Amazing Facts About Lightning

Date: 01/15/2006 
For starters, every day, 44 thousand thunderstorms occur throughout the world with lightning striking the earth six thousand times a minute. The average lightning stroke is six miles long and travels about 30 thousand times as fast as a bullet. The temperature of lightning can reach 50 thousand degrees Fahrenheit. That's hotter than the surface of the sun. A positive giant is a lightning strike that hits the ground up to 20 miles away from the actual thunderstorm because it seems to strike from
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Doug Batchelor: Hello, friends. This is Doug Batchelor. How about a few amazing facts regarding lightning? For starters, every day, 44 thousand thunderstorms occur throughout the world with lightning striking the earth six thousand times a minute. The average lightning stroke is six miles long and travels about 30 thousand times as fast as a bullet. The temperature of lightning can reach 50 thousand degrees Fahrenheit. That's hotter than the surface of the sun. A positive giant is a lightning strike that hits the ground up to 20 miles away from the actual thunderstorm because it seems to strike from a clear sky, it's known as a bolt from the blue.

These positive giant flashes strike between the storm's top anvil and the earth and carry several times a destructive energy of a regular lightning strike. It's a pure myth that lightning never strikes twice in the same place. For example, the top of the empire state building, average is about 20 hits a year. A lightning strike might contain more than one million volts in over 200 thousand amperes and has enough power to lift an ocean liner six feet in the air. Each year in the US, thunderstorms cause an average of 200 deaths and 700 injuries. To estimate the difference between you and a lightning strike, count the number of seconds between when you see the lightning flash then hear the thunder.

Five seconds is roughly the equivalent to one mile in distance. On average, thunder can only be heard over a distance above five or six miles. But at night lightning can be seen over a hundred miles away. Lightning crawlers or spider lightning can travel over 35 miles as it crawls across the bottom of clouds. This is a very rare type of lightning and it’s beautiful as it zaps from horizon to horizon. Radar has detective lightning crawlers traveling at altitudes of 20 thousand feet and 75 miles long as they zap from cloud to cloud. How big around is a typical lightning bolt? Only about the size of a quarter or even maybe a half dollar.

Lightning looks much wider than it really is because it's just so bright. Perhaps this is why Jesus said his return will be like lightning shining from the east and flashing to the west. Matthew 24:27. Still, in spite of this, some believe his return is going to be a secret. Stay with us, friends. We're going to learn more as Amazing Facts brings you this edition of bible answers why.

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Now here's your host, the president of the Amazing Facts Ministries, author and evangelist, Pastor Doug Batchelor.

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Some people they think in the acronym, we'll give it to you either away. Lines are open, if you have a call, bible question, give us a call now. This program is not dealing with finance or romance but the word of God. If you have questions about the Bible, pick up your phone. 800-463-7297 and my name is Doug Batchelor.

Dick David: And my name is Dick David, Good evening Pastor Doug.

Doug Batchelor: Good Evening Pastor Dick.

Dick David: It's good to see you.

Doug Batchelor: You too.

Dick David: We normally start with a word of prayer. Let's do that. Father in heaven we are mindful that you have a message for all of us and we want to hear from you tonight. We pause for a moment to ask that your holy spirit be here and that you speak clearly to Pastor Doug, give him clarity of thought and mind. As we open the word of God, we will hear from you and there is someone tonight who will respond to the good news of the truth of Jesus Christ. Lord, may you speak through us and to us. We thank you for this privilege in Jesus' name. Amen.

Doug Batchelor: Amen.

Dick David: Pastor Doug, I lived for several years in the mid-west in Michigan and boy, those thunderstorms and lightning storms in the mid-west are spectacular.

Doug Batchelor: Here in California we've got some mountain ranges that block the horizon but if you're living in the great plains or Texas where I've lived for a while, it does span from east to west. Sometimes you sit out in your porch, you can watch a lightning storm a few miles away. You got to get the popcorn out. It's a show.

Dick David: That's right. That's really something. It really is. But you got a spiritual application that you want to--

Doug Batchelor: Well, Jesus tried to go to great lengths to emphasize that when he came back it would not be clandestine, it would not be a secret. Yet in spite of that, so many people think that when the rapture occurs it is going to be a secret that you'll suddenly say, "Where did everybody go?" "What happened?" Jesus went out of the way to say, in Matthew 24, if they say to you that he is in secret chambers, believe it not. If they say behold us in the desert, don't go forth. For as lightning shines from the east even to the west, so will the coming of the son of man be and if you and I are standing outside, lightning marks the world.

I mean I remember when I was a kid trying to hide my head under the pillow during the thunderstorm, you can still see the lightning flash. It's so bright. No one is going to have to elbow you and say, "Did you hear Jesus came yesterday?" That is really an absurd idea because it’s going to affect every aspect of your senses. The trumpet, the roar, the shout, the resurrection, the earthquake. It is going to be the most tumultuous, tempestuous, glorious event in history, when Jesus do.

Dick David: Yet, Pastor Doug, how would you respond to people who raise the question, if you're on Australia, you're on the other side of the world, how can you see Jesus come at the same time as somebody in Cincinnati, Ohio?

Doug Batchelor: Well this is a common misconception, I know you know the answer but you've raised it for the benefit of those who still may not understand.

Dick David: Right.

Doug Batchelor: You said that, see Jesus come at the same time. Well the bible says when he comes every eye will see him. Every eye in the world sees the same moon and every eye in the world sees the same sun. They don't see it at the same exact moment.

Dick David: Okay.

