Leonardo da Vinci

Date: 04/25/2004 
It is nearly impossible to discuss the Renaissance without mentioning Leonardo da Vinci. Few of any men have been born to match the intellect of the genius of this Florentine man.
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Hello friends this is Doug Batchelor. How about and amazing fact? It is nearly impossible to discuss the Renaissance without mentioning Leonardo da Vinci. Few of any men have been born to match the intellect of the genius of this Florentine man. da Vinci artworks like the Mona Lisa are remarkable for their harmony, soft light, and sharpness of observation. Not only was Leonardo an outstanding artist, but a universal genius in science, architecture, and engineering. His interests were so broad and numerous that it boggles the mind.

He observed everything from the properties of herbs to the movements of the heavens. A century before Galileo, Leonardo was able to find out new fundamental knowledge about the keeping of time and to connect it to machines, chiming clocks that were operated by weights, sand, and water. In the fields of anatomy, botany, zoology, geology, hydrology, aerology, optics, and mechanics he was far ahead of his time. He designed everything from fortifications, to weapons, and engines of war, to beautiful gardens, castles, churches, canals, and multi-tiered roads.

He devoted some time to music and soon learned to play the lyre. He could sing and improvise well. He even made a lyre shaped like a horse’s head. He even wrote a book on anatomy. He loved all animals and trained them with great kindness and patience. Often when passing a market where live birds were sold in cages he would release them and then pay the vendor the price. A vegetarian, Leonardo wrote that, "I have from an early age renounced the use of meat and a time will come when men look upon the murder of animals as they now look upon the murder of men".

Leonardo da Vinci was so brilliant that one observer noted that he could write a letter with one hand and draw with the other simultaneously. Many know that Leonardo da Vinci invented the scissors. But, his other ideas were often far ahead of his time and only realized centuries after his death such as the tank and the helicopter and the parachute. In fact in 1999 some Englishman built a parachute according to Leonardo’s specifications and tried it out and it worked perfectly. Looking back on his drawings and designs it is almost as though Leonardo could see into the future. This naturally makes us wonder, can a man know the future? Stay with us friends and we will learn more as “Amazing Facts” brings you this edition of “Bible Answers Live”.


Pastor Doug: Welcome once again listening friends to a fresh edition of “Bible Answers Live”. We are very happy that you have chosen either by Providence or choice to tune into the program. If you would like to participate we still have a couple of lines open and we invite you to call that free phone number and it is 1-800-GOD-SAYS or 1-800-463-7297 and if you call now you have a good chance of getting your question on tonight’s program. And as you can tell from our title this is a live, international, interactive Bible study. And you are welcome to listen in, pray for us, or to call in a question. That number again is 1-800-GOD-SAYS that’s 1-800-463-7297 here in North America or you could be listening on the internet worldwide by simply going to “Amazing Facts dot org”. We look forward to having you on this program. Pastor Dick is still finishing up his missionary and evangelistic program in Africa. He should be back with us by next week. But, I am very thankful that our Pastor Art Branner could be with us this evening. Good evening Art.

Pastor Art: Good evening Doug it’s good to be here yet once again with you.

Pastor Doug: Yes and I would love to have you launch our program with prayer if you would.

Pastor Art: Certainly. Heavenly Father we thank you again for this opportunity to speak to the listening audience as we pray and ask in a special way that we would be guided by your Holy Spirit and that you would teach us and give us yet again your wisdom that we might impart and share with others the good news of Jesus Christ. And in Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

Pastor Doug: Amen.

Pastor Art: Well Doug that was really something on Leonardo DaVinci. I didn’t realize that he invented all of those things and that he was as gifted as he was. And I am sure there is some spiritual application for that as well.

Pastor Doug: You know I was amazed Art as I was researching some of his achievements and there was so much I had trouble and you know I try to keep the “Amazing Facts” to about four to five hundred words and it was so long I didn’t know where to cut out, but he was truly a very gifted man.

And you wonder how much farther he may go today if he were alive as he was back then there was really was one of the people who helped bring them out of what they call the dark ages and the Renaissance . But, he was able to see things that should be and in so many areas. He was nearly killed by the church actually because some of his observations about neither the earth nor being the center of the universe like some of the others like Galileo. He took a lot of heat for that and was arrested once or twice and he had some unorthodox ideas. But, when you look back now on some of his observations he certainly was ahead of his time.

And so many people have wondered when they hear about these kinds of people who have this gift of foresight can modern man know the future and if so the big question on the tongues and minds of many is what does the future hold. Will the world end and how long will it las? If the future has some bearing on my life then people would like to say well what does this mean to me?

There is a book that we would like to offer that we don’t offer often. And it deals with the last day in this world and it is something that the Bible describes in the future. It is a classic written by Joe Crews, the founder of “Amazing Facts” called “The Last Night on Earth”. It will help answer that question can man know the future? In the bible if you look at Amos 3: 7 it says, “Surely the Lord God does nothing unless He reveals His secret to His servants the prophets.” So God does reveal the future to his prophets. And if you read his prophecies then a person can find out what the future holds. If any of our friends would want to get his book what phone number should they call?

Pastor Art: They can call our resource hotline at 1-800-835- 6747 and again for 1-800-835-6747. Well as usual Pastor Doug we have some emails that came in from the internet that we would like to address at this time. There is one from Becky and she says we know that Jesus died for the sins of all people. Our question is during the period before Jesus came to earth when people died were they domed until Jesus came and died for the sins of present, past and future human beings? Or was there a plan of salvation for people before the coming of Jesus Christ and would that be in the Bible?

