International Dateline

Date: 01/18/2016 
Have you ever worried you don’t have enough time in your day? Have you ever wanted to add another day to your life? Step into the future—and back into the past—and take a step of faith with Pastor Doug Batchelor and Amazing Facts of Faith.
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Have you ever worried that you don't have enough time in your days or you could add another day to your life? Well, perhaps there is a way for you to add a whole another day to your existence. Watch how easy it is.

I just stepped into yesterday. No, I'm not talking about going back to the future or back in history. I happen to be standing here in Taba uni Fiji. One of the only places in the world where the International Meridian Dateline runs through a piece of land. People have not always been able to play with time this way.

Back in 1878, Sir Sandford Fleming, a Canadian, he recommended to the science community of the world that the globe be divided into 24 even segments, each separated by 15 degrees of longitude. That would establish the International time system.

In 1884, there's a prime meridian conference held in Washington DC to standardize time and select the point for the prime meridian which would be zero degrees on the globe. It ended up being Greenwich England but that's not where we are. We are on the polar opposite side of the planet right now but we're going to step into the future.

You want to come and look at that. The Lord is still with us even here. He'll continue to take care of you friends wherever you go. Friends, you sometimes worry about the future. What will you eat. Will you have a home? Are you going to still have your job? What will you wear?

Jesus tells us in Matthew chapter 6 verse 25-34, don't take thought for tomorrow, for tomorrow will take thought for the things of itself. He tells us that he feeds the birds and he clothes the flowers. He'll take care of us. We know that God will watch over us. He forgives the past. He promises to be with us in the present and he will continue to lead us in the future. But you've just got to give yourself to him. I invite you to do that right now.

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