Date: 05/08/2015 
Communication today has been transformed by the use of SMS Texting. Did you know that the Philippines accounts for more texting data processing than the USA and Europe combined? Watch to learn more.
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Today's smartphones are a virtual universe of information that fits in the palm of your hand. It's good thing we have opposable thumbs. With it, you can buy your groceries, take care of your exercise regime, watch a video, listen to music, you can surf the International World Wide Web, which may not always be a good thing. There is more computer processing technology and power in a little smartphone today than was used by NASA to put a man on the moon. I almost forgot, you can also use these to make a phone call, but who does that anymore? Today, communication is not in complete sentences. It's all about short message servicing or SMS texting.

That's right. There are about 2.5 billion people in the world today, that are communicating with their fellow humans in short bytes called texting. That's more data that is being used than those who are surfing the web are even playing video games. Friends, nowhere is this more true than right here in the Philippines. Even though the Philippines has about a hundred million people, they are responsible for the largest number of text messages of anywhere in the world. They're the 12th largest country, but they send 400 million text messages every day.

That's a lot of finger fatigue. Even though the greatest number of texters is here in the Philippines, the record for the fastest texter in the world is from Brazil. A young man by the name of Marcel Fernandes Philo he was able to text 25 very complicated words in a little more than 18 seconds. It takes me longer than that to just say, "I love you," to my wife and press send, all thumbs.

One of the neat things about texting is you can text just about anywhere. If you're surrounded with people, you want to send a personal message your text. You're in a crowded subway or an airport, you can text. If you're surrounded by noise or nosy people, you can text. Just don't text while you're driving.

That's what's so wonderful friends, you can always text God a message of prayer from your heart. When you're wondering, "What school do I go to?" "What job do I take?" "Who am I supposed to date that maybe a future life partner?" Your prayers don't have to be long. The shortest prayer in the Bible is three words when Peter prayed lord save me. Jesus answered his prayer. It doesn't matter how fast you can text when you're talking to God.

He'll know what you're asking for and hear your prayer before you have a chance to say Amen and press the send button. In fact, friends you'll bring joy to God when you send him regular messages from your heart to His. Why don't you talk to him right now?

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