Pastor Doug: Well this is a very important question because at the heart of Becky’s question is all of the people that lived before Christ doomed or even if were to say is everybody and the children of Israel would they have been doomed and there are churches that teach that only those that accept Jesus can be saved. But, everybody else in the world is lost. The problem with that is you have still got people in the Bible that was like Noah that were not Hebrews and that were not Jews. They lived before the flood and they will be saved because they had a relationship with God. Jesus was nearly executed by His own people when began His ministry because He stood in His home church in Nazareth and He said that there were many lepers in the land back in the days of Elisha. But, the only leper that was cleansed was Naaman the Syrian because he was the man that God loved. And there were many widows in the day of Elijah, but he wasn’t sent to an Israeli widow he was sent to a Canaanite. And Jesus was saying God has His people and matter of fact the most controversial teachings of Jesus was that many will come from the east and the west and sit down In the kingdom with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and the true children of the kingdom maybe the children by blood, but I mean if we weren’t raised in a church we would be in outer darkness. He is telling us that He has His people everywhere. Now I want to make it clear that nobody gets to heaven not Noah, Enoch, and Naaman without Jesus. It is through His sacrifice that everybody finds forgiveness and acceptance, but there are people that are walking in the light that has fallen on their paths and God is judge them and save them based on the light that they have. And so yes the plan of salvation is always the same. Christ has purchased the only way for anyone to make it to heaven.

Pastor Art: You know it is interesting Doug because I looked at that Scripture in Zachariah the 13th Chapter in verse 6 where it talks about what will transpire in heaven and it says and one shall say unto Him what are these wounds in thy hands? Then He will add is those are the wounds when I was in the house of my friend. And you know there were some as you mentioned in the Old Testament who didn’t get the opportunity to see Jesus in the flesh first. But, these Scriptures seem to allude to that saying.

Pastor Doug: They will hear the gospel in heaven.

Pastor Art: Yes that is right.

Pastor Doug: And that is also another good Scripture to reinforce that Jesus will have the wounds in His hands through eternity. Do we have another question?

Pastor Art: We certainly do and this one is from Derrick and Derrick says this. He asks the question and says I was wondering if Jesus drank real wine? Because Jesus said the people accused John the Baptist of being demon possessed and hen it says that people accused Jesus of being a drunkard. Wouldn’t that imply that Jesus drank real wine and not grape juice? That is a topic I have had trouble understanding.

Pastor Doug: Well first we cannot base our conclusions on what is truth on the Bible on what they accused Jesus of because they also accused Jesus of being a Samaritan which He was not and being demon possessed of Beelzebub and so because they accused Him of being a glutton and a drunkard certainly does not mean He was. His enemies made all kinds of slanderous accusations. We believe that the wine that Jesus created there at the wedding feast was pure grape juice. One reason that we know that is that at the Last Supper He told the disciples that I will not drink wine with you until I drink it new in my Father’s kingdom. And that is Matthew 26: 28 & 29. In Isaiah 65 you can read thus saith the Lord as the new wine is found in the cluster and someone says do not destroy for a blessing is in it. Now what kind of grape juice is in a cluster it is obviously is not fermented yet.

If it is still in the grapes and the only word they had for the juice of the grape in the Bible is the word wine. And that was a word that was universally used and it is a derivative of the word vine wine and any juice of the vine was called wine. In the Bible Christ talks about putting new wine in old wineskins. It was obvious what He meant is it was unfermented.

So you have to read the context and the idea that Jesus at the wedding feast would make I forget what it is twenty six gallons of booze for people to get drunk is just so out of character with everything else He taught. And again you read statements where it reads that Noah he became drunk and he was walking around naked and Lot was intoxicated by his daughters and had an incestuous relationship.

And you can go all through the Bible and read woe to those who rise early in the morning that follow intoxicating drink. Wine is a mocker Proverbs 20: 1. Strong drink is a brawler and whoever is led astray by this is not wise. And I hope it is not too opportunistic to tell our friends Pastor Art that I have got a book I’ll send them for free if they are wondering what the Bible says about Christians and drinking and alcohol. It is called “Alcohol and the Christian” an all they have got to do is call and ask for it.

Pastor Art: That is right. And our resource line again is 1-800-835-6747 that’s 1-800-835-6747.

Pastor Doug: Well with that our phones did light up so we had better begin by making some new friends. We are going to start by talking with Shawn who is calling from Ontario, Canada. First time caller listening on WWVA welcome Shawn you are on the air.

Shawn: Pastor Doug first time on here and I have to tell you it is an honor.

Pastor Doug: Well we are glad to have you here.

Shawn: Thank you. Your program has been a great help to me and I am taking your Bible course online right now and I am eating it like candy. I am all over it.

Pastor Doug: Praise the Lord.

Shawn: Just wanted to say that and my question real quickly because I know you have other people. It is about baptism and church membership. Quickly I have been a Christian for many, many years. I have never been baptized and without getting into that I will just chalk it up to ignorance and I realize how important it is now and now I want to get baptized like right away, like now like I can’t wait. Like even right now it is cold outside, but I would go out in the river and get baptized. But, the church I am currently attending to I went to a baptism/ orientation last week and they have it that it is mandatory you become a member upon baptism and I guess that is my question. Should a church make membership mandatory upon baptism? Or vice versa because it is the same in reverse and is that Biblical?

Pastor Doug: That is a good question. And just to reign you in just a little bit Shawn, keep in mind that baptism is like marriage. While when you love someone you want to get married and it is something you are very anxious and excited about it is something you want to take seriously and not rush into. So the Lord will not fault you for planning your baptism just like you would for a wedding which brings me to another point.

