dedicated staff and volunteers communicate with hundreds of students every month, providing additional resources and prayers. Over the past 50 years, the Bible School has graduated tens of thousands of students and connected many thousands to a local church. It currently serves about 30,000 seekers annually. 

Our one-millionth mail-based student is taking the course in Texas.

A History of Teaching Truth

The Bible School has been a core part of Amazing Facts’ ministry since the 1960s. It initially offered ten lessons, which were called “Information Folders,” as part of a mail-based study course.


Pastor Bill Mays, a cofounder of Amazing Facts, wrote those original lessons entirely on his knees as he prayerfully sought wisdom from God to share these vital truths. Those studies began with fundamental doctrines such as salvation, the reliability of the Bible, and obedience, then progressed into Bible prophecy. 

The Bible lessons have since been expanded to 27 lessons—now called Amazing Facts Study Guides—covering all the key end-time Bible doctrines. “These Study Guides have been a great help as I study and prepare for our Wednesday night Bible study that I lead,” writes Danny, a deacon in a Sunday-keeping church.

Building Relationships for Eternity

Today, students can take the lessons online, or they can mail the printed lessons into our correspondence school for personalized grading and responses. We have lessons for children and adults. Adds Cathy, “We send personal letters when students ask questions or tell us they are struggling. While we don’t give personal advice, we point these seekers to the Bible for guidance and give them additional resources that can help.”

Students appreciate the personalized responses and care they receive through the Bible School. “Thank you for the outpouring of love and teachings,” wrote Desiree. “I am blessed by you so much, even in the midst of the suffering that I experience.”

Cathy recently attended the baptism of a student she had been studying with for the past three years through the Bible School. Lee had initially been sporadic in studying the Bible, but with Cathy’s encouragement, he devoted himself to learning God’s truths. In time, Cathy connected him with a local Sabbath-keeping church. “It is rewarding to see Lee’s growth in the Lord,” she shares. “He has even enrolled another student and is studying with him now.”

Helping Churches Share Truth

The Bible School also assists churches who want to offer Bible studies to their community. “We send free starter packs to interested churches,” explains Cathy. “We also coach churches on using the Bible studies effectively. Many of our staff were Bible workers previously, so they have a lot of experience in helping people make decisions for Christ.” 

The Bible School staff also connects interested students with local churches for further spiritual development. Many of our students are serving time in prison, and these lessons are powerful and life-changing for them, leading to many baptisms.


“It is a privilege to assist churches and other ministries in their efforts,” says Cathy. “God uses all His children as we work together.”

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