Port Royal and Lewis Galdy

Date: 04/24/2015 
In the late 1600s, Port Royal in Jamaica was known as the "Wickedest City on Earth." Built on a sandbar in one of the world's best natural harbors, Port Royal was the home of the most feared pirates in the Caribbean. At 11:43am on June 7, 1692, came the Great Earthquake. The quake affected the entire island of Jamaica, but Port Royal suffered the greatest damage. During this earthquake, Lewis Galdy was swallowed up by the sand as the city sunk into the ocean. While buried alive he prayed to God,
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Port Royal, here in Jamaica was once considered the most wicked city in the world. They had more bars and brothels per square foot than any other place on the planet. It was said to be full of cutthroats and pirates. But during this time the king of France Louis XIV, he began to persecute the protestants and the Huguenots in the kingdom and many fled. That's when Lewis Gadly and his brother Laurent came to Port Royal.

When Louis Gadly arrived he was absolutely dumbfounded at the unrestrained immorality, violence, and extravagance that filled Port Royal. That's why nobody was surprised when the judgment of God finally happened. Just before noon June 7th 1692, there was a massive earthquake that affected the whole island, Port Royal in particular. Two-thirds of it slide into the sea. Then came a tsunami, thousands perished. Unfortunately even Lewis Gadly was swallowed up in the earthquake.

Much of Jamaica is a rock. But Port Royal was built on the sand. When the earthquake struck the sand virtually liquified, swallowing much of the city and thousands of people. Lewis Galdy was buried alive. But while underground. He was still conscious and he prayed. He was lying himself to his fate, prayed to the Lord and then another miracle happened. There was an aftershock with volcanic activity that exploded blowing Lewis Galdy out of the earth, hundreds of yards off into the sea where he had a very pretty landing, but he was able to swim until he was rescued. Lewis Galdy dedicated the remaining 47 years of his life to serving Jesus in this island and he is even buried here still today.

The Bible tells us, just before Jesus comes back. Conditions in the world will be very much like they were in Sodom and Port Royal. There is going to be a tremendous earthquake and even islands will be swallowed up. But God's people don't need to be afraid. The same way that the Lord took care of Lewis Galdy, He will take care of you. It says in Psalms 91, "You might see a thousand fall at your side, or 10,000 at your right hand, but only with your eyes will you see and behold the destruction of the wicked." He can protect you and resurrect you.

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