Doug Batchelor: As he sweeps around the circle of the Earth and the world is caught up. The day of his coming, everyone will see about him. But I don't know that anyone's going to be seeing through the planet. I'm sure the heavens would be brilliant that as soon as Jesus comes to one part of the world, every part of the world is going to know that he's come.

Dick David: Amen. We have a lesson that we want to make available, Pastor Doug, that deals with the second coming of Jesus Christ. This is part of the Amazing Facts study guide and it’s a lesson entitled, Rescue From Above. These lessons are really nice. They're well done. They're very colorful and they are very precise and talk about the second coming. This particular lesson talks about the second coming in such a way that really makes it clear for us all.

Doug Batchelor: Now, no one knows the day and the hour. Our lessons don't give a date. It tells how we can know he's near. Roughly when, meaning the time, the prophecies about the nearness of his coming and how he will come. Because there will be many false Christ. We need to know how to determine the truth from the false. People need this lesson.

Dick David: Amen. Rescue From Above is the name of the lesson and we want to make it available to anyone who will call our resource operators or go to the website. The number for the resource operators is 800-835-6747, 835-6747 put you in touch with our resource operators and they'll send the lesson to you if you will call them and ask for Rescue From Above or go to the website at and you can read the lesson there or you can download it or you can send for it. However you wish to add it to your library. Rescue From Above is the title of the lesson and it deals with the second coming of our lord and our savior Jesus Christ.

Dick David: A couple of other things that I'd like to mention, Pastor Doug, a couple of other resources that are available. There is a new 2006 radio and television guide that has just been published by Amazing Facts which lists all the cities, the states, locations where this program can be heard as well as the television. broadcasts that Amazing Facts is producing and involved in. If you would like a copy of this radio and television guide, once again you can call the resource operators or you can go to the website and we will make this radio and television guide available to you. It’s simply called the 2006 Radio-Television Guide. There is also website information in this guide so you can know how to find the program and find resources on the internet. There is a new catalog and this catalog, the Amazing Facts 2006 catalog is loaded with all kinds of resources.

Doug Batchelor: Kaleidoscope, plethora.

Dick David: A plethora that’s it, a plethora of resources.

Doug Batchelor: There are hundreds of books, tapes, CDs, studies, all things to enhance their Christian life as well as for witnessing.

Dick David: Amen. Again, 1-800-835-6747 is the resource number, is the website. We’ll make available these materials to you. We usually answer a couple of internet questions before we go to the program, Pastor Doug, or to the telephones. Let’s do that. The first one this evening comes from Susan who wants to know what the scriptures say against gambling, can you tell us.

Doug Batchelor: You won’t necessarily find the word gambling in the Bible other than where they were casting lots. Gambling you might say for the clothing of Jesus, certainly that’s not an endorsement to try and take the only earthly property that the Lord had through gambling. The Bible says those who will not work should not eat and gambling is basically trying to get rich quick for nothing at the expense of others who lose. You have a principle in Proverbs 28:20 and it says “But he that make it haste to be rich will not be innocent.” The biblical way to be rich is through faithfulness, industry, diligence, hard work. But to try to quickly get rich by the lottery or gambling or something usually they lose. It says if you do, you’re not innocent. If you succeed, that’s certainly not. Can you picture Jesus in a --

Dick David: Buying a lottery ticket.

Doug Batchelor: Buying a lottery ticket or pulling on a slot machine or roulette wheel saying “50 red, 50 red go in.” [chuckles] It’s all motivated by greed and that’s not the Christian spirit.

Dick David: So it’s the principle.

Doug Batchelor: Yes, okay.

Dick David: Second question, when a person prays, do we have to pray out loud or can we just think the words to God?

Doug Batchelor: There’s certainly nothing wrong with praying out loud. Some have taken the verse where Jesus said “When you pray don’t be like a hypocrite." You like to pray in the street corner out loud for people to see them pray. Others have said, pastor, the guy never pray out loud because then the devil doesn’t know what I’m praying and he can’t menace out my prayers.

In reality there’s many examples of God’s people praying out loud including Jesus. John 17 is recorded because someone heard him pray and then wrote it down as well as many other prayers in the Bible. I think the devil trembles when we pray. It is appropriate to pray out loud not to make a display. But, if we’re going to join together in prayers, if we’re going to say amen to the prayers of someone else and this is in 1 Corinthians 14, how can you say amen to the prayers of someone else if they’re praying in an unkown tongue. You need to pray where you can understand what they’re saying.

There’s certainly plenty of examples in the Bible for praying out loud and there’s nothing wrong with praying in your heart. Sometimes you’re in a public place and you don’t want to make a spectacle and pray out loud you pray in your heart.

Dick David: All right, very good. Let’s go to the phones and take our first caller for the evening. We want to go to our neighbors to the north. We want to go up to Canada, to Calgary, Alberta and talk with Heather who is on the international web. Welcome, Heather to the program.

Heather: Hi, thank you. Thanks for answering my call. I have a question about women pastors. In 1 Timothy it says that women should not usurp authority over men and then in Corinthians it talks about women learning in silence. I was wondering about women becoming pastors then.

Doug Batchelor: That’s a good question. It’s a very controversial question so let me put my arm around my catalog before I answer that. I need to give you a Bible answer and the fact is that while there are many examples in the Bible, Heather, of women involved in spiritual ministry for instance being prophetous. Women who are doing evangelism. There is no example in the Bible of a woman serving in the pastoral role because that is typically a patriarchal office meaning that the heads of families or the priests of the family. There are women prophets in the Bible. There are no women priests. There were no women apostles. There’s no example of women elders or leaders of the churches. I don’t think it’s because of the custom of the day. I think that God made men and women differently. Men are to be the servant leaders in the families and the church is an extension of the families, it's the same principle. I don’t know if that helps though a little bit.

