Placing Truth Into 50 Million Households!

November 2023

 From the Desk of Pastor Doug Batchelor

 URGENT! An exciting opportunity to place saving truth into 50 million households!

An Amazing Fact: Margaret Brown was a passenger on the RMS Titanic during its fateful voyage in April 1912. When the ship began to sink, she helped others into lifeboats before finally being persuaded to climb into the partially filled Lifeboat No. 6. After the Titanic dropped below the water’s surface, Margaret urged the lifeboat crew to go back and pick up survivors, but she was met with fierce opposition. Only after she threatened to throw the quartermaster overboard did they relent. For her steadfastness and courage, she became known as “The Unsinkable Molly Brown.”

 Would you risk your life to rescue someone from certain death? Our planet is like a damaged ship, the RMS Earth, and it is sinking fast. And right now, our fellow passengers—friends, family, neighbors—are perishing without hope in Christ.

 But God’s lifeboat has plenty of room! And you can rescue thousands sinking into an eternity without Jesus. When you give to the worldwide TV ministry of Amazing Facts, you are tossing lifebuoys to the shivering, outstretched hands of people who desperately need help.

Lives are saved for eternity when God’s last-day message is broadcast through satellite, cable, internet, and local TV. The devil hates seeing Bible truth rescue souls from the dark waters of sin, but just as with Molly Brown, we can’t ignore the pleading cries of the perishing. We must put forth every effort to find even one more person to save!

 No lifebuoy used by Amazing Facts is more powerful than television. Nearly 80 percent of Americans watch TV three hours a day. That’s why Amazing Facts TV exists. To save people! Jamie from Florida shares, “If it wasn’t for your television broadcasts, I don’t know where I’d be. Amazing Facts has changed my life forever!”

 And Valerie from Virginia joined God’s remnant church after watching an Amazing Facts evangelistic series on TV. She says, “Please continue to expand your television ministry because I know there are others out there like me who are seeking truth.”

 That’s exactly the purpose of my urgent letter today. God has opened the doors for a huge opportunity to save many more lives through a huge TV network. Let me tell you about this divine opening …

 Family Entertainment TV (FETV) is “a network featuring classic and inspirational programming the whole family can enjoy.” FETV focuses on viewers who want cleaner content and have higher moral standards. And it has a whopping 50 million subscribers through cable, satellite, and streaming platforms!

 In fact, FETV is one of the fastest-growing cable networks and happens to be number one in reaching women. And catch this: It’s also available on DirecTV, DISH, AT&T U-Verse, Verizon FIO, Comcast Xfinity, Spectrum, and many other outlets.

 Impressed with our message and quality, FETV offered to place Amazing Facts programs right in the middle of the top religious programs in America! So we jumped at the chance, stepping out in faith to lock in this incredible time slot right before Joyce Meyers.

 It’s a lifeboat to God’s people in Babylon, placing the three angels’ messages in front of masses of Jesus’ lost sheep! Yet, God’s message can only continue on this miraculous opening every weekday morning through your sacrificial and compassionate gifts. Will you please provide a lifeboat to bring many more souls into God’s kingdom?

 It costs $6,250 per week to share God’s last-day message with this new audience. Your generous gift of $100 will help more than 1,400 searching hearts receive a lifeline through television. A kind gift of $25 will provide lifesaving messages to 357 souls searching for truth. And a rescue boat-sized gift of $1,000 will help over 14,000 people hear God’s last-day truth and get into His lifeboat.

 Madison was excited to write and tell me she was getting baptized. It all started when she watched Amazing Facts on TV with her grandparents and “got hooked.” She also now supports the work that changed her life. Will you please join her?

 Always returning to save one more soul,

 Pastor Doug Batchelor

President, Amazing Facts International

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