Shawn: Sure.

Pastor Doug: If a man said to a woman I love you, I want to marry you, but is it necessary for us to live together? She would definitely be concerned. Being baptized without being a part of a body of believers the Bible says we are all different members of the body of Christ.

Shawn: I have heard you say that and I believe that.

Pastor Doug: And that means that some are the ears, the nose, the feet and the toes. And if any part of the body is separated they don’t last very long Shawn. We need to be integrated and connected and so the Bible says in Acts Chapter 2 that they were baptized and added to the church and the church is the body of Christ. So I think that it is incrital to be part of the body it gives you the checks and bounds of accountability and responsibility.

Shawn: Yes like I believe that I believe that you should do that, but just my question is should the church make it mandatory because the church has a thing like you should choose to do that yourself and just because they make it like you must. The only reason I say this because now this church that I have read their confession of faith I have a few little minor issues that I have a problem with. So should I join a church that I have some issues with?

Pastor Doug: Well you know one thing several denominations have certain things in common. Very few Pastors will marry a person in their church to a member of another denomination because the Bible says you should not be unequally yoked. I mean even a Catholic won’t marry one of his members to a Protestant and a good Baptist minister will not marry one of his members to a Methodist. Another very common belief is very few common practices that will baptize you without expecting you to be part of the church. It is like a fundamental teaching. And so I think you should have more Bible support for this and there are more verses to share, but you got the study guides and we would like to send you a book called “Baptism is it Necessary?” Then all you need to do is call the number Art is going to give you and ask for the book “Baptism is it Necessary?”

Pastor Art: The number is 1-800-835-6747.

Pastor Doug: And of course Ephesians 4: 5 One Lord, one faith, and one baptism. Oneness we want to reinforce the oneness cohesive when we are baptized. I hope that helps Shawn. Well you guys have been a great help okay.

Shawn: Well you guys have been a great help okay. Keep up the good work.

Pastor Doug: God bless and thank you. Next we are talking t Alex listening in Massachusetts. How do you pronounce that town Alex?

Alex: Methuen.

Pastor Doug: And your question Alex?

Alex: My question is as Christians should we do business with pagans and heathens? For example like if you go into a store like an Asian type store and you g pinot their store where they have a statue of their god should we buy their products? Or should we not and what does the Bible say?

Pastor Doug: Well Paul says if you can’t do anything of faith don’t do it. But, chances are that if you go into a supermarket, just a general supermarket, I won’t name any, but almost any in North America. There are going to be people that are owners of that supermarket that are pagan in their beliefs. And if you are going to restrict yourself t only doing business with like faith I think that could be bordering on extreme. Paul dealt with this issue when he talked to the Christians in his day who were afraid to buy meat in a market because the pagan butcher had offered the pig or the goat meat to some pagan god. Paul said look if it bothers your conscious then don’t do it and don’t eat any meat. But, if you have got faith that you are not offering it that is their problem. I mean if I ever go into tan Asian restaurant you will sometimes see the little Buddha there and I sometimes go into an Indian restaurant and I see a statue of Krishna there and you know I was in India and I couldn’t find a Hindu restaurant and they have the best vegetarian food, but I couldn’t find a Hindu restaurant anywhere, where they were not Hindus. So I think you need to learn how to be in the world without being of the world. And if you have other options then by all means do what you can to support the people of God. But, you could go crazy if you think you have to avoid making any purchase if it supports pagans in any way because you can’t use the telephone company. I mean I don’t want to slam them on the air, but even AT&T and some of their policies they are pagan. So you know what I am saying so you have to say where you are drawing the line. But, you know if you are ever convicted and the Holy Spirit is leading you that the places you are in does not have the spirit of God then get out there and be led by the spirit. Do you know what I mean?

Alex: Umm-hmm. Okay.

Pastor Doug: Now I have a book that will help answer that question for you and I will send it to you for free. It is called “Baptized Paganism”.

Pastor Art: And the number is 1-800-835-6747 and ask for “Baptized Paganism” by Dennis Crews.

Pastor Doug: Okay thanks to you very much and God bless. Talking now with Joyce listening from Mason City, Iowa and welcome Joyce.

Joyce: Hi. We were in a group last week and we were talking about Revelation 17: 10 & 11 verse 10 “There are seven kings five are fallen and one is and the other is not yet come. When he comes he must continue a short space. 11 And when the beast that was and is not even he is the eighth of the seven and goes into perdition.” And I had heard an answer before and it made sense and then we were talking about it last week and he had a new theory for the number seven. I just was wondering what are your thoughts on that?

Pastor Doug: Alright now I am speaking by permission and not by commandment. But, I’ll share with you what I believe makes as much sense. First of all, the mountains-- it tells you that this woman is sitting on a beast that has seven heads. And then I verse nine it tells you that those seven heads are seven mountains. Well, we think this is speaking of the Roman church that is in Rome it is called the city of seven hills. A woman represents a church and you just can’t escape that.

But, then it goes on and it says that those mountains not only represent the seven literal hills they also represent seven kingdoms. And there are several kingdoms that have persecuted God’s people that are prominent and you have got—when John had a vision, five of them were fallen and that would be Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Medo-Persia and Greece. Five have fallen and one is and I am asking you Joyce what kingdom was in power when John wrote Revelation?

Joyce: Rome.

