The Advent of the Traffic Light

Date: 05/02/2004 
Until the end of the nineteenth century, traffic in large cities was largely uncontrolled chaos. Carriages and wagons dashed about in every direction and the danger of frequent runaway horses added to the madness. Getting across a busy street could be a life and death challenge.
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Hello friends this is Doug Batchelor. How about an amazing fact? Until the end of the nineteenth century, traffic in large cities was largely uncontrolled chaos. Carriages and wagons dashed about in every direction and the danger of frequent runaway horses added to the madness. Getting across a busy street could be a life and death challenge.

In the 1860’s the N.Y.P.D. formed the famous Broadway Squad. These police officers were the largest in the department with a minimum height requirement of six feet and their primary duty was to escort pedestrians safely across the bedlam of Broadway. In the 1890’s the traffic pandemonium increased with the bicycle craze. This inspired Police Commissioner, Theodore Roosevelt, to organize a police bicycle squad nicknamed the Scorcher Squad to control the bicycle speed demons who were constantly breaking the eight mile an hour speed limit. Then with the advent of automobiles it became difficult to imagine the problems of trying to negotiate the thundering maze of people horses, carriages, bicycles and automobiles on streets that were unpaved, muddy or dusty. The early cars frequently broke down clogging the busy streets and it was not uncommon to have traffic disputes settled by drivers duking it out.

It became apparent that some method to regulate traffic was an absolute necessity. Most cities had police directing traffic which was among the most dangerous assignments. Scores were injured or killed and many died from illness from constant exposure to weather extremes and not to mention the daily breathing of the brew of dust and manure and then the auto exhaust. That is why the city tried a confusing system of train signals to regulate traffic.

London even had gas powered lamps that blew up. Then in 1912 Lester Wire, a detective on the Salt Lake City Police Force, he thought of the words of Jesus in Matthew 5:15 "Nor do men light a lamp and put it under a basket, but up on a lamp stand and it gives light to all". This inspired Lester to invent one of the world’s first traffic lights. It was a wooden box with red and green colored lights up on a pole and where cars could see it. Soon the idea spread to other cities where it was improved and refined. Think of how many lives which have been saved by the application of this simple verse of Scripture. Stay with us friends and we are going to learn more as “Amazing Facts” brings you this edition of “Bible Answers Live”.


Pastor Doug: Welcome once again friends and by the grace of God we are back with another live edition of “Bible Answers Live” and for our friends who have tuned in for the first time this is a live, international, interactive Bible study. And you can participate by praying for us as we attempt to answer the live questions that come in and we go to God’s book for the answers. You can also cal in with a question and that number is 1-800-GOD-SAYS that’s 1-800-463-7297 and my name is Doug Batchelor.

Pastor Dick: My name is Dick Debit.

Pastor Doug: Welcome back Pastor Dick for months now you have been doing Missionary evangelism in Ghana, Africa.

Pastor Dick: That is right. We were on the Gold Coast of West Africa in the country of Ghana in a little village about forty miles inland from the capital city of Accra. And we did two evangelistic series and a week of prayer at a University there.

Pastor Doug: And you were telling me just before we went on the air that you experienced among the souls that were reached you saw some miracles.

Pastor Dick: Yes Doug there was one other Pastor from the United States with me and the two of us went to the home of a man whose daughter we had baptized. And we were visiting with him and he hadn’t walked in seven years and he had a stroke. He was in a wheel chair and he hadn’t walked in seven years and Pastor Jones and I laid our hands on his shoulder and as we prayed for him, he got up and walked.

Pastor Doug: Amazing and praise the Lord.

Pastor Dick: Amazing fact brother.

Pastor Doug: That is exciting.

Pastor Dick: Yeah oh man. I just start talking about it and I am just so excited. It is just it is amazing.

Pastor Doug: Well we’re really glad to have you back energized with God’s Spirit. Why don’t you lead us in prayer then as we tart this program?

Pastor Dick: Well thank you I will. Father in heaven we thank you and we praise you for your grace. And it is by the grace of god that we do anything and everything and for the breathe that you give us to a radio program we can be participating in. For the word of God that we have Lord that we thank you and we praise you. And I pray heavenly Father that you will give Pastor Doug clarity of thought tonight and as we speak to our callers may you be honored and glorified and may you be worshipped and praised. May the truth be heard clearly so the people can give their hearts to you? Lord thank you in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Pastor Doug: Amen.

Pastor Dick: Pastor Doug I understand from your little fact here that Teddy Roosevelt advised the police officers not even to write tickets, but to send people off to jail if they broke that eight mile an hour speed limit on a bicycle.

Pastor Doug: Well in the early days of traffic they didn’t even have traffic court. They didn’t have citations and if you were caught speeding hey hauled you off to the judge and if the court was closed you stayed in jail.

Pastor Dick: That sounds like West Africa. You know the military and the police are standing out on the side of the road and they have AK-47’s strapped across their shoulder and that is their law.


Pastor Doug: Yeah I have seen that they will pull you over right then and there and make you pay for your ticket.

Pastor Dick: That’s right.

Pastor Doug: Some of it gets back to the government.

Pastor Dick: Ah he puts it right in his pocket.

Pastor Doug: Yeah, but that was how it was and it is amazing that this gentleman who was a policeman from Salt Lake was able to take a simple application of God’s word and then it revolutionized the regulation of traffic around the world just by a simple principle of put a simple light up where people can see it.

Pastor Dick: There is power in God’s word.

