Codex Sassoon: The Oldest, Most Complete Hebrew Bible Goes to Auction

March 27, 2023     
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Religious Excess During Coronavirus Pandemic

Posted on Mar 24, 2020  | 
Defying government restrictions—and sometimes proven laws of health—religious adherents are taking risks during the global coronavirus pandemic.

What’s Coming After Coronavirus?

Posted on Mar 17, 2020  | 
The current state of our world appears to sync up with last-day Bible prophecy. How do we prepare for what is coming?

Study: Faith Good for Health

Posted on Mar 10, 2020  | 
Having an active religious faith can be good for your health, a new study in Britain finds. But there’s much more to the Bible’s whole-health message!

Pope’s Illness Causes Panic as COVID-19 Virus Sweeps the Planet

Posted on Mar 03, 2020  | 
For at least three days, 83-year-old Pope Francis has canceled events and appearances due to illness at the same time the COVID-19 coronavirus has spread in Italy. How should believers approach the burgeoning crisis?

Is It Time to Buy a Doomsday Timeshare?

Posted on Feb 25, 2020  | 
A retired Army colonel is offering timeshare membership in a doomsday shelter for $1,000 per person. Is this how God wants us to prepare for the end of days?

Software Finds Murder Convict Innocent

Posted on Feb 18, 2020  | 
Advanced DNA testing opened the prison doors for a Houston man wrongfully convicted of murder. Is there a test to free a person from the eternal sentence of sin?

Are We Born Kind?

Posted on Feb 11, 2020  | 
New research claims that infants are naturally altruistic. But is it true—and what does the Bible say about the human condition?

Are Today’s Locust Swarms an End-Time Plague?

Posted on Feb 04, 2020  | 
A virulent plague of locusts threatens Africa’s food supply—and survival. Is this a biblical sign that the end is drawing near?

Getting a Second Chance?

Posted on Jan 28, 2020  | 
Ex-convicts can find meaningful jobs, good wages, and promotions at a firm in Cincinnati. But what about second chances for those of us with spiritual crimes?

Church to Older Members: “Stay Away, Please”

Posted on Jan 21, 2020  | 
A church in the St. Paul, Minnesota area, wants to “relaunch” with a young-adult focus and has asked longtime members to stay away for two years. Is this really a good idea?

The Great Royal 'Megxit'

Posted on Jan 14, 2020  | 
The British press and public have reacted strongly to the news that Prince Harry and Meghan, Duke and Duchess of Sussex, will “step back” from their royal duties. But this is far from the first time a royal family has split.

Second-Largest U.S. Denomination to Split Over Marriage, Sexuality

Posted on Jan 07, 2020  | 
The United Methodist Church will most likely cap forty years of squabbling over marriage and gay rights by allowing conservative congregations to leave. As more and more churches split, what is the future of the Protestant faith?

What Happens When Predictions Fall Short?

Posted on Dec 31, 2019  | 
Predictions made years ago claimed we’d be flying around with individual jetpacks and living past 100 years old by now. There are dozens of failed predictions, but are there ones on which you can always depend?

What Is Christmas About to You?

Posted on Dec 23, 2019  | 
Search Google News for Christmas Day stories, and you’ll find lists and more lists of what’s open for business on December 25. But does Christmas mean more to you than commercialism?

After 40 Years, Why Does the Star Wars Franchise Still Dominate Culture?

Posted on Dec 17, 2019  | 
With “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” set to open on Friday, this decades-long series of popular films stands apart—but is there more to the story?

Should Unbelieving Parents Lie About God?

Posted on Dec 10, 2019  | 
A recent Wall Street Journal article says parents who are unbelievers should lie about God to their children. Is this right?

Awaiting the Apocalypse

Posted on Dec 03, 2019  | 
The stunning discovery of a family locked away in a basement awaiting the end of the world drew global headlines. But should believers isolate themselves as the Day of the Lord approaches?

Are You Losing Your Religion?

Posted on Nov 25, 2019  | 
More and more Americans are skipping religious services for less organized versions of spirituality. What does this mean for this millennial generation—and for society?

Image of Moloch Displayed at Roman Colosseum

Posted on Nov 18, 2019  | 
A statue of a pagan deity, Moloch, will greet visitors to the Roman Colosseum for the next few months. Why are some so upset at this temporary display?

Will Kanye West Spark a Christian Revival?

Posted on Nov 12, 2019  | 
Rapper and celebrity Kanye West has announced that he’ll only sing gospel-themed songs from now on. His "Sunday Service" events have drawn thousands—but will his "Jesus Is King" album spark revival?

An Ancient King, Prophecy, and Modern Geopolitics

Posted on Nov 05, 2019  | 
Why does the story of a Persian emperor who died 2,500 years ago reverberate in modern geopolitics today? And what should Christians make of it?

The Town Where Spiritualism Lives

Posted on Oct 29, 2019  | 
This Halloween season, a small corner of southwestern New York State with a large spiritualist population has made the news. But what does the Bible say about the practice of spiritualism?

Record-setting Ouija Board Unveiled

Posted on Oct 22, 2019  | 
The “World’s Largest Ouija Board” is now on display in Salem, Massachusetts. But no matter how big or small, according to the Bible, it’s still a bad idea to try to contact spirits.

The Devil Went Down to Annapolis

Posted on Oct 14, 2019  | 
Midshipmen at the U.S. Naval Academy will soon have the chance to study Satanism. Is this merely the latest expression of religious diversity, or is something sinister going on?

Could You Forgive a Murderer?

Posted on Oct 07, 2019  | 
In a “hug seen around the world,” the brother of murder victim Botham Jean forgave and embraced the just-sentenced murderer. Why is this example so important?

Asking Plants to Forgive?

Posted on Sep 30, 2019  | 
Students at Union Theological Seminary recently prayed to a collection of plants, confessing to not honoring the plant’s existence. Is this a valid form of worship?

Is Everyone Going to Be Saved in the End?

Posted on Sep 23, 2019  | 
A respected theologian says that all people will receive eternal life in paradise. But is hell just a metaphor, as he claims, or is something else going on?

Famous Yale Scientist Evolves Past Darwinism

Posted on Sep 16, 2019  | 
Noted Yale University computer science professor David Gelernter was a confirmed Darwinist. Then he began to study the evidence closely. Now, he’s not so sure.

Can a Poor Diet Really Lead to Blindness?

Posted on Sep 09, 2019  | 
A fussy eater in Britain ate an extremely unhealthy diet and paid for it with his vision. It could have been avoided—both science and your Bible offer the answers.

Will AI Let Us Talk to Dead Loved Ones?

Posted on Sep 03, 2019  | 
Artificial intelligence will soon make it possible to access video recordings of dead relatives offering advice and comfort. Is this a good thing, or should Christians shy away?