Heather: The way I see it is because I love the Lord and I want to teach people. I want to tell people about God. But, from what I read in the Bible, it sounds to me that when you’re in church that the women are not to be teaching the men. But if I was to go out on the street or meet somebody, can I be explaining God’s word to people that don’t know? It sounds to me like I can evangelize, but I wouldn’t be able to be in the pulpit.

Doug Batchelor: Different churches argue how to apply those verses in Timothy about a woman not speaking in church. I am inclined to think that Paul was speaking to a specific problem. Men and women actually didn’t even sit together and it's still that way if you travel to some parts of Africa. Certainly, I’ve seen it in Indian, different parts of the world, men and women don’t even sit together. Middle East, same thing.

Women were calling to their husbands asking questions about what the apostles were teaching and it created a disruption. Paul was saying tell the women to be silent, ask her husband at home. The context of what was happening here wasn’t, I believe, an arbitrary rule that women should never speak. Because you have the dedication of Jesus where Hannah is in the temple spiritual and she prays, Hannah in the old testament.

As far as women teaching, you asked the question about that. Certainly, you got women in the Bible who are judges and prophets. The daughters of Philip, who is the evangelist had seven daughters that did prophesy. That’s teaching. Paul says, when he talks about women covering their heads, he said “Any women who prays or prophesy.” That word prophesy there means to proclaim in public, shouldn’t do it with their head uncovered. It wasn’t necessarily in the church. But, there is Bible precedent for women sharing spiritual truth, okay?

Heather: But then, does that mean that women do not enter into pastoral?

Doug Batchelor: Here’s where I draw the line Biblically. I do see precedent for women teaching and sharing biblical truth in many places in the Bible. I don’t see an example of a woman being ordained as a priest, pastor or elder. There were no women apostles that Jesus chose and yet he had women disciples.

Heather: Right, okay. That answers it. Thank you.

Doug Batchelor: Thank you.

Dick David: Thank you for the call, Heather. Let’s go next to Pastor Doug, we'll stay to the north to our neighbors. We'll go to Newfoundland and talk with Paul in St. John’s. Hello, Paul.

Paul: All right, how are you?

Dick David: Good.

Paul: Just want to say that I enjoy your show of Amazing Facts pretty much and I was watching your show today by hill. A question came to mind about the millennial kingdom, the thousand year of reign of Christ. My question is exactly what is the purpose of the thousand year reign?

Doug Batchelor: Good question. Before I finish answering it let me tell you that there’s a free lesson I’ll send you Paul and it’s called A Thousand Years of Peace. It is the Amazing Facts Study Guide with all the scriptures and a lot of explanations, charts and pictures, on the millennium. Anyone out there, do you want to understand the millennium, you need this lesson. There’s so much confusion, yet the Bible is so clear if you read the verses as they are. A Thousand Years of Peace, just asks for it and Pastor Dick will give the number in a minute. What is the need for it? Paul, according to Bible history if you add up the ages in the Bible we have been here for about 6,000 years if you go by what they call Bishop Ussher’s chronology. The millennium is a thousand years. It's like a thousand-year Sabbath. Jesus said during that time, we lived and reigned with him. It's a thousand years of rest from the battle between good and evil that’s transpired on earth. The other thing that happened at the end of the 1,000 years, you read in Revelation 20, Satan demonstrates even after a thousand years of being bound, when he’s loose he has not changed. God has no alternative but to throw him into the lake of fire which you read into the next chapter in Revelation 20 and 21.

Paul: Okay. The purpose is for us to be at peace and to rest?

Doug Batchelor: Yes, and to demonstrate that Satan and the wicked, after a thousand years of being bound, his fallen angels, they continue to try to deceive when they're loose. They don't change.

Paul: I see.

Doug Batchelor: See, Lucifer was once a great angel and he was admired by the other angels. God is going to throw him into lake of fire and he has to demonstrate to the other heavenly beings, he has no choice.

Paul: Yes, it's God's justice, absolutely. Thank you.

Dick Devin: Thank you. Good question.

Doug Batchelor: Thanks for the call Paul. Let's go next, Pastor Doug to, it looks like Heartwell Nebraska and talk with David on the internet. Welcome David.

David: How are you doing?

Doug Batchelor: Feeling good. Your question please.

David: My question is, you've been asked this of course, but I've missed it. I'm asking about adultery. My wife and I have been separated for over two months now and in that time, she has found someone else who is proclaiming to be a youth group leader and is using, basically, the word of God to sleep with my wife. At the same time, he's teaching kids the value of the Lord.

Doug Batchelor: You guys are still technically married? You just separated?

David: Yes. We just separated. I have filed for divorce, She has until the 2nd to do whatever, then after the 2nd then I can finally get a court date.

Doug Batchelor: There's probably a hundred questions I can ask you now and I've got to make sure I don't digress into a counseling session. One thing I would do is, if you know for a fact that this youth leader is committing adultery because of course, he's not married to your separated wife, you should go to his leadership and probably go to him alone, but if it's adultery, go to the leadership and say, "I have reason to believe or evidence believe that this is going" Because the kids should not be exposed to that kind of hypocrisy. It affects them spiritually.

