The 2024 Amazing Facts Youth Conference Draws Record Crowd!

June 20, 2024     
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Are You Losing Your Religion?

Posted on Nov 25, 2019  | 
More and more Americans are skipping religious services for less organized versions of spirituality. What does this mean for this millennial generation—and for society?

Image of Moloch Displayed at Roman Colosseum

Posted on Nov 18, 2019  | 
A statue of a pagan deity, Moloch, will greet visitors to the Roman Colosseum for the next few months. Why are some so upset at this temporary display?

Will Kanye West Spark a Christian Revival?

Posted on Nov 12, 2019  | 
Rapper and celebrity Kanye West has announced that he’ll only sing gospel-themed songs from now on. His "Sunday Service" events have drawn thousands—but will his "Jesus Is King" album spark revival?

An Ancient King, Prophecy, and Modern Geopolitics

Posted on Nov 05, 2019  | 
Why does the story of a Persian emperor who died 2,500 years ago reverberate in modern geopolitics today? And what should Christians make of it?

The Town Where Spiritualism Lives

Posted on Oct 29, 2019  | 
This Halloween season, a small corner of southwestern New York State with a large spiritualist population has made the news. But what does the Bible say about the practice of spiritualism?

Record-setting Ouija Board Unveiled

Posted on Oct 22, 2019  | 
The “World’s Largest Ouija Board” is now on display in Salem, Massachusetts. But no matter how big or small, according to the Bible, it’s still a bad idea to try to contact spirits.

The Devil Went Down to Annapolis

Posted on Oct 14, 2019  | 
Midshipmen at the U.S. Naval Academy will soon have the chance to study Satanism. Is this merely the latest expression of religious diversity, or is something sinister going on?

Could You Forgive a Murderer?

Posted on Oct 07, 2019  | 
In a “hug seen around the world,” the brother of murder victim Botham Jean forgave and embraced the just-sentenced murderer. Why is this example so important?

Asking Plants to Forgive?

Posted on Sep 30, 2019  | 
Students at Union Theological Seminary recently prayed to a collection of plants, confessing to not honoring the plant’s existence. Is this a valid form of worship?

Is Everyone Going to Be Saved in the End?

Posted on Sep 23, 2019  | 
A respected theologian says that all people will receive eternal life in paradise. But is hell just a metaphor, as he claims, or is something else going on?

Famous Yale Scientist Evolves Past Darwinism

Posted on Sep 16, 2019  | 
Noted Yale University computer science professor David Gelernter was a confirmed Darwinist. Then he began to study the evidence closely. Now, he’s not so sure.

Can a Poor Diet Really Lead to Blindness?

Posted on Sep 09, 2019  | 
A fussy eater in Britain ate an extremely unhealthy diet and paid for it with his vision. It could have been avoided—both science and your Bible offer the answers.

Will AI Let Us Talk to Dead Loved Ones?

Posted on Sep 03, 2019  | 
Artificial intelligence will soon make it possible to access video recordings of dead relatives offering advice and comfort. Is this a good thing, or should Christians shy away?

Did America’s President Claim He’s the Messiah?

Posted on Aug 26, 2019  | 
World headlines exploded last week when President Trump appeared to suggest that he was “the chosen one,” a phrase often used in reference to the Messiah. Did he actually say that—and what does the Bible say about America in the end times?

When Famous Christians Fall Away

Posted on Aug 19, 2019  | 
A world media indifferent to those finding faith are all too happy to celebrate those losing their religion. How can we guard our hearts, and how should believers react?

Pope Francis Issues Call for United Europe

Posted on Aug 12, 2019  | 
Pope Francis has recently addressed European politics and the rise of nationalism. What does it mean—and what does your Bible say about it?

Does the Bible Condone Racism?

Posted on Aug 07, 2019  | 
Some have accused the Bible’s text of promoting or condoning racism. Nothing could be further from the truth! Christians, especially, have an obligation to model God’s love for all people, regardless of race or creed.

After the Carnage, What’s the Answer?

Posted on Aug 05, 2019  | 
Horrific mass shootings in Ohio and Texas have rocked the United States. What’s behind the violence? And does God’s Word offer any answers?

Take God’s Name in Vain, Get Fined?

Posted on Jul 29, 2019  | 
A town in Italy will soon begin fining those who curse or blaspheme in public. The goal is admirable: Increase civility in a culture of ever-increasing coarseness. But is this the best way to go about it?

An Entire Country Has Been Hacked—and So Have You

Posted on Jul 22, 2019  | 
The personal information of five million adults in Bulgaria—a country of only 7 million—has been hacked by data thieves. Naturally, folks there are upset. But your Bible tells of a more dangerous “hack” that happened thousands of years ago …

A Flying Exorcism for a Violence-Plagued City

Posted on Jul 15, 2019  | 
Facing a rising tide of violence and mayhem, a local bishop will helicopter over Buenaventura, Colombia, in an attempt to exorcise the demons in that city. Is this what God has in mind when a community finds itself in serious trouble?

A Yogurt Maker Goes Vegan?

Posted on Jul 08, 2019  | 
A global maker of dairy-based products spent $10 billion to start offering vegan-friendly foods. Why did they do this? And did you know there is a Bible basis for a “green” diet?

Has a Computer Pinpointed When the World Will End?

Posted on Jul 01, 2019  | 
Has an 18th-century equation calculated the end of the world? Some scientists think so, but there just might be a “more sure word” about what is going to happen...

Killing Time?

Posted on Jun 24, 2019  | 
Would you like to dwell in endless summer? The people of Sommarøy Island in Norway want to do just that—and eliminate their participation in 24-hour days. Does this appeal to you, and what does it mean to value time properly? God’s Word has some surprising answers.

The Working Witches of Los Angeles

Posted on Jun 17, 2019  | 
They may sound like motivational coaches, but the “working witches” of Los Angeles rely on occult practices to “help” their clients. Is this the right way to find out what your future holds?

Pope Decrees Change in Lord’s Prayer—What’s Next?

Posted on Jun 10, 2019  | 
World headlines erupted when Pope Francis approved a change to the Italian Catholic liturgy that “rewrote” the Lord’s Prayer. But are more important changes to come?

When an Atheist Is Not an Atheist

Posted on Jun 03, 2019  | 
In a recent six-nation survey, a surprising percentage of atheists and agnostics identified themselves as Christians. What does this mean for the gospel in these end-times?

Atlanta Church Hires Psychic as Licensed Minister

Posted on May 28, 2019  | 
A church in Atlanta has "licensed" a self-proclaimed psychic medium as a minister. Is this something that God wants for His people?

Face Tattoos Have Become an Increasingly Expensive Regret

Posted on May 20, 2019  | 
Nearly a quarter of those with tattoos later end up regretting having them. While it's expensive and often painful to have them removed, many are choosing to do just that. What lessons can we learn from their experiences?

Do Your Politics Determine How You Interpret the Bible?

Posted on May 13, 2019  | 
Many of us were taught not to discuss politics and religion in polite company, but is there a connection between how people view the Bible and their politics? One new survey says yes.