Pastor Doug: Okay. And it says that there is a seventh that comes back and is the eighth, too and I am paraphrasing here. Well, Rome led by Caesars was head number six. Head number seven was Rome led by a church that receives a deadly wound and then comes back again. So it is also the eighth. Now I am summarizing a very big study because in the budget of time that we have got it is hard to take apart all of Revelation 17. But, that is a quick answer and I have got some good friends. Matter of fact several are “amazing Facts” evangelists who are respectfully disagreeing with me on this and I still love them and so this is what I have understood.

Joyce: Well I thought Babylon was the same as Egypt, Medo-Persia, Greece and Rome?

Pastor Doug: Well the only thing is that does not add up to five being fallen because John—he says one is.

Joyce: Right.

Pastor Doug: And if you are going to look at the kingdoms that occupy God’s people keep in mind that when Daniel wrote that Daniel was starting his prophecy from where he was right then and John was looking back. If Daniel was looking back he would have included Egypt and Assyria. I am studying Isaiah this month in my quarterly and Isaiah specified a lot about Assyria and Babylon as two powers that carried off Israel the northern kingdom and the southern kingdom.

Joyce: Okay so you have Assyria, Egypt, Medo-Persia, Babylon and Greece and Rome?

Pastor Doug: You have pagan Rome and Papal Rome which receives the deadly wound and comes back again and is also the eighth. And I have to move on and I encourage you to read Joe Crews called “The Beast, the Dragon, and the Woman” you will understand better and will also give additional insights.

Joyce: Okay and thank you.

Pastor Art: And that number is 1-800-835-6747.

Pastor Doug: Alright and thanks a lot and we are going to see if we can get one more question in before we go to break. Joshua is on the line from Boston, Massachusetts listening on WROL welcome Joshua.

Joshua: Amen. God bless you. God bless you all my brothers and sisters in Christ.

Pastor Doug: God bless you and your question?

Joshua: I am sorry to interrupt and I am not sure about the standard procedure you go about for the introduction.

Pastor Doug: Well it is fine just state your question and we’ll see what we can do.

Joshua: Well what I am trying to do is promote the Commandments of God. And there are commandments that say they are done away with and I believe that is just relief of the tradition of the commandments. But, I want to know if the Commandments are still valid today as they were in time.

Pastor Doug: Well first of all you need to do is going to Matthew Chapter 5 and of course you no doubt know this is where Jesus says in verse 17 “Think not that I am come to destroy the law and the prophets. I did not come to destroy, but fulfill. Heaven and earth will pass away and not one tittle from the law will fail.” And then He goes on to say that “Whosoever shall teach these Commandments and do them, he will be called great in the kingdom of heaven, but whoever shall break them and teach others to break them he will be spoken of as least in the kingdom of heaven.” So I think that is kind of a slam dunk all by itself.


Pastor Doug: It is where Jesus said do not listen to somebody who breaks and then teaches others to break. And He blesses those who keeps them and teaches others to keep them. Now also if you look in Mark Chapter 10 there is written about a rich young ruler who comes to Jesus and he said what must I do to be saved and Jesus says just keep the law he said which ones? And Jesus begins to quote the Ten Commandments to him.

Joshua: Amen.

Pastor Doug: And also you have Matthew Chapter 15: 3 which are saying why do you choose to disobey the Commandments of God by your tradition? And then He emphasizes in verse 4 “For God commands to honor your father and mother”, but they had come up with some manmade tradition called Corbin that was an exemption and then Paul again says where there is no law there is no sin and then you have to ask yourself is there still sin in the world? Then there must still be law.

Joshua: That is right and what verses can I find that?

Pastor Doug: James says so do and so teach and also where Paul says there is no law there is no sin where is that? I think it is Romans Chapter 4 I bet you find it.

Pastor Art: Is that Romans Chapter 4: 15?

Joshua: Romans Chapter 4 okay.

Pastor Doug: Yes. And Jesus says if you love me keep my Commandments.

Joshua: Amen.

Pastor Doug: Now keep this in mind that the Bible tells us all things that were made were made by Him. Right that is Jesus.

Joshua: Right.

Pastor Doug: If all things were made by Him then who was the author of the Ten Commandments? Well that would be Jesus. And He says if you love me keep my Commandments. And then Christ in John Chapter 15 says “I have kept my Father’s Commandments and abide in His love.” So in the Bible little children keep His Commandments and they are not grievous and I could go on and on and on. So if anyone is teaching that God does not want us to keep His Commandments sins and that is a transgression of the law they are teaching people to sin.

Joshua: People and what I am talking about with people is they believe through grace they are forgiven that through grace they are saved. And through grace they can get to the Kingdom of God.

Pastor Doug: Well through grace we are not under the curse of the law through grace. But, that does not mean we are given a license to disobey. We are forgiven, but then He says we should walk in the newness of life and no longer according to the flesh, but according to the Spirit. So anyone who is trying to make the teaching of grace as a license to sin they are abusing the teaching of Christ.

Pastor Art: And that would do away with repentance.

Pastor Doug: Yes repent for what? It is for our lawlessness. So we could go on and on, but the very fact that you are asking this question Joshua is evidence that it is a problem in the world and we appreciate that. We apologize that we are going to have to take a break for our affiliates to our listening friends if you have just tuned in this is the first half of “Bible Answers Live”. After we catch our breath we are coming back and gong right to the phones. We have got several people waiting and if you would like t call in the number is 1-800-GOD-SAYS that’s 1-800-463-7297. You can also listen on the internet and go to our free library. Go to download a lot of these answers at “Amazing Facts dot org”. Also Pastor Art I want to remind them they can download the TV programs now as well on the internet and save them to listen to or watch later at “Amazing Facts dot org”. We’ll be back in just a moment after these important announcements.