They can't do that and be in ministry without it eroding your influence. If there's no hope of reconciliation with your wife, then I don't know if she has Biblical grounds for divorce. She's certainly doesn't for having another relationship, but there may not be anything you could do. You can't make a person not want to be divorced. You know what I'm saying David?

David: She tells me that she loves me and everything. I know that I love her and I know that she loves me, but the whole thing about-

Doug Batchelor: Do you both go to the church?

David: I was in it for awhile. I was one of the altar boys where I went up and I lit candles and everything when I was younger. Then, I grew up, I don't want to say grow out of it, but I went out of it. Because of this, God has brought me back into it which I'm very grateful for because now I go to church. On average, I'm going to church three times a week. I'm really enjoying going back and getting back into the-

Doug Batchelor: Do you have a pastor you're counseling with because a three-minute call you do good. You need some support during a time like this. What we can do for you is, we have a lesson that deals with marriage and it also talks about some of the challenges in marriage that you're dealing with. We'll send that to you for free because it has a lot of Bible information on the subject. Would you like a copy of our lesson on the marriage?

David: Yes, I would very much so. I was wondering also about your DVD set that you have. We can't get it here.

Doug Batchelor: Which one is that? The prophecy coach series?

David: Yes. I have your prophecy coach series, but it's on VHS and I borrowed it from my wife's mother mother. The guy who taped it only taped it only taped what he felt was necessary, so I don't have all of them.

Doug Batchelor: Can you get online?

David: I don't have a credit card and I don't have much money.

Doug Batchelor: I was just going to say we can't give the set away because of course-

David: I'm not asking for that.

Doug Batchelor: Yes, a DVD set of the prophecy coach series we did in Washington DC is a great program. It's on TV now, but you have to either mail in. We'll send you a free catalog and it'll tell you how to get a hold of it. Will that help?

David: Yes.

Doug Batchelor: That we're offering that tonight. Pastor Dick, why don't you give David the number and he can also ask for that lesson [crosstalk].

Dick David: Grab a pencil David. The telephone number is 1-800-835-6747. I see that you're listening to us on the internet, you can go to the Amazing Facts website which is and you can also get the catalog at the website. Either call the phone number 800-835-6747 or go to the website and get one.

Doug Batchelor: You can read the lesson on marriage at the website for free or order and we'll give you a hard copy. Thanks David. I appreciate your call and we'll be praying for you.

Dick David: Let's go next, Pastor Doug, to Rochester New Hampshire and we want to talk with Doug who is also on the internet. Welcome Doug.

Doug: Hey, how are doing?

Host: Good, your question please.

Doug: It has to do with backsliding in specific, smoking. Just to give you a quick scenario, when I was baptized and my wife was baptized, she was baptized before I met her. We both had issues with smoking and continued to after baptism. We're still struggling with it. I go to church. She doesn't. She says she feels like a hypocrite if she goes to church.

Doug Batchelor: She needs to go to church.

Doug: Okay. You should tell her that.

Doug Batchelor: Put her on the line.

Doug: She's sleeping right now [chuckles], but she should still be listening.

Doug Batchelor: I would say, someone said one time, you don't take a bath so you can get clean, or rather you don't get clean so you can take a bath, you take a bath so you can get clean. You don't stop smoking so you can go to church, you go to church so you can stop smoking. See what I'm saying?

You go to a hospital to get well and if she's struggling with the spiritual issues or any kind of addiction, it could be anything from a food addiction to any kind of drug or sex, you go to church. You don't stay away. That's exactly what the devil wants. You want to go to where the power is and that's where you get the victory.

I'd encourage Terry to by all means go. I went to church as a smoker for two years before I quit.

Doug: We have a lot of respect for you. You're very inspiring to us and we know that that was one of the issues that you struggled with and we're also looking for a little help [laughs].

Doug Batchelor: Yes. If I had stopped going because I felt guilty as a smoker, it was the guilt that actually saved me. It drove me to Christ.

Dick David: Amen.

Doug Batchelor: We both struggled with that, Doug.

Doug: That's a tough one and things got to change rapid around.

Doug Batchelor: You just tell Terry and I'll tell you that we're all going to stop smoking eventually, but you want to do it before Jesus comes, right?

Doug: Amen.

Doug Batchelor: All of us are going to smoke when Jesus comes

Doug: [laughs]

Doug Batchelor: Sorry, that wasn't nice. That was a cheap joke.

Doug: Any words of advice that you'd give us would be great.

Doug Batchelor: We have that lesson that we can offer. We're going to take a break real quick, but we have a lesson that deals with the subject of health and some of the power for victory in the areas of health that we'd be happy to send you. If you call the Amazing Facts office, and ask, Doug, for that Bible study guide we've got on healthful living, it also deals with cigarettes and we'll be happy to send that to you.

Dick David: 1-800-835-6747, Doug.

Doug Batchelor: It's called God's Free Health Plan.

Dick David: God's Free Health Plan. Call that number and ask for God's Free Health Plan. We're going to take a break, Pastor Doug.

Doug Batchelor: Good time for people to sharpen their pencil and take the numbers down.

Dick David: That's right. A couple of announcements, then we'll come back for the second part of the program. Stay with us and the second half of the program will be coming up in just a few moments. If you're waiting, we'll be right back.

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Write us at post office box, 909 Roseville California 95678 or you can find us on the web. The address is easy to remember. It's

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Doug Batchelor: That's what this is a real, bona fide, industrial strength Bible study. We get write into the word. You can ask the questions, we look for the answers, we tell you the verses. We try to discuss and explore and reason together. If you have a Bible question, the number is 800-GOD-SAYS, that's 463-7297. Welcome to Bible Answers Live. My name is Doug Batchelor and we're in the second half.