Pastor Doug: Yes absolutely. And sometimes people wonder is there anything left we can trust and they wonder can the Bible be trusted yet the principles in the Bible are still transforming even the modern world. You know I was going to say I understand that one of the reasons that oil was discovered in the Middle East and this goes back a number of years is because the Standard Oil Company had a Christian who read in the bible that Jochebed, the mother of Moses, she dabbed the basket of which she put the baby in with pitch. And geologists knew that you cannot find tar where there is no oil. And based on that Scripture they went to the Middle East and of course the largest oil reserves in the world are there. The ones found in the Middle East came from reading the Bible and taking its principles.

Pastor Dick: I would suggest to you that the only thing left that can be trusted is God’s word. The power of God’s word is still alive today and that leads us right into making the offer for this evening and the Bible study is one that “Amazing Facts “ has produced and makes available at its website. There are 27 of them all together and the first one is called “Is There Anything Left You Can Trust”. And we want to make this available to you and anyone who will call the resource operators and ask for it tonight. “Is There Anything Left You Can Trust” it is a Bible study on the Bible itself and the word of God and the power therein. If you would like a copy of this amazing lesson just call “Amazing Facts” resource operators at 1-800-835-6747. This number puts you directly in touch with the resource operator and asks for “Is There Anything Left You Can Trust”.

Now Pastor Doug we go to the internet and take a couple of questions. We still do that, don’t we?

Pastor Doug: Yes. I tried to do it while you were gone.


Pastor Dick: Okay. The lion in Daniel 7: 4 it has wings that are plucked and it was lifted up from the earth and stand and given the heart of a man. Can you explain the meaning of the wings and the man?

Pastor Doug: For the benefit of our friends who may be driving down the road listening one of the great prophecies in the Bible is the prophet Daniel and the prophecies in Daniel Chapter 2 and Chapter 7 outline the kingdoms and the empires of the world and this is one of the Chapters that is parallel with it. And it has convinced people of the trust worthiness of the Bible because every Elementary school child understands about the major world empires of Egypt, Babylon, Persia, Greece and Rome and this was all foretold. And when it is talking about Babylon it uses these animals as we do today we identify Nations with various animals. We think of Russia as a bear and he U.S. as an Eagle. Babylon was identified as a lion and it was long before Great Britain thought about it and it says in reading Daniel 7: 4 “The first was like a lion, and had eagle's wings: I beheld till the wings thereof were plucked, and it was lifted up from the earth, and made stand upon the feet as a man, and a man's heart was given to it.” The commentators believe this could be reference to King Nebuchadnezzar who really brought in the golden era of Babylon. He almost had a supernatural wisdom and he was a brilliant administrator and he conquered as though he had wings. He went from one nation to the other, but his son and his grandson they didn’t have the wings. And so in a sense those two wings were plucked and they were a little more mortal and so the entire empire fell just as they lacked those gifts of the eagle.

Pastor Dick: Yeah Belshazzar was drunk and partying in his house when Medo-Persia was captured.

Pastor Doug: And one reason we think this was a factor and a good answer is later you talk in Daniel 8 about a goat and the first horn is Alexander the Great and his feet don’t touch the ground. But, then later his Generals don’t have that same kind of energy.

Pastor Dick: Right.

Pastor Doug: So this is all foretold and I think probably that’s the best explanation for that verse.

Pastor Dick: Okay very good. Second question there is a popular concept among Christians that when we are taken to heaven that we will have wings. This is based on the fact that Jesus told us we will be like angels in heaven and there will be no more marriage. Can you explain what your position is will we have wings?

Pastor Doug: Well I do believe we will be able to fly. See Adam and Eve I think when God first made them were not quarantined or imprisoned in the Garden of Eden. I think it is God’s plan to be able to interact with the other creatures. One reason for that is that you read in the book of Job that the sons of God gather in this heavenly meeting. Lucifer said I came from the earth because it is mine now, but the other sons of God have come from other worlds to meet with the Lord. And so will we have birds’ wings I don’t know. It does say in Isaiah 40: 31 speaking of the saved they will mount up with wings like eagles. I don’t know if that means we have eagles’ wings or the wings of light. You know many of us have sung the song “Rock of Ages” but, that verse says we will soar to world’s unknown beyond thy judgment throne. I do believe we are going to be able to fly.

Pastor Dick: Jesus rose right up into the clouds.

Pastor Doug: Yeah that is what I mean and that is a good example. He just went up into the sky and I don’t know that He was flapping stork’s wings.

Pastor Dick: Right, right, yeah.

Pastor Doug: These wings may mean being able to fly.

Pastor Dick: I have heard you say often times Doug that there is a dimension that we are just not aware of. You call it like the fourth dimension or something and maybe there is something in there that we are just not—we are not aware of yet.

Pastor Doug: Adam and Eve lost this whole realm by the spirit world and we don’t understand some of those dynamics.

Pastor Dick: Yeah.

Pastor Doug: All I know because I flew for four hours today in a small plane with my family after eating in Idaho and I love flying up in the sky.

Pastor Dick: But, his arms arm not flapping.

Pastor Doug: No I—my wings aren’t tired.


Pastor Dick: Okay let’s go to the phones shall we? Let’s go to Methuen, Massachusetts to take our first caller for the evening and we want to talk to Alex who is listening on the internet and welcome Alex.

Alex: Hi I have a question concerning Romans Chapter 9 and if it means that God turns people to go to heaven or not to? There are just a few verses I didn’t understand and their meaning of the question if God loved everyone. I guess parts in the Chapter where it says God raises some up and has mercy on some and compassion and stuff. And he—there are others He doesn’t show mercy to and that God glories in some and chooses not to with others. I am not able to understand that.