Pastor Doug: Welcome listening friends if you have just tuned in this is the second half of “Bible Answers Live” and it is a live, interactive, international Bible study going across North America and around the world via the internet and we are thankful you are tuning in. It’s a program where we really do not know who is calling in next and you could be that person. 1-800-GOD-SAYS or 1-800-463-7297. Keep a pencil handy because we do give you out some other phone numbers with free resources. And the internet addresses such as Bible University if you would like to get your degree in Bible Prophecy just “Bible University dot com” and you will appreciate that. We are going back to the phones and I am here with Pastor Art Brenner. We are talking next to Bonnie who is calling in on a cell phone from Twin Falls, Idaho. Welcome Bonnie.

Bonnie: Good evening. I want to tell you how much I appreciate your program.

Pastor Doug: Well we are really glad to hear from you.

Pastor Art: Your voice sounds familiar.

Bonnie: There are three verses that bother me and I would like an explanation on in Deuteronomy 14: 24, 25, & 26.

Pastor Doug: Alright let me go there real quick. It says 24 “So if the journey is too long for you so you are not able to carry the tithe or if the place where the Lord your God chooses to put His name is too far from you when the Lord your God blessed 25 You then you shall turn it into money and bind up the money in thine hand, and shalt go unto the place which the Lord thy God shall choose:

26 And thou shalt bestow that money for whatsoever thy soul lusteth after, for oxen, or for sheep, or for wine, or for strong drink, or for whatsoever thy soul desireth: and thou shalt eat there before the Lord thy God, and thou shalt rejoice, thou, and thine household, 27 And the Levite that is within thy gates thou shalt not forsake him for he hath no part nor inheritance with thee.” There were first of all two tithes. There was a tithe they brought annually to the temple and then there was a tithe they gave locally to their synagogue and the Levite. If you’ll notice when he says here you’ll spend it for whatever your heart desires oxen, sheep, and wine, similar drink whatever your heart desires and eat it before the Lord and you will rejoice you and your household for the feasts and it was easier for them to transport money and the when they arrived at Jerusalem or whatever their destination. Then they can convert that tithe into the sheep for the offerings or the provisions for the feast? That was the second tithe and they could also you can read in another place to give some of it to the poor in the land. But, the very fact that it is not saying that we’re not to allocate tithe for the ministry it tells you in the very next verse do not forsake the Levite within your gate to stay with the ministry that was supported by the tithe for he has no inheritance and he has no tithe except the tithe of the people.

Bonnie: Right it said to do that every three years.

Pastor Doug: Yeah this is for the annual fees and it was a second tithe that was especially for those going up to Jerusalem and if they were carrying money I imagine it would look like a circus going up there if all of them had to bring all of their sacrifices with them.

Bonnie: Okay. Glad that you know.

Pastor Doug: We appreciate you. Glad to hear from you. Thank you. God bless.

Bonnie: Thank you. Bye.

Pastor Doug: Alright now we’re going to talk with Brett calling in from Fort Worth, Texas, sorry Brett listening on the internet and your question Brett?

Brett: That is alright Doug. I have a question about pests such as roaches. Are they created by God and serve some purpose or are they a result of anything you have found in the Bible about this because I haven’t seen anything about this?

Pastor Doug: Well the closest thing you can find is in Genesis where it does tell us that the creation was distorted because of sin. When it tells us that thorns and thistles would come forth and later God said to Adam and Cain that the earth would be cursed and the ground would be cursed. Well one of the ways the ground was cursed was not just that the rain was not as regular, but there are pests. Now I am of the belief that a lot of the creatures that we see in the world today do not appear now in their original form. That through sin and through amalgamation that they have been distorted, but I don’t think the insects that God originally made—I have seen some South American beetles that look bejeweled they are iridescent and gorgeous. And I think there was some slender looking creatures and some creepy crawling things that the Bible says that the Lord made on the fourth day of creation and were the things that creep.

Brett: So that was part of the deal then?

Pastor Doug: Yeah I think it was an amalgamation of the beetle clan.

Brett: But, they don’t really serve a purpose? Except to--

Pastor Doug: No roaches are scavengers and they help clean the environment. But, I sure hope I won’t find mosquitoes I just about got eaten alive yesterday by mosquitoes. And I hope I don’t find them in heaven. I think a lot of the pests that we see today they will be purified in their original form and they are actually going to be beautiful. I mean you look at the snakes today and people are threatened by snakes. But, it was one of the most gorgeous winged creatures in the Garden and through a curse the snake was cursed and it now crawls on its belly and many commentators believe that they flew and that’s why all these many cultures of the world have stories of the winged serpent because they did once fly and they were probably beautiful. Some have wondered if the pterodactyls and the various flying reptiles are some of the ancestors of those and I don’t know the answer to that. I hope that helps you Brett.

Brett: Thank you very much Pastor Doug. Are you by any chance going to be making it this way anytime soon?

Pastor Doug: In Fort Worth, Texas you tell them to give me a call and I will try and come.

Brett: Well that would be great! Thank you very much, sir.

Pastor Doug: Well alright and God bless. Good-bye and talking next to Don who has been waiting patiently in Moses Lake, Washington listening on KPLW welcome Don.

Don: Hi.

Pastor Doug: And your question? Speak up and get real close to your phone.

Don: Yeah my question is do you believe in the gifts of the spirit and miraculous healings?

Pastor Doug: I do believe in the gifts of the spirit and I do believe in miraculous healing. Are there anymore questions?