Dick David: My name is Dick David. Let's talk with David on his cellphone on Visalia, California. Listening on the KARM. Welcome to the program, David. David has been waiting patiently. He may have just slipped away from the phone.

David: No, [unintelligible 00:31:15] gentleman.

Dick David: There you are.

Doug Batchelor: You're on.

David: I'm sorry, I'm in a Wallmart.


Doug Batchelor: That's dedication.

David: I've been running around, fellers. I'm sorry.

Doug Batchelor: That's okay. [laughs] What's on your mind David?

David: John chapter 11.

Doug Batchelor: The whole chapter?

David: No. John 11:1 speaks to Mary Magdalene or Mary. When she comes and washes his feet, it speaks to it in past tense and then John chapter 12 speaks to it in present tense. I'm just confused, that seems backward.

Doug Batchelor: Keep in mind, John wrote his gospel when he was 90 years of age. He is patching together the experiences that he remember from the life of Christ. They aren't all necessarily in chronological order. It is possible that the woman who washes Jesus feet in Chapter 12 is Mary, she's not called Mary in John. She's called Mary by other gospel writers. I think he simply calls her a woman in John chapter 12. I'm going there real quick. Matter of fact, you know what? No, it's says Mary. You're right, it is Mary.

David: Yes.

Doug Batchelor: I wrote of a book on this. I should know better. [laughs] I wrote a book. Well, sometimes they get the different gospel accounts mixed-up.

David: Yes.

Doug Batchelor: It's called Mary Magdalene. The gospel according to Mary Magdalene at Jesus' feet. The whole book is on Mary Magdalene. It talks about John 11, John 12, Luke 7. All of the passages that deal with these issues, including the resurrection. You'd probably be blessed by that. You can order that at the Amazing Facts website.

David: I'll look for it.

Doug Batchelor: Yes. That's simply Amazing Facts dot just about anything. and it will take you there. Alright?

David: I will look for it and I'll find it, gentlemen. Thank you so much. I appreciate your insight.

Doug Batchelor: Thank you, David. Don't buy too much at Walmart.


Bye, bye.

Dick David: Thanks for the call, David. Let's go next to the Bronx. Deborah is on WMCA. Welcome, Deborah.

Deborah: Hi.

Doug Batchelor: Thanks for waiting. Deborah, you're question.

Deborah: You're welcome. Yes, I was reading the book of Josiah. There are prophecies in there about God disjoined Israel and causing and making Judah suffer for their offence. I'm asking if that happened already or if it's something that's going to happen in the future? Who is Judah today?

Doug Batchelor: Good question. Bear with me for a moment. Josiah wrote his prophecies before the Roman captivity. We do believe that the surface interpretation of these prophecies, a literal interpretation, did transpire when the Jews were conquered by the Romans, I should say the temple was destroyed. They call it the great diaspora. The great dispersion of the Jews.

There are spiritual symbolism that some theologians make between the history of Israel. Israel started out as one people. They had a civil war and they split into two groups. One got a little mixed-up with paganism and Judah was the southern kingdom. Some have compared that with Judah being like the protestants in the Northern Kingdom being like the Catholics or the Orthodox churches. The history that you find of Israel in the Old Testament, that's God's church is often repeated after the time of Christ in the Christian church. Started out as one group, went through big split in all its divisions.

That's one explanation. In other words, these things that happened to Israel may also happen to the church again. The principles of why he punished them in the Old Testament are often repeated in the church history. Did that make sense?

Deborah: Yes, yes.

Doug Batchelor: I've got a book that I wrote with Steve Wohlberg. That we'll send you a free copy of it. It's called Spiritual Israel. It explains many of the comparisons. Steve and I are both Jews so you're getting the perspective from Jewish Christians of what some of these Old Testament prophecies mean. Would you like a free copy of that?

Deborah: Yes, I would.

Doug Batchelor: All right. Pastor Dick will give you that. It's called Spiritual Israel.

Dick David: Deborah, write this phone number down 1-800-835-6747, 835-6747. It's a free call 800 number. Ask for Spiritual Israel or go to the website. You'll find it there also. That's 1-800-835-6747. Thanks for the call, Deborah. We'll go next, Pastor Doug, to Lake Grove, New York. Anne is listening on WMCA. Good evening, Anne.

Anne: Good evening. First of all, I would just like to say you both do a great job. I really enjoy your show.

Doug Batchelor: Thank you.

Anne: My quesiton is Matthew 22:14 where it says, "For many are called but few are chosen." What does that exactly mean?

Doug Batchelor: You can understand those verses by looking at other statements of Christ. "Many are call, few are chosen." That might sound like a contradiction. Many are called, it's like you have a baseball game and you're picking teams. You ask 10,000 people to come to the pick but you only take enough for the team. Then the others are sent home. They think what a disappointment.

But when it says many are called, look at the great invitation in Matthew 11 where Jesus says, "Whosoever will come on to me and you'll find rest. Come on to me all." How many? "All that are weary in heavy laden." The Bible ends with many being called. "Whosoever will, let them take the water of life freely. Whosoever believeth in him will not perish." Many are called, that it says, but few are chosen. Now the word chosen there can mean few become the chosen. Because few respond to the call.