Pastor Doug: Well let me help a little bit. When you compare what Paul is saying here with other passages in the Bible it becomes clearer that God does raise up some and choose some, but he doesn’t arbitrarily do it He does it based upon character. When it says for instance in Romans Chapter 9: 13 He says Jacob I have loved, but Esau have hated. God did not just decide when Rebecca had these twins to go eeny menay miney moe well I think I will love this one and hate this one. Because that flies in the face of everything else the Bible teaches. It reaches that God loves everybody and would not that any should perish and the reason it says He loved Jacob and hated Esau first of all is not just talking about Jacob and Esau, but their descendents the Israelites and the Edomites. It is because of their characters and what they valued. Esau just wanted food and he didn’t care about the birthright like Jacob did and so it was really their behavior and priorities Jacob consecrated himself to the Lord when he made a mistake he repented. And you have no record, but the only thing that Esau repented of is he didn’t get what he wanted. So it is saying here that God does choose some, but He is choosing them base on the choices they have made. Do you see what I am saying?

Alex: Umm-hmm.

Pastor Doug: So God loves everybody and does not want anybody to perish. God is not up in the sky arbitrarily saying I think I’d like to save this one and I don’t want to save this one. Now He does intervene in people’s lives in varying degrees. But, God the Bible says would have all men to be saved and that He is not willing that any should perish. And that is 2 Peter 3: 9 and 1 Timothy 2: 3 & 4.

Alex: What about like verse 11 where the children being not yet born not having done any good or evil that the purpose of God according to election might stand not of works, but of him that calleth. It is speaking of like children that aren’t even born yet.

Pastor Doug: Right and here He is talking about the descendents of Jacob and the descendents of Esau. God did predestine that the descendents would come through the descendents of Jacob and not the descendents of Esau. The Edomites and the Israelites is what it is talking about. Not that God is saying I am going to love this baby and hate this baby. Okay and I hope that helps a little.

Alex: Yeah and I think I got it clear now and thank you.

Pastor Doug: You are welcome and God bless.

Pastor Dick: Thanks for the call Alex. Let’s go next to Boston, Massachusetts. Joshua is with us good evening Joshua.

Joshua: Good evening how are you? And I love you both and I am one of your true listeners.

Pastor Doug: Well thank you and your question tonight?

Joshua: My question is whether Jesus is truly the angel Michael? This has stirred up some issues with you know other colleagues of mine.

Pastor Doug: You know this is really difficult question for people and I almost hesitate to answer because before I do it is so easy for people to misunderstand. But, I have to give you a Bible answer on is Jesus the Arch Angel Michael? The first commentator I have had to address that is one, who Spurgeon calls the Price of commentators, and that is Matthew Henry. Matthew Henry said that Michael the Arch Angel when he did some detective work can be none other than the Lord. Now here is why everyone listening and we are not saying that Jesus is an angel. The word not a cherubim or ministering spirit the word “angel” in the Bible means a messenger. Arch Angel means greatest messenger. The word Michael means “who is as God”. Here is how you find Michael if you read in Daniel Chapter 12: 1 it says “He is the great prince that stands for the children and thy people.” And the word their stands there means “intercede”. So Christ is our intercessor if you read in Jude I think it’s verse 9 it says he comes to resurrect Moses and it tells us that he is the leader of the armies of heaven in Revelation Chapter 12. Michael and his angels fight against the dragon and hi angels. Well who leads the armies of angels in heaven is it and angel or is it the Lord? And you know what one of the convincing ones Joshua is if you read in 1 Thessalonians Chapter 4 it says the Lord of heaven will descend with a shout. Now who is it talking about the Lord right?

Joshua: Jesus. Amen.

Pastor Doug: He will descend from heaven with a shout and the voice of an Arch angel. The Lord will shout with the voice of the greatest Arch Angel. So we have a book we will send you and anyone who has a question about this we are not saying that Jesus is an angel we are saying that the character that often appears in the Old Testament is Michael. That the character Michael is often the pre-incarnated way that Jesus appears and there is a book we will send you for free and it is just called “Who is Michael the Archangel?” Joshua just call the number that Pastor Dick will give you and we will send that just for the asking all this information and Scriptures.

Joshua: Yes I would.

Pastor Doug: Okay Joshua call this number 1-800-835-6747 and ask for the book on “Who is Michael the Archangel?” 1-800-835-6747 and anyone else who would like that call the resource operator tonight 1-800-835-6747. I can just hear people saying it is tough it is really a tough one.

Pastor Doug: But, he only appears and it is sort of a cryptic person that appears and disappears in the Bible and you have to do a little detective work, but it becomes clear once you do it.

Pastor Dick: So call and get that book on Michael the Archangel. Okay let’s go next to Richmond, Virginia Joe is listening on the internet hello Joe.

Joe: Hello Pastor, Pastor Batchelor.

Pastor Doug: Yes hi how you doing?

Joe: I’ve got a question in Isaiah Chapter 58: 13 I’ve got where God said turn your foot away from my Sabbath in doing pleasure on the Holy Day. Is it lawful to have intimacy with your wife on the Sabbath?

Pastor Doug: That is a question that we get frequently and some people take Isaiah 13 where it says that you are not supposed to find your own pleasure on the Sabbath day. The word pleasure there means pursuits. Obviously it is okay to eat on the Sabbath. The Lord told Moses to get twice as much manna on Friday so they can eat. And if you have pleasure in your food would that be a sin? Of course not. What day of the week did God make Adam and Eve?

Joe: Was it Friday?