Don: Well in Mark 16: 17 it says “And miraculous signs will fall to those believing these things in my name they will cast out demons, they will speak new tongues, and they will take up serpents and if they drink any deadly thing it will not hurt them.” Can you drink poisons?

Pastor Doug: Are you asking if I believe that, too? Well if I’m not working for the Lord and someone tries to poison me I believe that God has the power to neutralize it to where I am not harmed.

Don: Yeah in these times it will befall all those who believe.

Pastor Doug: Well he is saying that you will see these signs among those I believe. And you can look in the Bible for instance the apostle Paul was bit by a venomous serpent on the island of Malta and he lifted up his hand and the thing was hanging and so you could say he took it up and he was not harmed he shook it off into the fire. So the signs of the supernatural signs of protection did follow those who believed and there are some signs that Jesus didn’t even mention like the apostle John.

Don: Well I have never seen as far as if we take this literal I never see these signs, but if you look at it spiritually if we take a false gospel it won’t hurt us.

Pastor Doug: Well I think that there are and I would agree with you there is a spiritual application there that we --

Don: But, I have never seen anyone drink any, I mean can you drink poison and not get hurt?

Pastor Doug: No I believe if I do it deliberately that is called tempting the Lord.

Don: Well it says if they drink any deadly thing it will not hurt them.

Pastor Doug: Yeah, but God isn’t calling us to be presumptuous and go look for rattlesnakes. There are churches that teach that or to go find poison and guzzle it saying I read this Scripture here. Jesus is saying that people will try to kill you with poison, but it will not hurt you because you will be protected by me. Or you may be bitten by a snake, but you will keep on and these will be signs that I am with you. But, they didn’t go looking for these things.

Don: Well I have never seen anybody drinking anything poisonous and not getting hurt.

Pastor Doug: Well you know I have heard stories where it still happens in the Christian world and you know the world is a lot bigger than what you see on American TV. I have been overseas to India and Africa and heard stories of people who have been bitten by deadly snakes that were preserved and where enemies tried to poison them and they were preserved and so I think these signs do still follow believers.

Don: Well this is the voice of God and God is telling us that these signs will follow those that believe and I am a believer and I have never seen anyone taking up snakes or drinking anything poison and dying from it. So my next segment would be in Matthew 24 it says “False Christ’s and false prophets will rise and show great signs and wonders and so much so that if it were possible they would deceive the very elect.

Pastor Doug: So what is your point about that verse I missed it?

Don: Well what I am saying is the people that are trying to prove that these people that are saying they have these miraculous signs and wonders are false prophets.

Pastor Doug: Well I would agree with you that people who go around looking for snakes and they pick them up or who are drinking poison deliberately. I mean that was what Jim Jones and his people do in Jones town and that is tempting the Lord and it is a sin, but what Jesus was simply saying that He would give them the supernatural ability to speak in other languages. He would protect them if there were serpents or things like that which tried to accost them. I hope that helps Don we may need to labor that point another time. We are going to talk now with Libby who is listening from Spokane, Washington on KAEH welcome Libby and your question?

Libby: Good evening and thank you for taking my call. My question is about children who died before they are the age of accountability. Or maybe they hadn’t heard about the Lord as being the Savior and they’re going to heaven and I was wondering where would that be in the Bible? And also what types or age would be a cut off?

Pastor Doug: Well that is a good question and I will start with the second part. What might be the age of accountability is that what you are asking?

Libby: Correct.

Pastor Doug: Well in the bible it doesn’t specify a specific age because God looks on the heart and let’s face it children mature in their understanding of their right and wrong at different ages. God is not like the government that says well you have reached this birthday and now I am going to judge you differently. He looks at their comprehension and the general age that you find in the Bible will be somewhere around twelve that is when Jesus went to the temple and that’s when Jews have a Bar Mitzvah at thirteen and you notice at puberty they start to understand some of the spiritual, but it is not fair to take a seven year old and consign them to eternal death for sins that they just didn’t understand the consequences were or to treat them the same way as someone who is more mature and who doesn’t understand and so generally speaking when they are old enough to be baptized which is somewhere between nine and sixteen depending on how that is mature. That is when they would be reaching that age of accountability. And your second question is are all the children who die assuming a saved condition and if they can go to heaven or are you asking if all children go to heaven?

Libby: Like children that would be before the age as what we would define as accountability and where would that be found is just what I wanted to know?

Pastor Doug: Well if you look in Isaiah Chapter 50: verse 5 through 20 and it tells us there are children in heaven and I think you’ll find and I think you’ll find Art is that the one where it says they shall play on the hole of the venous serpent or is that Isaiah 11?

Pastor Art: That is Isaiah 11. Isaiah 65: 20 says there shall be no more an infant of days or an old man that has not filled his days. For the child shall dies at one hundred years old, but the sinner being one hundred years old will be accursed. So it makes a reference here to children who--

Pastor Doug: Children in heaven. And then you have got Malachi 4 Libby which says they shall go forth and grow up as calves from the stall. They are going forth from the New Jerusalem and growing up treading upon the wicked under their feet so this is speaking of the new earth. Growing up means they must be resurrected as children and will be growing up in heaven. So I think there are an abundance of references that there will be children in heaven. Does that answer your question?

Libby: Yes it does and thank you very much for your time.

Pastor Doug: Well that is okay I am glad you are a happy customer.

Libby: Alright.

Pastor Doug: So let’s move on here to line number 10 talking to Doug, my namesake, in Union, New Hampshire. Is that what that is on the internet?

Doug: Yes it is.