It's not like God is inviting everybody but he's really fooling most, that means he's only going to choose a few of those who are invited. That would same mean. Really that verse would be better translated in our terms by saying "Many are called, few choose to respond to the call." See what I'm saying?

Anne: Yes. I understand.

Doug Batchelor: Because you can see all through the bible. Jesus is calling everybody.

Dick David: Amen.

Doug Batchelor: But how many chose to respond? That's why I said straight is a gate that leads a life and few there be that find it. Broad is the way to destruction. Whenever you go from one language to another, sometimes there is bumps in the translation and this is an example of that.

Anne: Okay. Good answer. Thank you.

Doug Batchelor: Thank you.

Dick David: Thanks for the call. We'll go next, Pastor Doug, to Amanda in San Bernardino, California listening on KTIE. Amanda, good evening.

Amanda: Good evening.

Dick David: Your question please.

Amanda: As far as the truth is concerned, when God says one thing, how can it be true if he says seven or 12 or 10 or some other number if you don't believe it when he says one?

Doug Batchelor: Tell me why you saying that? I'm not sure what your question is. What's an example of what you're talking about?

Amanda: If everything God says is true, what is the reason when he says something is one. What makes you think it's the truth and you can believe it when he says seven or 12 or 10 or some other number?

Doug Batchelor: Well, Bible numbers have a symbolic meaning. For instance, in the Bible, the number seven is used many times in the Bible. It often represents a number of a complete cycle. Especially if get to Revelation, Amanda. You got seven churches, seven trumpets, seven seals, seven voices, seven thunders, seven eyes, seven horns and seven spirits. They all represent the perfect cycle of biblical perfection. 12 is a number that represents the church. Matter of fact, I don't often do this Pastor Dick, but at our website called Prophecy Code. We have a website friends that you got to look at. Matter of fact, I think that they can still can see. Our friend that called earlier, David? I forgot to tell him, he can watch the Prophecy Code for free online.

Dick David: That's true.

Doug Batchelor: It's not high resolution like a DVD but it's there online. At that website, Amanda, we have some notes on Bible numbers and their meanings. All the Bible numbers given, God means exactly what he said, they're real figures. That would be Look up for the study helps and there's something on Bible symbols and numbers. I hope that helps a little bit.

Dick David: Okay. Thanks for the call, Amanda. To San Diego, we want to talk with Daniel. Who's hlistening on KPRZ. Good evening, Daniel.

Daniel: Good evening.

Dick David: Your question please.

Daniel: Yes. I'm not really a Christian, but my wife has been and we've been praying a lot and reading the Bible lately. I guess I have some questions about it in general. Why would God, a loving God, take people from other faith and condemn them to hell when they might be living by the tenants of Jesus Christ and living a good life? For that matter, people that may not even be religious, and send them to hell?

Doug Batchelor: Well, God is just and he is fair. Different churches have different views on this. I find that the Bible teaches, there will be many who will come from the east and west, Jesus said, and sit down in the kingdom with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Those were the church members in Jesus' day. While some of the church members will be in utter darkness. In other words, the Lord does have people who are living up to the life they have in other cultures, even in other religions.

They may not know the truth. Now, the Bible is very clear. Anyone who is saved, Daniel, is saved by virtue of Christ's sacrifice, they're not saved by Buddha or Mohammad or any other religion or creed. But there are some who are living up to the light they have. It's a misconception that God is arbitrarily going to incinerate people who don't join a certain church.

I think everyone's joining my church, but people who listen to this program know that I try to make this a Bible-focused program. I'm part of my church, because I think it's the closest to the Bible, but the focus is the word of God. What does the Bible say? I know there are going to be millions of people saved who aren't members of my church.

Dick David: It's grace, right? We're all saved by grace through faith in God. But if we don't choose that grace, if we don't choose that faith, then what choice do we have?

Daniel: If you're brought up in a religion your entire life and you're taught all those tenants, wouldn't it be hard for someone to convert? Wouldn't God see that, I'm not saying that they're brainwashed, but that the fact that their whole lives are entwined and around this faith, then somebody ask them to change, it would be hard for that person.

Doug Batchelor: Yes, it is difficult for people who are in of the warp and woof of their being has been totally saturated with a specific religion, and to come out of that can be extricate people from those ways of thinking can be extremely painful. God looks on the heart. He knows what people are going through, but don't ever put it past the Lord, Daniel. I'm not sure why you're coming from where you are with your question.

God can take people from any background you might name to me. Everything from Satan worship to Hindu, Buddhism, Islam-

Dick David: Atheism.

Doug Batchelor: Yes, Atheism. God, Jesus has brought people to the truth who were saturated in virtually every background. That's not a barrier for God, but yes the Lord does look on people's hearts, and he knows what they can and can't handle.

Daniel: Okay. Well, besides the book Near Christianity, do you have any recommendations on introduction to the Christian faith?

Doug Batchelor: I am so glad you asked. Daniel, we have the best. We've got a free Bible study course, don't be scared by the word course. It's a series of lessons that are very simple. It is a perfect introduction to Christianity. It begins with the lesson on the Bible on why should you trust it at all. That's Amazing Facts starter with these lessons, and that's why gone into orbit because it's such a good course.

Ask for a free Bible study course. We'll send it to you. No one will come knocking on your door and bothering you. It's just, you read the lessons and look at your Bible and see if it make sense.

Daniel: Okay.

Dick David: Okay, Daniel. Here's how you get it. You call this phone number that I've been giving out tonight, 1-800-835-6747 and just ask them to send you the Bible study course. Or you can go to the website and you can read the lessons on the website. You can download them for yourself. Study them, read them, take your Bible and check it out. Do us one favor if you would. After you've done that, call us back and tell us what you think.