Pastor Doug: Yeah it was what we would call the sixth day of week. Okay so now God makes Adam and he names the animals and realizes there is no mate for him. And before the sun goes down he puts Adam to sleep and he creates a woman. And that would men their honeymoon when Adam and Eve are complete and everything is finished sundown after six days what would have been their honeymoon?

Joe: On the Sabbath.

Pastor Doug: Yeah so some people believe that there is something sinful about intimacy in marriage, but Paul says that the marriage bed is blessed. Now Paul also says that the same way people may fast from food as a blessing that God gave us we may choose fast and pray over something and abstain. Paul also said that married couples may also choose to fast or abstain from intimacy for a time while they are praying over an issue. And then he says you had better come back together and don’t wait too long or you’ll be tempted. And he is very specific about that. So I think if a person’s conscious tells them because there were times when they were to humble themselves before the Lord before the Lord gave the Ten Commandments it said you were to wash your clothes and not come near your wives. But, that wasn’t the Sabbath that was a three day period to really prepare to meet with God in a special way and it was a fast at that time. But, if someone has got different convictions I have no desire to change their mind, but that is the way I understand it. Does that help Joe?

Joe: Well you have I think very much young Pastor.

Pastor Doug: Alright God bless you and thanks for the question.

Pastor Dick: Let’s go to Lancaster, California where Ron is also listening on the internet. Ron welcome.

Ron: Good evening and welcome back Pastor Dick.

Pastor Dick: Thank you very much.

Ron: Good to have you back. I have a question and my Scripture reference is Joshua 10: 13 and 2 Samuel 1: 18 regarding the book of Jasher or the book of the upright. And the reason I am asking is I had two well dressed gentlemen coming to my house and they showed me this Scripture to say that there are other books out there besides the Bible. So my question is did we have any reference to this book? On these two Scriptures and is the book still around or what exactly is this?

Pastor Doug: Well I think that Hebrew tradition tells us if you look in a Hebrew dictionary and it tells us this was probably a National song book and there was as song that talked about you know this miracle of how the sun stood still. But, we don’t have that book anymore because of course over 4000 to 5000 years a lot of things have been lost. A lot of knowledge because the libraries have been eradicated and the children of Israel were carried away on two occasions and so it is not in existence anymore, but that is not a very valid argument for building a whole theology on Jesus visiting the North And South American continents because of this missing song book.

Ron: Right.

Pastor Doug: Do you know what I am saying that this is probably a stretch to draw a comparison there.

Ron: Why was it referred to in the Old Testament is the question I guess.

Pastor Doug: Well the author in 2 Samuel and also in the book of Joshua knew that this was referenced because it said that this book is referencing the book of Jasher. Not only the book of Jasher, but the Bible speaks about the book of Nathan the prophet.

Ron: Correct.

Pastor Doug: And one more prophet I was trying to think of and so there were more Bible writers and writings that we don’t have currently. There weren’t necessarily books of the Bible, but they were histories or messages that were for their time and God didn’t feel we needed for salvation in our time.

Ron: So to explain my point back to these gentlemen what would be the best way to make it clear without being confusing?

Pastor Doug: Tell me one more time what was your argument?

Ron: Basically they have a separate book of Scripture and I told them that I believe that the bible is inherent and there are no errors in it. And they say well there are other Scriptures look at this.

Pastor Doug: Well it does not call the book of Jasher a Scripture even in this verse does it?

Ron: It doesn’t and yet is canonized in our Scripture.

Pastor Doug: Well Paul refers to Greek poetry and it doesn’t refer to Greek poetry as Scripture. Paul quotes it and so just because other books are written and referenced in the Bible doesn’t make the books referenced inspired. Do you see what I am saying?

Ron: Yes exactly.

Pastor Doug: And so that I think is the reason they are using some mental gymnastics there to assume that any other book that might be mentioned is suddenly a part of the cannon of Scripture.

Ron: Gotcha. Thank you so much.

Pastor Doug: Alright thanks for the call Ron.

Pastor Dick: Let’s see if we can get one more before the break Pastor Doug.

Pastor Doug: Okay.

Pastor Dick: Robin in Ontario, Canada listening on ZOAR hello Robin.

Robin: Hi how are you tonight?

Pastor Dick: We have about two minutes Robin.

Robin: I just wondered what you thought of the Holy Spirit would be in terms of speaking in tongues? So many people disagree what do you think and what does the Bible say?

Pastor Doug: Well first of all I believe whatever the Bible says. And one of the gifts of the spirit is the gift of tongues. And when I first came to the Lord I worshipped with a body of believers that interpreted the Holy Spirit was evidenced in speaking in tongues. The ecstatic utterance and the more I studied into this Robin the more I became convinced that, that may have been a misapplication. I find that the proof of the filling of the Spirit is not the gifts of the spirit and Jesus said you will know them by the fruits of the Spirit. And the fruits are different than the gifts.

Robin: Right.

Pastor Doug: Fruits of the Spirit mean love, joy, peace so on. So to say a person proves they have the Holy Spirit by tongues or the evidence of that I don’t find that because there are only three examples in the book of Acts of people speaking in tongues. And there are many examples in the Bible of people being filled with the Holy Spirit. So would you like a copy for free of the book I have written on that Robin?

Robin: Sure

Pastor Doug: I’ve got to take a break so I want to tell you about it before we get chased away and it is called “Captured by Tongues”.

Pastor Dick: Cal the number 1-800-835-6747 that is 1-800-835-6747 and then ask for “Captured by Tongues”. Thanks for the call Robin and we will send that right out to you. Bye-bye and there is the music we are taking a break friends.