Pastor Doug: Welcome.

Doug: Well thank you.

Pastor Doug: Your question and thanks for waiting.

Doug: Yes. Well first I want to say it is a privilege to talk with you because I listen to you all the time and watch your show and you have been an inspiration to me.

Pastor Doug: Well praise the Lord I am glad we could help.

Doug: I was recently baptized and I became a Christian and I get a little confused o what I read and then what I see.

Pastor Doug: Welcome to the church.


Doug: Thank you and as far as some of the stuff like what I consider as pagan stuff like wearing jewelry or a church promoting a Christmas parade.


Pastor Doug: Yeah are you wondering? You know there are two books I can think of to offer and I will try to answer your question more specifically because you waited, but there is a book I offered earlier called “Baptized Paganism” that is right up the alley of what you are asking about on how to deal with that. And on jewelry there are two books and we will send it to people who ask. There is a book I wrote called “Jewelry: How Much is Too Much?” And then Joe Crews has his book called “Colorful Cosmetics and Jewelry” and he talks about the Christian and jewelry and how do you relate. And another one you can read is on the internet for free friends it is “Culture and the Christian”. About how do you maintain humanity and still be good culture? I mean how do you fit into the culture without compromising your values? So that is what I am saying so anything else specific that I can address?

Doug: Well as a new Christian I mean I have asked elders and stuff like that about this stuff and I get different answers on stuff. But, I just feel compelled to say something, but on the other hand should I or should I not. I mean you know.

Pastor Doug: Well you want to be state your case and share your conscious in as loving a way as you can because if the only people that are speaking up are the only ones compromising then they take control and God needs His people that will speak in a loving way. The worst thing you can do is have the truth with a bad attitude.

Doug: Right, right.

Pastor Doug: But, then you have to the truth and a good attitude and the mind of Christ then it is very powerful and in a loving way and then present evidence. That is one of the reasons I mentioned the books right away. You’ll look at the books and you’ll see Scriptural evidence for how does a Christian dress. Are we dressed differently and are we to behave differently? How far do we go in engaging some of the popular pagan customs and that kind of thing?

Doug: Okay.

Pastor Doug: So look at these and the Scriptures and then in a loving way go to those in leadership and say you know I have got a concern, brother, elder, Pastor. When they hear enough voices then they are going to say maybe we need a reform and we need revival. Okay?

Doug: Thank you very much.

Pastor Doug: Thank you and thanks for waiting. Okay we going to talk to James on line 3 in Brooklyn New York on WMCA welcome James you are on the air. James are you there? “Bible Answers Live” to James are you there? Turn your—well get close to your phone maybe.

James: Good afternoon.

Pastor Doug: There you are welcome.

James: Praise the Lord, praise the Lord. I would like to know which battle is the battle of Armageddon.

Pastor Doug: Good question now do you have a pencil?

James: Yeah.

Pastor Doug: We have a book that we will send you called “The Battle of Armageddon” and I want you to call for that, but I am also going to give you a quick answer. Okay?

James: Okay. Armageddon, oh okay.

Pastor Doug: Yeah and Armageddon is not a battle between Moscow—you know years ago some of my friends in Christian media that the Chinese Army and the Russian Army and American Army are all going to gather in the valley of Megiddo and then this is the battle of Armageddon then. There is nothing in the Bible that really teaches that the battle of Armageddon yet it is not a battle between the political powers it is a battle in the Bible between those who serve Christ and those that serve the devil. If you want to know about that battle you read in Revelation Chapter 12 “The dragon was wroth with the woman and he went to make war with the remnant and the remainder of her seed. And this final war before Jesus returns is not a war for political ideals it is a religious and spiritual war. It is a war to exterminate God’s people. Now there were some battles in the Old Testament where the pagan nations surrounded God’s people in the days of Deborah and they wanted to eradicate them and God fought for them. And there were religious wars. There were battles in the days of Gideon. Have you heard of Gideon? James are you there?

James: Yes I have.

Pastor Doug: He fought in the valley of Megiddo and it was 300 men fighting about a million Midianites and Amalekites and people of the East and God gave them victory. Matter of fact the Bible scholar Moffet thinks it is more accurately translated the battle of Gideon the hill of Gideon instead of Megiddo so it is really telling us about the spiritual battle in the last days where the devil is going to try to exterminate God’s people.

James: So when the devil is loose after Israel he gathers up his forces to fight Christ what battle is that?

Pastor Doug: That takes place at the end of the 1000 years so you see Armageddon is Chapter 16 of Revelation and the battle you are describing is at the end of the 1000 years and that is Revelation Chapter 20 and that is really the executive judgment where God’s people never fire a shot and the Lord rains fire out of heaven and He fights that battle entirely and the wicked are all burned up.

James: So Armageddon is not a battle?

Pastor Doug: It is a battle between the people of God and those who worships the beast before Jesus comes the next time. What you are looking at in Revelation 20 is really the executive White Throne Judgment at the end of the 1000 years.

James: Okay can you give me the number so I can get the book?

Pastor Doug: Yes we will send you the book on “Armageddon” and that number.

Pastor Art: 1-800-835-6747

James: Alright 800-835-6747.

Pastor Doug: I hope you will take a look at that and let us know what you think James. Next we are going to talk to Ray calling on his cell phone and listening on WMCA welcome Ray.

