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Back to Jerusalem
Featured Storacle:

Back to Jerusalem

The disciples of Jesus were completely devastated. All of their hopes and dreams for the new kingdom of God had been nailed to a cross the previous Friday. Reeling with grief and confusion, Cleopas and his companion slowly made the seven-mile trip from Jerusalem down to their home in the little town of Emmaus. As the sun was setting that Sunday afternoon and they trod their way down the bum...

Storacles of Prophecy - English

You're in for the ride of your life! This mind-blowing Bible study on the Daniel 2 image takes you from the greatest ancient empire right to the world's end.
Learn Bible study techniques for fruitful results in your time with the Word.
Build your faith by learning the manner of Christ’s return to earth.
A prince’s rebellion helps us learn about the origin of evil and the devil.
Abraham’s call to sacrifice Isaac foretold Christ’s gift for everyone.
God’s law is eternal, offering blessings to those who live by its precepts.
As slaves in Egypt, the Israelites were forced to labor nonstop, making bricks without straw. Discover the eye-opening truth behind the Bible's day of rest.
Learn about the nature of heaven, the kingdom to come, from Revelation.
Did the witch of Endor in the Bible really bring a dead man back to life? Learn the mind-boggling truth about one of the biggest lies the devil has ever told.
Discern truth from error regarding the total destruction of sin, called hellfire.
Baptism is the Bible’s key to living a new life with Jesus as Lord.
The 1,000 years of Revelation and what happens after Christ returns.
Learn how to stand without fear in the days of persecution to come.
What is the Mark of Cain and how did he get it? Did God mark him and if so, why? Is the Mark of Cain the same thing as the Mark of the Beast?
The sanctuary reveals much about Christ’s ministry in heaven and on earth.
Learn what the cleansing of the heavenly sanctuary means in Daniel 8 and 9.
Revelation 12 reveals a church holding to God’s truths just before Jesus comes.
God promises to open "the windows of heaven" to those faithful in tithing (Malachi 3:10). Learn why tithing is such a big deal in this easy, fill-in study.
The Bible reveals the identity of the woman Babylon and her harlot daughters.
The Bible’s health principles can help you live longer and healthier.
Learn how God’s people are able to live distinctly from the world.
Identify true and false prophets by following the Bible’s test methods.
People spend hundreds of dollars on perfume. But there is a jar of oil so precious that it's priceless. Find out all about it in this electrifying Bible study.
God equips His people to live above society’s pressures and expectations.