Pastor Doug: And don’t go away we haven’t mentioned it yet, but “Amazing Facts” has one of the busiest websites in the Christian Church. And that is at least what the data tells us and you ought to go to “Amazing Facts dot org” and while you are at it check out “Bible University dot com”.


Pastor Doug: Welcome back to this program and we pray that you will let us know that you are tuned in and if you still have a Bible question we have one or two lines open and that number is 1-800-GOD-SAYS. That’s 1-800-463-7297 rings you into our studio here in sunny California. My name is Doug Batchelor

Pastor Dick: My name is Dick Debit. And it was a beautiful weekend wasn’t it.

Pastor Doug: Yes it was.

Pastor Dick: Pastor Doug “Amazing Facts” has produced a neat book of the “Amazing Facts” that we use to open the program. Every program we come up with a new amazing fact and “Volume 1 of Amazing Facts” has been produced and we will send a copy to anyone for a gift of any size. So if you would like a copy of “Volume 1 of Amazing Facts” send a gift of any size to:

Amazing Facts

P.O. Box 909

Roseville, California 95678

Pastor Doug: And I think they can even do that online now.

Pastor Dick: Online, too. It is a great edition folks you will really enjoy them. Pastor Doug we want to take a cell phone call. This from 980 AM in Nashville, Tennessee Donna is listening hello Donna.

Donna: Hello.

Pastor Doug: You’re on.

Donna: Okay my question was who is the Immanuel mentioned in Isaiah 7: 14?

Pastor Doug: Okay very good. Isaiah Chapter 7: 14 and I’ll read that although a familiar verse for most “Therefore the Lord himself will give you a sign behold the virgin shall conceive and bare a son and call his name Immanuel.” If you read on it helps us understand “curds and butter and honey he might eat that he knows to refuse the evil and choose the good.” This is an example of what you all a dual prophecy. First of all Isaiah is speaking to king Ahaz and telling him that a sign that Assyria would not overthrow Jerusalem was that his wife would have a son and they would name the son, God is with us. And before that child was even able to eat solid food the threat of Assyria was gone. And so that was an application that happened in their days. But, the New Testament writers apply that verse to Jesus meaning Jesus is the one who is God with us and when it says butter and honey will he eat those are two symbols for the word of God. The law of the Lord is sweeter than honey and we are to desire the sincere milk of the word and the richest part of the milk of the word is butter. And so this is a prophecy about Jesus that Jesus came to live with us, God with us. Okay?

Donna: Okay thank you.

Pastor Dick: Alright you are welcome and thanks for the call Donna. To Sacramento, California Steve is listening on KFIA hello Steve.

Steve: Hello and hello Pastors.

Pastor Dick: And your question please?

Steve: Yes. In 1 Peter 3: 15 a friend and I were talking and the question is did you sanctify the Lord in your heart and there was a different definition of the word sanctify and we’d be pleased to have your thoughts on that.

Pastor Dick: Oaky thanks for your call.

Pastor Doug: Okay 1 Peter 3: 15 I am looking this up and now you figure here is a difference on the definition on the word sanctified. Do you mean from the original language or between you and your friend?

Steve: Oh we were just trying to do some research and explain it with more of a reverence to being consecrated and he was looking in the concordance and he said it meant set apart and so then it was like how you going to part the Lord and what it meant maybe holy?

Pastor Doug: Well I tell you the word is “hagiazo” and Pastor Dick can probably say it better than me. And it means to purify, to consecrate, to venerate, to hallow, to sanctify. So it is an accurate translation and I think the way we sanctify the Lord in our hearts is by asking Him to cleanse our hearts and then it becomes a holy place for Him to dwell. And through allowing us to refresh us with His grace and forgiveness and also to keep our selves unspotted by the world and not filling our minds and our hearts with the things of the world that’s how we sanctify the Lord in our hearts.

Steve: Well thank you very much.

Pastor Doug: Okay well good question appreciate that.

Pastor Dick: Thanks for the call. Let’s go next to Cookeville, Tennessee and Robert is listening on WJNU welcome Robert.

Robert: Hello.

Pastor Doug: Hi how you doing?

Robert: Great. I was just curious about and have a question about the Garden of Eden and was it still visible up until the day of Noah? Could those people have seen or visited it? Could they see the angel or was the angel invisible, but maybe just see the flaming sword?

Pastor Doug: Yeah I think I understand. Good question.

Robert: I was –you know wondering if they could see the Garden of Eden seems like they would have believed Noah’s story.

Pastor Doug: Well you would have thought so. We have every reason to believe that the Garden of Eden was still there. And Adam and Eve could see an angel guarding the way of the tree of life. They were expelled from the Garden. We assume that somehow God consumed or raptured the garden. I know it may be hard to comprehend, but it says in Revelation 21 that God is going to bring the New Jerusalem down from heaven and if He can bring the city down He can take the Garden up. And since the tree of life is still in existence in the Garden in Revelation 21 then God must have done something to catch it up to heaven or preserve it and that is nothing for the Lord. Whether He did that just before the flood or some years before the flood the Bible it is not clear. I am of the opinion that there was that visible evidence of the Garden and that they knew they were forbidden to enter. And still somehow in spite of that had become exceedingly wicked and are you there?

Robert: Okay. Yeah.

Pastor Doug: Does that make sense?

Robert: Yeah and that is what I expected. It is just hard to imagine that those folks wouldn’t have believed Noah with that physical evidence there.

Pastor Doug: Well think about this for a second. Do we have evidence for God in the world today?

Robert: Oh absolutely.

