Is it ok to go to a college of different faith?

Is it OK to go to a college of different faith as long as you are solid in your own faith? The views of that college might be in opposition to your own faith. You want to be thoroughly rooted in your beliefs. Another concern is about students who go to secular colleges.
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Co-Host:  “Is it all right for a person to go to a college of another faith as long as you’re solid in your own beliefs and your own faith?”  She said she wants to study for Christian Ministry and she’s wondering if that would be ok.

Pastor Doug:  Well, obviously, different colleges that are founded on the various denominations are going to be biased to the teachings and doctrines of their denomination that could be in opposition to the faith of one of the students.

Co-Host:  Yes.

Pastor Doug:  And so, if you want to stay – first of all, you should stay true to the Word, but you can know that if you go to college that has a different denomination in its foundation, you may be challenged and you want to be thoroughly rooted in your beliefs.

What concerns me even more than this is there are Christians that sometimes, in order to complete certain degrees, they end up having to go – sometimes it’s for finances, sometimes it’s for availability – to a secular college.  And some of those classes there the – I mean there are some good teachers – but some of them are diabolical and they feel like it’s their mission to challenge the faith of Christians.

And they’ll be exposed to a lot of humanism and evolutionism – and that is even more dangerous.

But a person needs to be pretty selective if they’re going to complete their degree at a Christian college that is not of their faith and make sure they are grounded.

Co-Host:  Well-grounded and probably able to explain why they are so well grounded.

Pastor Doug:  That’s right.

Co-Host:  I’m sure there will be opportunities to do that…

Pastor Doug:  …to be challenged, yup.

Co-Host:  Right.

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