Ray: Well thank you for taking my call. This is about the third time I have heard part of the program on Sundays because I get home late. And I have got some questions here because I have read the Bible numerous times, but I never heard anyone in all those programs mention it and let me get my little notes here I jotted them down real quick. Alright I am not sure which book this I in, but the Lord talks about a new heaven and a new earth and also Peter I believe talks about the elements will burn up. My question is that during the time or the frame of time or period of time where are the people going to be because if this also in the Bible where they mention something about that just like in the days of Noah and in Noah’s day the earth was destroyed and it wasn’t obliterated, but the people were killed and in that God said he would never destroy the earth again at least not by water. And He didn’t say not by fire and here are all the people getting destroyed and now during the time here we are going to have a new heaven and a new earth and where are the people going to be during this time?

Pastor Doug: Good question. Alright very quickly if you read in the Bible in 2 Peter he talked about the second heaven and earth are preserved for destruction. The word heaven there does not mean the place where God lives where we pray Our Father which art in heaven. The word heaven is used three ways in the Bible. The Jews had a first heaven, a second heaven, and a third heaven. Do you remember where Paul said in Corinthians somewhere because I forgot that he was caught up into the third heaven? The third heaven is the dwelling place of God. The first heaven is the atmosphere around our earth where the clouds float and the birds fly and the wind blows.

Ray: Umm-hmm.

Pastor Doug: So when the Bible says the heaven and the earth will dissolve it is talking about the earth and the atmosphere will burn at that point the saints are with God in His Father’s house. Remember Jesus said I go to prepare a place and I will come back and receive you unto myself. He is coming and we are caught up to meet Him. So we go up when Jesus comes back. When the flood came Noah went up didn’t he? He rose up on the waters and everything below was destroyed.

Ray: Umm-hmm.

Pastor Doug: In the same way when Jesus comes back we go up and tee haven and the atmosphere is purged by fire and we live and reign with Christ a thousand years in glory and then at the end of the one thousand years God says He makes and this is in Revelation 22 a new heaven and a new earth. It is in Revelation 21 also.

Ray: Okay so during the time of the great and I am not sure what to call it.

Pastor Doug: The great tribulation?

Ray: Yes people are going to come through that thing. There are going to be people that come through that tribulation so that means they are going to be on the earth.

Pastor Doug: Correct. Yeah see as a matter of fact I will send you a book that will answer that more if that is okay and it is simply called “Anything but Secret” the last half of that book tells about going through the tribulation and where God’s people are. And the book is called anything, but secret. It deals with the subject of the rapture which we believe in, but it is not a secret and the tribulation. So we encourage you to send for that. Well I hope that helps you Ray okay?

Ray: Well very good and I thank you.

Pastor Doug: God bless and talk next to see if we can get one more question in to Clara Mae on line 5 calling from Kananskis, Washington. How do you say that?

Clara Mae: Kananskis. Right. I have a question regarding the Jews that stand in front of the Wailing Wall and they keep bobbing. What is the significance of that?

Pastor Doug: Good question. I have been there and I have seen them they rock back and forth. Do you know the answer to that Pastor Art?

Pastor Art: I don’t. I think really it is just a way that they memorize Scripture and the Muslims do that it is a way of aiding and assisting them in the process of memorizing Scripture.

Clara Mae: Oh okay then since there was no answer can I ask you just one other quick question?

Pastor Doug: Okay.

Clara Mae: And that is it seems to me that what you are telling about the 144,000 which I believe from the Scriptures are the ones that will be translated live. That you think it is only evangelists who are going to be the 144,000?

Pastor Doug: No I believe that is not exactly right I compare the 144,000 to the apostles to evangelists would not be accurate. The number twelve is the number of apostles for God.

Clara Mae: So only the 144,000 leaders would be translated?

Pastor Doug: No I don’t see I don’t believe there are only 144,000. I think there is a great multitude if you read in Revelation Chapter 7.

Clara Mae: What I mean about translated is translated without dying.

Pastor Doug: Right. It says that there is a great multitude that comes out of tribulation that are arrayed in white robes. I don’t believe that the only ones who are saved are the 144,000 are the only ones saved.

Clara Mae: No without dying.

Pastor Doug: Are the only ones saved without dying. I understand what you are saying believe that that there are others who are converted through their influence that will be caught up to be with the Lord in the air.

Clara Mae: Okay.

Pastor Doug: But, I consistently see through the Bible that the number twelve is the number God identified with the twelve judges, the twelve patriarchs, the twelve apostles. So when you get twelve times twelve thousand in the last days these are the ones that the Lord especially fills with His Spirit to bring about a great revival and the end.

Clara Mae: Okay because I took it to mean that the 144,000 as a group or a literal number were the only ones that were going to be translated when Jesus came the second time.

Pastor Doug: You know I have a book for you or for any of our listening friends that I will send you for free and I’ll say it is simply called “The 144,000”.

Clara Mae: I have that book.

Pastor Doug: Well did it help?

Clara Mae: No. But, I will try to look at it again.


Pastor Doug: Well now we are going to go off the air and she said she didn’t like my book. So I am devastated. Well listening friends you ought to read it for yourself and tell me what you think. And all you have to do is go to “Amazing Facts” and look at the free library and you can read it online or you can just call us and we will send you a copy of “Who Will Sing the Song of the 144,000” and I would like for you to weigh in on this. We have run out of time for tonight’s program, but before you switch the dial and tune out I pray that you will consider doing something to help us keep this program on the air. Keep us on the air not off the air. If you are hearing this right now it is because somebody is helping to supply the need in your area to fund us. We are entirely independently funded. And it is because the people who believe in what we are doing keep it going. Also remember to visit the website you can listen to the program, watch the TV programs all off the internet at “Amazing Facts dot org”. God bless us until next week.


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