Pastor Doug: I believe that the evidence for God’s creative power is like David said you can look at the heavens and you can look at our bodies and carefully and wonderfully made. I think there is blazing evidence from miraculous design and supernatural creation everywhere you look. And in spite of the overwhelming evidence the world refuses to acknowledge it and they say that it all happened from chaos. And you really think about all this beauty and design and interworking systems just kind of bubbled and burst into existence it is absurd. Well man can convince himself of almost anything because our hearts are desperately wicked and back in the days of Noah in spite of the Garden and it was right there within plain view they somehow concocted their own theories about it and to believe it.

Robert: Well that is pretty amazing.

Pastor Doug: Yes it is and I appreciate your question.

Robert: Well thanks so much and God bless.

Pastor Doug: Thank you Robert.

Pastor Dick: To Columbia, South Carolina Stanley is listening on WSUD how may we help you Stanley hello Stanley?

Stanley: Good evening gentlemen. Thank you for taking this call.

Pastor Dick: Yes sir and your question please?

Stanley: I am in a conversation with someone and there are things we agree and disagree on. He doesn’t believe that children should be baptized. And I just wanted to hear what you thought about that as far as children being baptized? He refers me to Acts Chapter 8: 12 as far as backing his statement about why children shouldn’t be baptized.

Pastor Doug: Well let’s talk about this Stanley because there is a difference when you say children and babies baptism.

Stanley: Okay.

Pastor Doug: Let’s look at what the bible gives us on the criteria for baptism. Jesus said in Matthew 28 “Go ye therefore and teach all nations baptizing them.” So there is teaching in connection with baptism. A child needs to be old enough to be taught about what the significance of the event is. The Bible says repent and be baptized in Acts Chapter 2 well that’s when the child needs to be old enough to understand something about sin and turning away from it that is repentance.

Stanley: Okay.

Pastor Doug: And the Bible tells us that John the Baptist said bring forth fruits as a means for repentance. There needs to be some kind of transformation an acknowledgment of sin. And you are probably referring to where Philip said to the Ethiopian if you believe with all your heart then that child needs to be old enough to believe.

Stanley: Yes.

Pastor Doug: So babies were dedicated in other words when Jesus was eight days old he was taken to the temple and dedicated. In our church we dedicate the babies to the Lord. We don’t baptize the children until they are old enough to meet the Bible criteria.

Stanley: Oaky.

Pastor Doug: And Jesus wasn’t baptized until thirty, but He was dedicated as a baby.

Stanley: Meaning the criteria just know there is no defined age for that you know.

Pastor Doug: No you know a good rule of thumb is that Jesus went to the temple when He was twelve.

Stanley: Right.

Pastor Doug: Children mature at different ages. Sometimes girls are a little more spiritually attentive than boys. And you know I have seen girls nine or ten years old my wife was baptized at nine years old and it seems it sticks because she is still in the church. So you know it is when you are old enough to believe and understand the claims of the gospel and to commit your heart to Jesus. A baby can’t do that and a baby should be dedicated and some churches mistakenly say they are baptizing their babies, but what they really mean is they are dedicating them. That baby needs to be old enough repent and believe to be baptized. Okay?

Stanley: Yes that really helps me out a lot.

Pastor Doug: We have a lesson that we will send you for free Stanley on Baptism. And it is called “Buried and Forgotten by God”. And it is talking about our sins being buried.

Stanley: “Buried and Forgotten” okay.

Pastor Dick: So if you will call our resource operators Stanley and ask for “Buried but not Forgotten” well is it Buried and Forgotten?

Pastor Doug: Well I don’t know I used to get confused, too.

Pastor Dick: Sorry.

Stanley: Okay buried and forgotten?

Pastor Doug: They will know what it is ask for our lesson on baptism and they will send it out to you.

Pastor Dick: 1-800-835-6747 .

Stanley: Thanks gentlemen.

Pastor Doug: Alright and thank you Stanley.

Stanley: Alright, alright.

Pastor Dick: To Dalton, Georgia David is listening and a first time caller welcome David.

David: Thanks for taking my call I am really excited about this.

Pastor Dick: And your questions please David?

David: Where so sinners go when they die? Is there sort of a purgatory and stuff like a container?

Pastor Doug: Well there are all kinds of whacky theories out there. Everything from reincarnation to limbo, to Abraham’s bosom and in purgatory, but the Bible tells us that when a person dies that they sleep until the resurrection. And if they are lost it is called the resurrection of the damned and Jesus says behold the hour is coming in which all that are in their graves will come forth and they that have done good to the resurrection of life and to they that have done evil the resurrection of damnation and so you have two resurrections. Paul says in 1 Thessalonians 4 that the Lord will descend from the heaven with a shout and that the dead in Christ will rise first. Well then you go to Revelation 20 and by the way if the dead in Christ rise first then who would be second? That would be the lost and the ones who are not in Christ right?

Alex: Yeah.

Pastor Doug: Revelation 20 says blessed are those that have part in the first resurrection. The rest of the dead come forth in the second resurrection in Revelation Chapter 20 so it is very clear that there is a resurrection of the damned that Jesus refers to and so until that resurrection when they are judged at that great White Throne judgment the wicked are in their graves and says that they are reserved until the day of the judgment.

David: Alright.

Pastor Doug: Sounds to me like he would enjoy our lesson on the dead.

Pastor Dick: Yeah.

Pastor Doug: David we will send that to you for free and it has all the Scriptures on what happens when the dead die. Like the saved and the lost where do they go and what is the experience. Let me tell you where a lot of the confusion comes in before I go to the next call David. Are you still there?