1-800-835-6747 is that resource operator number. Okay? Thanks for the call, Daniel. Let us hear from you after you've had a chance to go through those lessons. Pastor Doug, let's go next to Godley, Texas. Janet is listening on KSKY. Good evening Janet.

Janet: Good evening.

Doug Batchelor: I'm wondering. Are there any churches in Godley, Texas?

Janet: Yes, there are a few. [laughs]

Doug Batchelor: Sorry, I couldn't pass that up. Your question.

Janet: I have a question in Romans chapter 14. That whole chapter has become challenging. Verse five is one of the verses in that chapter where it says, "One man regardeth one day above another, another regards everyday alike. But each man be fully convinced in his own mind." I was a little confused as to where it says regarding one day. What is that one day? Are they talking about a day of worship?

Doug Batchelor: Well, in the Book of Romans, Paul is largely writing to gentiles who are converting to Christianity from the pagan Roman religions. There were a number of Jewish converts to Christianity who felt that all the gentile converts should keep the Jewish holidays and not eat any food that had been offered to idols. Well, any meat you would buy in the Roman empire is sacrificed in slaughterhouses where it's offered to the pagan idols.

Some of them said you can't eat that goat or sheep because it's been offered to Jupiter or Zeus. Some said, well, I didn't offer it, it doesn't matter to me. There was a big debate about do you need to keep the ceremonial laws? Do you need to abstain from these things that are offered to idols? Paul addresses both of those issues in Romans 12 when it says one man regards a day above another, another man regards everyday alike.

If a man is going to regard a day, regard it to the Lord. For instance, take Christmas today, Janet. There's no doubt that Jesus wasn't born the 25th of December. History is pretty strong on that, but it's the day that the world has accepted to remember his birth. I've met some Christians who say well, it's endorsing pagan religions to remember Christmas and I'm not going to have anything to do with it. Well, I have no burden to change their mind.

Another say, hey this is when everyone is thinking of Jesus. It's a great opportunity to witness and to show our love. If you're going to do it, do it unto the Lord. It had nothing to do with the weekly Sabbath because that's one of the 10 Commandments. God would never say, "Well if you feel like going to church, if you feel like obeying God, go ahead. If you don't, it's up to you." It's talking about the ceremonial laws and holidays. You see what I'm saying?

Janet: Yes, I see what you're saying.

Doug Batchelor: Does that make sense?

Janet: I know sometimes that's a hard one to try and talk to somebody about that. They'd point out, well a lot of people think that one day, see that's the day of worship. It doesn't-

Doug Batchelor: Let's suppose it is. Can you imagine the Apostle Paul saying, "Well, if you want to go to church on Sunday, go. If you don't, you don't have to." What Pastor has ever used that verse that way? I've never been one. People never pulled that verse out and used it that way until they learned the Sabbath truth, then they say well one man regards one day above another, but no one ever uses that verse for Sunday.

Janet: Right.

Doug Batchelor: The disciples in the early church never used it that way for the weekly Sabbath. They used it to talk about the Jewish ceremonial laws that were nailed to the cross.

Janet: Okay.

Doug Batchelor: We have a book we could also send you. I didn't mean to cut you off but-

Janet: That's okay.

Doug Batchelor: -just before I forget, there is a book that we'll send you for free, it's called Feast Days and Sabbaths, and it deals with that. Go ahead, you're asking a question?

Janet: I think you may have answered because the next verse was verse 20.

Doug Batchelor: About the foods.

Janet: About the food. This made it sound like-

Doug Batchelor: Talk about things sacrificed to idols.

Janet: Yes, I think understand what you're saying. It just said all things indeed are clean, but they are evil so the man who eats and gives scent. At first it sounds like, well it's okay if it's clean, it's clean, but-

Doug Batchelor: Some of the believers had a weak conscience and they would not eat any meat because they were afraid they were worshiping idols by buying meat that had been offered by the Romans to idols before it was butchered. Paul says when you buy anything in shambles, that was the marketplace, don't ask questions for conscience's sake. Don't say now was this offered? Because once you know, then it can bother your conscience. Just buy it and don't ask.

This was a big debate in the Roman empire. It had nothing to do with vegetarianism. It had nothing to do with the Sabbath day.

Janet: Okay. That's clear. Thank you very much.

Doug Batchelor: All right. Thank you.

Dick David: Thanks for the call, Janet. Good call. Let's go to Brooklyn, New York and talk with Abe who is on WMCA. Good evening Abe. Welcome to the program.

Abe: Good evening. My question is with regards to Satan who was created as Lucifer and in Jesus' words, once sin was found in him, he was strung out of heaven as lightning on to Earth and he roams around Earth, has been roaming around Earth just making life very difficult for everybody. My only question is why would God not throw him in to the lake of fire right now? Why wait until a thousand year period? Why wouldn't he do that?

Doug Batchelor: That's a good question.

Abe: To save humanity, [inaudible 00:50:47].

