Fence Posts

Scripture: Jeremiah 29:11
Date: 02/01/2016 
Do you ever wonder if you have a purpose in life? Even if you're looking for greener pastures, God can help you prosper where you are—and it just might be exactly where He wants you to be. Enjoy this inspiring, encouraging Amazing Facts of Faith with Pastor Doug Batchelor.
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Friends, one of the amazing things that you'll often find in the South Pacific islands, like here on Fiji, is the vye-vye plant. Now north America, if you want to build a fence, you got to get fence post and then you put the wooden fence post in the ground and then after years they're going to rot and break off unless they are specially treated. Here they've got this trees, the vye-vye tree. They can cut them right out of the woods, they'll take a stick, they stick it on the ground and because they have so much rain and precipitation, begins to sprout and it becomes a living fence post. It makes up its mind, that it's going to flourish wherever you stick it. Which is a good lesson for you and me. You might wonder sometimes, if you've got a purpose in life.

You might feel like you grow sporadically in every direction and then along comes this person who cuts you down and carries you off. He sticks you in the ground, but you look back and say, there was a plan. There was a purpose. God knows how to teach us how to prosper where he plants us. You might wonder why the Lord has put you where he has in life. You can put down roots and you can grow and you can serve a great purpose for God. It's like God says in Jeremiah Chapter 29, "I know the plans that I've got for you to give you a future." God has a purpose for your friends and he can help you to prosper and grow wherever you're planted.

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