David: Yeah.

Pastor Doug: The Bible is very clear that you and I live in a dimension of time and you know we look at clocks and watches all day long, but God is not restricted to that. When someone dies when they are saved or lost they don’t know about the time that they are asleep as far as we’re concerned. Their next conscious thought is the resurrection of the just or if they are lost the resurrection of judgment and punishment. Do you see what I am saying?

David: Umm-hmm.

Pastor Doug: They are not floating around in limbo and they are not burning in purgatory. But, as far as they are concerned when our loved one died to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord that means tier next conscious thought is the resurrection. Do you see what I am saying that there is no time for them?

David: Yeah.

Pastor Doug: But, as far as we are concerned they are not gone yet because the resurrection has not happened. Anyway send for the lesson and all you have to do is call and we will send it to you okay?

David: Alright.

Pastor Dick: David copy this number down 1-800-835-6747.

Pastor Doug: “Are the Dead Really Dead?”

Pastor Dick: And ask for that lesson 1-800-835-6747. Okay?

David: Alright.

Pastor Dick: Thanks for the call.

David: Bye.

Pastor Dick: Bye. Let’s talk to Keith in San Marino, California listening on KFIA and hi Keith.

Keith: Hello.

Pastor Dick: Hi and your question please?

Keith: Okay Pastors. How do you become filled with the Holy Spirit? I have heard some people talk about this before and I think it is usually associated as speaking in tongues.

Pastor Doug: Right. Well let’s talk about how we can be filled with the Holy Spirit. First of all it is—the baptism with the Holy Spirit is not something we schedule with God and say look I will be ready for that next week. The Lord is very clear that it is something that we should continually pray for. Jesus said if we being evil know how to give good gifts to our children how much more He gives the Holy Spirit to those that asks. Now the Holy Spirit comes in different degrees Keith. The disciples received the Holy Spirit after the resurrection because Jesus breathed on them and said receive the Holy Spirit. They received the baptism of the Spirit on more than one occasion in Acts Chapter 2 it says they were filled with the Holy Spirit and then again in Acts Chapter 4 they are filled again. So being filled with the Holy Spirit isn’t like being filled once it is like a river you need it to continue to flow into you. In the book of Zechariah or is it Zephaniah it says ask ye the Lord rain and of the latter rain and the Lord will send flashing clouds. So we are to ask for the Holy Spirit. We need to be born both times John the Baptist said I baptize you with water, but the one who is coming after me He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and with fire. So we are to pray that God will baptize us with that Spirit and He always does it when we need the power for His work. God does not just baptize us with the Spirit so we can feel good. He usually does it to empower us to be His witnesses. So, if you are ready to work for the Lord then ask for the Spirit of the Lord and He will fill you.

Keith: Okay.

Pastor Doug: And it may not be associated to any one gift because God gives different gifts to everybody. It may be the gift of tongues or some other gifts He gives you. That Scripture that I gave you was Zechariah 10: 1. That I was forgetting about.

Keith: Oh Zechariah 10: 1 Okay Pastor well thanks a lot.

Pastor Doug: Yes.

Pastor Dick: Alright thanks for the call Keith. Let’s go next to Little Rock, Arkansas and Rose is listening on WKIR Rose welcome.

Rose: Hi how are you?

Pastor Dick: Good and your question please?

Rose: My question is in regard to redemption and God and the Holy Spirit. The reason I ask is I spoke once that I am mad at the Holy Spirit and my friend told me that is wrong against the Holy Spirit and there are things in my life that I have been lashing out at God and mad at him. And initially the anger will come on and I am not pleased about it and then ask for forgiveness, but still I feel I have this experience of unrest. My-- blaspheme against God my-- has the Holy Spirit left me you know. I just wanted you to give me some information because I felt so much goodness and someone told me that is his blessing inside.

Pastor Doug: Yeah you know well blaspheme against the Holy Spirit is a sin that cannot be forgiven. It is very real and it is very final and very frightening when you think about it. But, at the same time if God says they cannot be forgiven every time they speak His name disrespectfully then that is the sin that can’t be forgiven then I wouldn’t be sitting here talking about the Lord right now. And I surmise that Pastor Dick couldn’t because so many people have done that. Blaspheme against the Holy Spirit is not so much one thing you do when you shake your fist at God on the hill with lightening flashing and saying I renounce you or your curse of His name. As sinful as that would be it is usually a process of little by little refusing and ignoring the pleading of the Spirit until you can no longer hear it. It is a sin that God cannot forgive us of because it is a sin that we have lost the capacity to repent and Rose as long as you are feeling the conviction of God’s Spirit you haven’t grieved away the Holy Spirit. Do you see what I mean?

Rose: Okay, okay.

Pastor Doug: As long as you have a desire to turn from sin and to follow the Lord that is the Holy Spirit in you.

Rose: Oh okay.

Pastor Doug: I’d like to think it is the Holy Spirit that encouraged you to give us a call today.

Rose: Okay thank you. Because I haven’t been able to rest thinking that I pushed away God.

Pastor Doug: As long as you feel the glimmer of God’s Spirit in your heart bringing you conviction then that means God wants you to repent of your sins and He will forgive you. The promise that you confess your sin He is faithful and just to forgive you from all unrighteousness. Okay?

Rose: Oaky thanks. I am so like saying oh goodness and oh gosh and I shouldn’t do that right?

Pastor Doug: Well we shouldn’t and of course we should avoid a lot of these and there are some people who would never curse. They use modified cursing and instead of using God’s name in vain they will say gosh darn. You probably have heard that and I even have seen it. That is really just an abbreviate form or they will say Gee whiz.