Doug Batchelor: Well, in the perspective of eternity, see before this terrible experiment with sin, God existed for eternity. After its resolve, He and the redeem will continue to exist for eternity. This six or seven thousand-year struggle is a very small period of time. But during this time, God is demonstrating forever to the whole universe what the results of rebellion are. Jesus compares it to a harvest, his return to a harvest. You don't harvest before things have ripened. Evidently, the Lord thinks that Satan still needs to demonstrate fully what the results are of his rebellion and sin, what it does to the world and the planet. When it's ripe, Christ is going to come and harvest the righteous and burn the chaff. Sometimes we can't understand, "Lord, why don't you get it over now?”, Why didn't you get it over with 5,000 years ago when Satan first rebelled?" He has to allow things to demonstrate themselves. There's a lesson that we'll send you for free. It's called Did God create the Devil? This question is in the lesson specifically. Did God create the Devil? It answers why he doesn't destroy him right away. Would you like a free copy of that?

Abe: Sure. Would I be able to get that off through your website?

Doug Batchelor: You can read it on the website or we'll send you a hard copy or both. It's up to you.

Abe: Website is great. What's your website again, please?

Dick David:

Abe: Okay. If I have time for one quick question. Would Satan have a chance to repent?

Doug Batchelor: Alright. Good question. He probably had his chance to repent. The bible talks about committing the unpardonable sin and we think that Satan committed that thousands of years ago. By the time he came to our world, he was beyond redemption. But he's committed the unpardonable sin. He has no more redeemable qualities in his nature and he can't repent. He's incapacitated. That circuit is completely fried.

Dick David: Not only that, the Bible says that he's going to raise up an army and march again at the end of the thousand years.

Doug Batchelor: Yes, tells us in prophecy that he just is fully bent on rebellion. Pride won't allow him to. Thanks for your call, Abe.

Dick David: Appreciate it, Abe. Let's go next Pastor Doug, to South Carolina and talk with Carrie who's listening on WBAJ. Hi, Carrie.

Carrie: Hi, Pastor Doug, Pastor Dick. How are you all doing tonight?

Doug Batchelor and Dick David: Good.

Carrie: I got a question about blood in the meat. I grew up eating unclean meat, beef, all that all my life. I gave up, I learned about porka year and a half so I gave that up.

Doug Batchelor: Pardon me. You said unclean meat, beef is not an unclean meat.

Carrie: No, I know beef is not but what I'm trying-You'll see when I get to my question why I’m saying it.

Doug Batchelor: Okay.

Carrie: Now, I'm getting convicted on eating blood in the meat. You know with beef?

Doug Batchelor: Yes.

Carrie: I understand, I've read a lot of passages in the Bible. I understand why it's a sin now. But, my question is how do you eat beef without blood in it?

Doug Batchelor: Well, if it's butchered in a Kosher way, then it is possible to get a beef that is butchered like that so that it's clean in that respect. But, it is true that the typical slaughterhouses in America don't slaughter even the clean animals in the Biblically prescribed way to remove all the blood. Most of it is removed because they drain it out and they dry it and use it for blood fertilizer and a bunch of other things. The danger is we already know from the news tells us on our weekly basis that a lot of diseases transmitted from animal to animal via animal products. There is a New Testament command, Carrie that says that Acts chapter 15:20 that we should not eat blood. Are you aware of that?

Carrie: Yes.

Doug Batchelor: Have you seen our lesson on this? We have a --

Carrie: No. I've read some lessons on about it that judge [unintelligible 00:54:55] wrote but it doesn't give you how you abstain from. It just says don't do it.

Doug Batchelor: Well, have you read our new lesson called God's Health Plan?

Carrie: Well, maybe I may not have read that.

Doug Batchelor: Yes, well that actually talks about --

Carrie: Unless that's in Amazing Facts series, one to 14. If it is, I've read it.

Doug Batchelor: Now if you're wanting to know how to, the lesson does not go in to how to butcher a cow.

Carrie: No, what I mean is --

Doug Batchelor: It does not talk about how to get the victory over those things. But, yes if you're buying food that is swimming with meat, swimming with blood, even if it’s clean meat the Bible says in couple places in the New Testament. Acts 15:20 and Acts 15:29 says abstain from blood in any animal.

Carrie: Okay. My question is if I buy it from a regular butcher if I put like saline water, salt water, something like that, would that do the trick?

Doug Batchelor: You really miss your beef, don't you?

Carrie: Well, it's going to be hard for me to give it up. You know what I mean.

Doug Batchelor: [Laughs]

Carrie: That's why I'm trying to find ways around it, if I can. If I can't then I guess I'd have to give it up.

Doug Batchelor: I used to have my own beef business, I actually did. I became a vegetarian before I really even knew these things.

Carrie: I just don't want to go to that point.

Doug Batchelor: Yes, I bet you don't. But you don't want me to tell you what I know. In any event, yes, you can of course soak it. In the Bible, if you sieve meat that gets all the blood out. There's lots of ways of doing that.

Carrie: One more thing about that, if you cook it fully, does that get the blood out, or is that just --

Doug Batchelor: Baking it doesn't get the blood out, boiling it generally does. I knew that was going to happen that's why I sounded like I was rushing, Carrie. I'm sorry. We've reached the end of our program. Carrie, ask that lesson God's Health Plan. It'll be a blessing to you. It talks about some of the things that sounds like you were curious about. Listening friend, this is a faith based ministry. Again, I always like to close with the heartfelt appeal that you would help us stay on the air if you've been blessed or edified by what you've heard during this program or other programs, we'd love to hear from you. You can also even send us a word of encouragement or donate to keep us on the line by going to the Amazing Facts website. You could remember the word amazing facts. Just type that in to Google, it'll take you to our website. Remember, the reason we're doing this is we want people to know who Jesus is. It's not about the details as much as knowing the person. Jesus Christ is the truth that will set you free. We will see you next week.

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