Into His Light

While sounds of laughter, fighting, and rock music mingled and throbbed through the crowded room, Leon collapsed onto a couch, drunk. But even through the mayhem, he heard something distinct, almost like a whisper: Follow Jesus.

“I think Jesus is talking to me!” he told his friends.

Laughing, one grabbed him by the neck and said, “We’re more Satan’s than anything!”

From an early age, Leon feared never-ending suffering for sinners—but he accepted it as his fate. By age 13, he’d become a drug addict. And at that raucous party, he chose to have satanic symbols tattooed on his back, hoping to “seal the deal with Satan.”

But God wasn’t ready to give up on Leon. And eventually, through your partnership with Amazing Facts, the Holy Spirit carried Leon through one of the darkest experiences of his life.

After Leon sobered up, he considered that whisper he’d heard. “Jesus,” he prayed, “I’m not sure why You’d want me, but if You open the door, I’ll walk through it.”

Today, Leon still gets choked up thinking about God’s profound response. He shares, “That very next day, doors opened for me to move out of that area.” Leon jumped at the chance to begin a new life.

Yet, over the years, Leon gradually slipped away from God. Eventually, he began cutting himself and even considered suicide. He tried prescription medications, but he soon turned to alcohol, cocaine, and eventually meth in an effort to self-medicate. “I was worse off than the first. I hadn’t given Jesus my all,” Leon confesses, but “Jesus never gave up on me.”

After a serious overdose, Leon reached out in desperation. “Forgive me, God,” he cried. Suddenly, he understood that if he’d just allow it, Jesus could displace the darkness in his heart.

“Yes, please!” Leon pleaded. “Take me whole, Jesus!” The next morning, he left for rehab. 

Detox was excruciating. Tormented by hallucinations and withdrawal symptoms, Leon felt surrounded by dark, satanic influences.

But then he noticed the Roku TV remote. Using it, he downloaded the Amazing Facts app. Overjoyed, he watched truth-filled programs every chance he could throughout rehab. “When I needed Him most, God came as an app,” Leon says. “Thank you, Amazing Facts, for holding my hand through the darkest times.”

And thank you, friend. Together, we can continue sharing God’s light with those trapped in darkness!

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