Rose: Yeah.

Pastor Doug: And that is just another step you know bordering on using God’s name in vain and I think it should be avoided. I even hear Christians say that and I wince when I do. Okay?

Rose: Right, right, right, okay. Thank you very much.

Pastor Doug: God bless.

Pastor Dick: let’s go next to Moses Lake, Washington and Louie is listening on KGTS hi Louie.

Louie: Hi. Yeah my question is what does he Bible say about eating meat?

Pastor Doug: Just eating any kind of meat or unclean meat?

Louie: Or unclean meat or any kind of meat really.

Pastor Doug: Well first of all because you say what does the Bible say and it is quite a bit. The original plan for God before there was sin was that man was a vegetarian. And if and when we get to heaven we will be vegetarians again because there is no more death there right?

Louie: Right.

Pastor Doug: But, after sin and especially after the flood when all the vegetation was destroyed man either had to resort to eating kelp or eating some animals so God had specified for Noah that is he was going to eat meat he was to eat the clean meat.

Louie: Okay. Well I was just going to ask like hamburger meat and hamburgers and stuff like that is it okay to eat?

Pastor Doug: Well first let me say in today’s culture I would stay away from fast food. Some people are suing McDonald’s and others for some of the fast food establishments. It is a fact and I just need to say this, but I am a vegetarian. So I have to be clear the Bible does not say that you have to be a vegetarian, but everyone in heaven will be. If you eat meat you need to eat what the Bible calls clean meat and that would be animals that have a cloven hoof and chew the cud. They need both characteristics and cows were considered clean, goats, sheep, deer, elk because they are cloven hoofed and they chew the cud. But, then you have animals with a cloven hoof like a pig, but they do not chew the cud they are scavengers and are considered unclean by not only Bible Christians, but Jews and Muslims they all understand those are unclean. So the best thing I can do is send you the study guide we have got on health if you like.

Louie: Okay yes that would be great.

Pastor Doug: We have a book by Joe Crews it is very specific and called “Hogs and Other Hazards” it is humorous and it is interesting.

Pastor Dick: Louie if you’d like a copy of that call the resource operators at 1-800-835-6747. Ask for “Hogs and Other Hazards”. And they will send it to you tonight.

Louie: Okay thank you.

Pastor Dick: Okay thanks for the call. God bless. Let’s go next Pastor Doug to Yakama, Washington Tony is on KSOH welcome Tony.

Tony: Hi.

Pastor Dick: And your question?

Tony: Well I was curious about Romans Chapter 11 today there is rumors going around that god has given up on the Nation of Israel because they are breaking His covenant in rejecting the Messiah and yet in Romans Chapter 11 Paul seems to indicate even using his own heritage that the Jew aren’t really giving up they are just blind because God made them blind and it will be after a period of time He will open their eyes to what the Gentiles are for.

Pastor Doug: Alright you are asking a very good question, but I need to clarify something. We are talking about both the nation of Israel and we are talking about the Jews and of course you realize they are not the same thing? In other words there are more Jews in North America than in Israel did you know that? Are you with me?

Tony: Yeah.

Pastor Doug: So when Paul is talking about his people of Israel there is no question that God has a special plan for the Jewish people that is different for the prophecies that deal with the Nation of Israel. The first and whole plan that god had for Israel when you read the whole Testament is they were to be the ones who would bring the Messiah and introduce him into the world. They were chosen and they were not chosen because they were better looking or because they were smarter. God said they are a stiff necked people and keep in mind that I am Jewish because we have new listeners and I always want to remind them. But, He chose them because it was through the seed of Abraham and Isaac and Jacob that He would come through them and He did come and think about the first church at Pentecost was all Jewish and then began the grafting in of the Gentiles. So the question is does God still have a plan for the Jews yes. Has the Nation of Israel fulfilled its supreme goal? Yes and they didn’t do it the best way possible, but the purpose of God that Jesus would come thought the Jewish Nation was fulfilled. Do you see what I am saying?

Tony: I think so.

Pastor Doug: So now are you—the prophecies you find I Romans 11 about Israel and Israelites are because God still has a special place in His heart for the Jewish people. But, He does not love Jews more than other people. We have to be very careful because God is no respecter of persons that is also in the New Testament. So do you see what I Am saying because more than once Paul turned away from the synagogue and said look if you don’t accept Jesus then you judge yourself unworthy of the right and so we turn to the Gentiles. And where ever he went he first went to the Jews and then he went to the Gentiles to the Jew first and then also the Greek. Does that make sense?

Tony: Sure.

Pastor Doug: I have got a book I have written and I think it will help. I wrote it with my friend Steve Wohlberg who is another Jew and it is called “Spiritual Israel”. It explains some of these Scriptures that you asking about and the role of Jews and I will send it to you for free. Okay Tony ask for “Spiritual Israel” and call our number. Friends we are out of time, but don’t go away Pastor Dick is going to give that number.

Tony: Okay.

Pastor Dick: 1-800-835-6747 for Tony and anyone else for all the resources we mentioned tonight or for any of the resources we mentioned tonight. Or go to the”Amazing Facts dot org” website to read them there. Pastor Doug here is the music.

Pastor Doug: And as you look at that website friends make sure you click on that bar that says free library. Amazing Facts just has a lot of material you can download and we give it to you for your studies and I talked to someone this weekend Pastor Dick they said they got 30 hours of “Bible Answers Live “ that they can listen to as they travel.

Pastor Dick: Praise God.

Pastor Doug: But listening friends we have got to go. God bless until next week.


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