The King Returns?

Last updated on Aug 14, 2018  |    ()
The sporting news reports that NBA star LeBron James is returning home to Cleveland to reclaim his “lost kingdom.” But let's not forget that another returning King is coming soon …

The Rapture: Blockbusting Religion

Last updated on Aug 14, 2018  |    ()
HBO has churned out a new TV series that seems to take its cue from the popular evangelical Christian notion of the rapture. But is this drama based in Bible truth … or on your entertainment dollars?

Pope Promotes Sunday

Last updated on Aug 14, 2018  |    ()
Pope Francis recently discouraged people from working on Sundays, speaking of the day as a traditional Christian holiday. Is this custom found in the Bible?

Forcing Faith

Last updated on Aug 14, 2018  |    ()
The U.S. Supreme Court recently ruled that some privately held companies can opt out of having to provide certain contraception coverage if it violates the religious beliefs of their ownership. But the Bible says that such faith-based liberties will eventually disappear in unexpected ways before the return of Christ ...

Dying for Your Faith

Last updated on Aug 14, 2018  |    ()
Meriam Ibrahim is a Sudanese Christian making headlines for recently being condemned to death for her faith. Would you be willing to die for your belief in Jesus?

Ancient Fable or Trustworthy Record?

Last updated on Aug 14, 2018  |    ()
In a recent Gallup poll, one in five Americans said they do not believe the Bible is the Word of God. But even among those who do believe it to be inspired, there is great division about how inspiration actually works. So what does the Bible say?

No Time for Fear

Last updated on Aug 14, 2018  |    ()
Before Jesus comes again, many will be living in constant fear. But because they know Jesus and that their salvation has already been won, some will boldly step into the carnage to stop the violence.

A Terrorist Released?

Last updated on Aug 14, 2018  |    ()
The swap of five high-profile Taliban prisoners for a U.S. soldier has created heated debate over the wisdom of the government’s move. But did you know God once released a rebel of much greater proportions that also raised serious questions about His government?

Red Flags of Danger

Last updated on Aug 22, 2018  |    ()
When Elliot Rodger’s mother learned that her son was threatening to kill people, she immediately alerted the police and rushed to Santa Barbara to intervene. By the time she and her ex-husband arrived, however, it was too late. Will God ever intervene on this planet before time runs out?

Sin in the Name of Christ

Last updated on Aug 22, 2018  |    ()
A cult leader from Minnesota has been charged with abusing girls, calling them the “brides of Christ” and saying that he is “Christ in the flesh.” But Jesus warned us about end-time deceivers who will come in His name.

Mass Deception

Last updated on Aug 22, 2018  |    ()
A student group at Harvard University attempted to host a “satanic black mass” as a way to study different religions. Are these innocent cultural experiences to enlighten minds, or do they bring darkness and confusion?

Lawlessness Abounds

Last updated on Aug 22, 2018  |    ()
More than 200 girls have been kidnapped from an all-girls secondary school in northeast Nigeria by the Islamist militant group Boko Haram. The abduction and other violent acts of this terrorist group remind us we live in perilous times.

Finger of God?

Last updated on Aug 22, 2018  |    ()
An escalating outbreak of the deadly MERS virus is causing more deaths and creating fear of a global pandemic. Is God to blame for spreading fatal diseases?

Blood Moon or Red Ruse?

Last updated on Aug 22, 2018  |    ()
It’s been called a rare celestial event that signals the onset of apocalyptic events to occur in the literal nation of Israel. How are we to understand Jesus’ end-time predictions about the heavens?

Is Heaven for Real?

Last updated on Sep 20, 2018  |    ()
Is there really a heaven? Absolutely. So where do we find trustworthy facts about this place? A new movie this week, "Heaven Is for Real," makes staggering claims about heaven and people who die. How does it compare with the Bible?

Hot Planet

Last updated on Aug 22, 2018  |    ()
The heated debate surrounding global warming and its consequences is still generating lots of angst and controversy, creating a boiling point of tension everywhere you look—from news media outlets to comment boards across the Internet. But what does the Bible say about global disasters coming to our planet?

