“The Pinnacle of Prophecy” Proclaims the Three Angels’ Messages Worldwide!

By Shenalyn Page
Posted November 15, 2023


Nothing is more rewarding in a Christian’s life than seeing a God-given dream come to life and bring the hope of salvation to a longing soul. It’s also incredibly humbling when thousands of people meet Jesus through it!

That is what God has done through Amazing Facts International’s recently concluded The Pinnacle of Prophecy outreach meetings.

Last year, God gave Pastor Doug Batchelor, president of Amazing Facts, the idea for a prophecy series centered around Revelation 14. “I was deeply impressed by how many of the Bible’s key doctrines can be found in that one chapter,” he says. “The whole thing, including the name for the series, gelled in my mind in just 90 minutes.”

That God-given idea grew into The Pinnacle of Prophecy, which was held at the Granite Bay Hilltop Church from October 27 to November 11, 2023. The series was broadcast live in English, Spanish, and Russian on AFTV, Hope Channel International, 3ABN, 3ABN Latino, Facebook, and YouTube. Already, the series has accumulated more than 8 million views online.

The Culmination of Bible Prophecy

Pinnacle of Prophecy spent two weeks unpacking the prophetic truths found in that one chapter of the Bible. That narrow focus was intentional. 

“All the prophecies of Revelation culminate in chapter 14, which makes it the perfect springboard to teach about what will happen at the end of the world and the vital truths of the everlasting gospel,” says Pastor Doug. “All the themes of the book come to their crescendo in this chapter. Light and darkness are juxtaposed. The prophecies highlight the saved and lost, faith and faithlessness, and the mark of the beast and the seal of God. The three angels’ messages go to all the world and culminate with the destruction of the wicked and the saving of the righteous. It is the most action-packed chapter in the Revelation.”

During each meeting, Pastor Doug explored the messages of warning highlighted throughout Revelation 14, offering meaningful lessons on the truth about angels, God’s law, what it means to worship the Creator, how the everlasting gospel changes our lives, healthy living, what happens when we die, and how we can avoid the mark of the beast and receive the seal of God instead. 

Each night, an accompanying Bible lesson designed for this event helped viewers begin the habit of studying the Bible for themselves.

A Worldwide Impact

World events over the past year have contributed to a growing sense of the nearness of the end. Many people are keenly interested in the chaotic, fallen state of the world and are seeking answers from the Bible. “These meetings have been very enlightening,” said James, who attended the live meetings in person. “God has been speaking to me through Pastor Doug. I have a lot to sort out, but I know I need to listen to this right now.”

Candus, a faithful donor to the ministry, writes, “I’ve been a Christian since the womb and have attended many Daniel and Revelation seminars. However, Pinnacle of Prophecy has helped to make Revelation clearer. How gracious the Holy Spirit is and God’s tender mercy and compassion to a world out of control.”

Pictures of groups watching in Africa, China, the Philippines, England, Austria, the United Arab Emirates, and other countries poured in throughout the meetings. “Thank you for the amazing series! We are watching from Austria!” said Simeona. [Picture]

“I’ve been watching your program every evening while I feed my newborn,” wrote Christelle from Saint-Philippe, Canada. It’s been a blessing. It helped me understand a lot about the prophecy and the Bible.”

“I’ve been searching for God my whole life,” said Sarah. “He is using these meetings to bring me back to Him.”

Even children were able to learn about God through the series. Special meetings for kids were held at the Granite Bay Church, where they learned about the same topics as their parents through stories, songs, and crafts. Many children also watched the online series. “Thanks for an amazing series. We are learning so much. Judah and Micah are enjoying watching from Riverside, California. God bless you all.”

Lives Transformed

Though we will not know the full impact of Pinnacle of Prophecy until heaven, the story of one young couple highlights the beautiful way God uses our humble efforts to answer other people’s prayers.

Lucas and Elizabeth have been on a journey toward God for the past few years. Lucas had grown up in the truth but had lost his way by age 19. For three years, he was heavily into the drug and alcohol culture. During this time, he fell in love with Elizabeth, a practicing witch. Many nights, they talked about God while using cocaine. [Picture]

“I knew I was killing myself and the girl I loved,” shares Lucas. His mom encouraged them to visit Pastor Doug’s church. The couple went and began group Bible studies with one of the pastors. One by one, they gained victory over drugs, alcohol, and other vices.

Then, just as Pinnacle of Prophecy began, Lucas and Elizabeth lost their jobs. “We knew we wanted to learn more about prophecy but didn’t think we would have time,” says Lucas. With their newly freed-up schedule, the young couple attended every meeting and is now planning to be baptized. The day the meetings ended, Lucas was offered another job.

“I always wanted to get to the heart of things,” says Elizabeth. “Now I’ve discovered that I can trust God and His Word. I’m never going back.”

Stories like this hint at the miraculous things God has been doing all around the world through Pinnacle of Prophecy. “I know people say this all the time, and it can sound disingenuous, but it really moves me to see what God is doing,” reflects Pastor Doug. “I know I’m a mess, so I feel humbled that God would use me at all. It’s just a blessing and honor to be a part of a conduit through which He delivers eternal life.”

Now, each session will be repackaged into shorter segments to be aired on national television in the coming months. It will also be turned into an Amazing Facts DVD series for purchase.

Replays of The Pinnacle of Prophecy can be viewed at www.pinnacleofprophecy.com.

Thank you for your loving support, which made this outreach and others like it possible!



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