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Media dealing with Covenants


Christ and Religious Tradition

Christ and His Law Video "This week's lesson investigates the religious traditions upon which the scribes and Phari...

Rags, Mold and Patches

Everlasting Gospel Video This sermon discusses the treaty Joshua made with the Gibeonites who deceived them. They w...

The Covenant

Jeremiah Video "The salvation God provides is a gift, unmerited and undeserved, and the human response to...

The New Covenant: A Better Promise

Everlasting Gospel Video This sermon focuses on the biblical term "covenant". There are many covenants throughout S...

The Priority of the Promise

The Gospel in Galatians Video The law was "added" at Sinai to demonstrate the exceeding sinfulness of Israel and all man...

The Two Covenants

The Gospel in Galatians Video A careful look at Paul's argument about the covenant promise of Isaac and its fulfillment ...

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