Whispers of War

Last updated on Aug 22, 2018  |    ()
The troubling Crimean crisis continues to loom in the headlines. Will this international predicament between Russia and the Ukraine escalate into a battle of biblical proportions?

Noah: A Story of Warning, Not Amusement

Last updated on Aug 22, 2018  |    ()
The new release of the major Hollywood film Noah is creating a deluge of reactions both inside and outside the Christian community. Some religious leaders are praising the $160 million biblical epic, but does this film accurately portray the message of Scripture?

Tragedy in Oso

Last updated on Aug 22, 2018  |    ()
“It’s much worse than everyone’s been saying,” said one firefighter about the massive mudslide in Washington State, which might have killed more than 100 people. “Entire neighborhoods are just gone.”

Spiritual Formation: A Self-Centered Spiritualism?

Last updated on Aug 22, 2018  |    ()
Twenty years ago, many Christians would not have raised an eyebrow over the term "spiritual formation," but today there is a lot of passionate discussion about how this philosophy and practice are infiltrating our churches. Should Christians be involved with spiritual formation and contemplative prayer?

Five Ways to Battle the Blues

Last updated on Aug 22, 2018  |    ()
Life is stressful, and everyone eventually gets hit by challenges that can knock them off their feet. But when your feelings stay low, day after day, getting in the way of normal, everyday life, you might be battling depression. What can you do?

Does Pope’s Message Fulfill Prophecy?

Last updated on Sep 27, 2018  |    ()
A recent video from Pope Francis appealing for unity with Protestants in America has gone viral. Many are asking, "Is this a fulfillment of Bible prophecy?" Click here for a special message from Pastor Doug Batchelor, which includes a link to his special video message directly addressing this event.

A Solemn Choice

Last updated on Aug 22, 2018  |    ()
Baptism can be an extremely emotional experience for a new Christian—one of joy and one of deep reflection. But how far should a church go to encourage baptism? The commitment to follow Jesus Christ is not something to be taken lightly. It is a covenant to be made with careful preparation.

The Strongest Evidence

Last updated on Aug 22, 2018  |    ()
From the headlines! Does handling a poisonous snake prove that you are anointed of God? The Bible seems to indicate that some people will be able to take up serpents and not be harmed. Is that what Mark 16:18 really teaches?

The Water Crisis

Last updated on Aug 22, 2018  |    ()
It’s the driest year on record for California. The lack of water is not only diminishing crops, it's also impacting weather, destroying habitats, reducing electricity production, increasing wildfires, and creating political unrest. What can we learn from it and does it have any significance in the last days?

A Sinking Ship?

Last updated on Aug 22, 2018  |    ()
With a new Hollywood film about Noah's ark just around the corner, the Genesis Flood story has stormed back into the public's consciousness—and now one researcher claims that a recently discovered ancient cuneiform tablet provides a prototype of Noah’s ark. Is this story truly “the most important human document ever discovered”?

The Dangerous Games

Last updated on May 18, 2015  |    ()
The 2014 Winter Olympics are about to begin. Threats of terrorism are making people ask, “Should I go?” Christians have wrestled with a similar question since Christ first said, “Go into all the world…”

Marijuana: Legal Folly

Last updated on Aug 22, 2018  |    ()
Its possession can lead to confiscation and fines in many places. A positive drug test might end your job. In a few countries, you could get thrown in prison for life or even executed. But even if it is legalized for recreational use, should Christians use marijuana?

God’s Design for Families

Last updated on Aug 22, 2018  |    ()
A new study suggests that watching MTV might reduce the number of teen pregnancies. But do we really need to watch pop culture television to be convicted of God’s design? The Lord wants couples to live in secure relationships that provide children with a chance for a healthy life. He’s even outlined His plan for us in His Word!

7 Tips for Keeping Your New Year’s Resolutions

Last updated on Aug 22, 2018  |    ()
“New Year’s resolutions are a complete waste of time! Most people make them and break them the same week. I’ve quit making silly promises.” Have you ever heard sentiments like these? Should we ever make pledges? How do we choose and meet goals? Here are seven tips to sharpen your New Year’s resolutions.