An Unstoppable Force: Advancing the Gospel with Power

Posted on Nov 01, 2021  |    ()
Once Buddhists, Li and her husband found Amazing Facts online in China, which eventually led them to begin Bible studies in their town. Now they are preparing several neighbors for baptism! That’s just a few among thousands of precious souls around the globe that you can help when you support the unstoppable, exponential, global gospel work of Amazing Facts. Thank you!

The Hope that Never Dies: Rescuing the Drifters

Posted on Sep 30, 2021  |    ()
Amanda had drifted far from God. But when her boyfriend asked her questions about her faith, she turned to Amazing Facts. Thanks to you, she found solid answers through Bible Answers Live, Everlasting Gospel, and our websites—and she fell in love with Jesus again! Your gift today will bolster all of our media outlets of truth and bring many more drifters and seekers like Amanda into God’s kingdom. Thank you for caring!

Panorama of Prophecy: Opening Eyes to God’s Truth!

Posted on Sep 01, 2021  |    ()
Stephanie was told that she was too young and naïve to understand the Bible. But after she attended an Amazing Facts evangelistic series—made possible by supporters like you—her eyes were opened and her life changed forever. You can open more eyes and hearts when you support our new global evangelistic series Panorama of Prophecy, advancing God’s truth around the world. Thank you for helping people see the way to the Promised Land!

Standing Boldly Against Idolatry! Exposing Last-Day Deceptions

Posted on Aug 04, 2021  |    ()
Jane was seduced by a counterfeit Christianity and taught to pray to dead, lifeless statues. Thankfully, dedicated Amazing Facts friends sent gifts that brought eye-opening Bible truth to her. You can free thousands more from the deceptions of false religions by supporting Amazing Facts, a multimedia ministry that stands on the Word of God and calls people out of Babylon while there is still time. Thank you!

Amazing Facts Makes History (On the History Channel)

Posted on Jul 20, 2021  |    ()
You can make history by putting Amazing Facts on History! We’ve been given the rare opportunity to broadcast five days a week, Monday through Friday, on one of America’s most popular networks, enabling us to place multiple evangelistic messages before a brand-new audience and helping prepare more lives for the final pages of earth’s history. Please be generous for the sake of others. Thank you!

URGENT! India, Country in Crisis

Posted on Jun 22, 2021  |    ()
India is facing a crisis unlike any other. Millions are without health care, food, jobs, and shelter. You can be Jesus’ hands and feet now by sending a gift to provide for both the practical and spiritual needs of our friends in India, while also supporting our regular outreach. Please help today!

Earth’s Final Warning: Flee to Higher Ground!

Posted on May 28, 2021  |    ()
Cary was about to be swallowed up by a tsunami of sin, but through loving gifts to Amazing Facts, he heard the warning and fled to higher ground. You can send God’s last warning to a perishing world when you support the creation of our new sharing magazine about the three angels’ messages, Earth’s final and most important warning before Christ comes. We cannot wait any longer—time is slipping away. Will you help print and share this lifesaving resource? Thank you!

Throwing Out a Lifeline of Salvation

Posted on May 13, 2021  |    ()
Michael nearly lost his life from a drug overdose. But then he found an Amazing Facts prophecy series—a lifeline that drew him from the hopeless dark waters of sin. Will you help rescue more souls like Michael by generously supporting our new evangelistic series this fall? You will also help to ensure our diverse ministry programs can continue. Thank you for partnering with us in this lifesaving work!

Last-Minute Decisions Change Lives Forever!

Posted on Apr 30, 2021  |    ()
Amanda wrestled with huge Bible questions and was struggling spiritually. Then she pushed a button on her remote and was immersed in God’s truth through Amazing Facts. That split-second decision transformed her life for eternity! Today, we have a new last-minute opportunity to expand our reach to 70 million more U.S. households through UPtv. Will you please send an urgently needed gift now to put life-changing truth on this new channel? Thank you!

Sounding the Alarm of Armageddon’s Approach!

Posted on Apr 01, 2021  |    ()
The Final Events of Bible Prophecy DVD has been seen by millions worldwide—and it has changed countless lives for God’s kingdom. But it’s long overdue for an update. Now, Amazing Facts will utilize new technology to refresh this soul-winning resource to grab the attention of today’s visually oriented audiences. This giant undertaking needs partners like you who believe in getting God’s final message of warning to the world. Please join us—your sacrificial gift today will also be matched, doubling the impact!

Rescued from Above!

Posted on Feb 26, 2021  |    ()
The pandemic has dramatically increased depression and anxiety in America. Growing numbers of lonely souls are thinking of taking their own lives. But you can send them a lifeline of truth that will help turn them to Jesus, who promises new life. Please send a gift today to bring light and hope to many who see nothing but darkness in their future. Your gift will truly rescue many from eternal death!

The Agenda of the Beast Advances While the World Sleeps

Posted on Jan 29, 2021  |    ()
Bible prophecy tells us that the apostate church will seek to unite the world and carry out an agenda opposed to God’s commandments. Will you stand up and boldly proclaim what the Scriptures teach about the antichrist power? Prophecy is being fulfilled before our eyes! Will you please send your gift today and share this urgent message with the world?

A Broadcast, a Battle, and a Breakthrough

Posted on Jan 07, 2021  |    ()
The Bible Answers Live radio program reaches thousands of listeners worldwide each week, answering their vital Bible questions. Now it’s time to reach a new visual generation by putting Bible Answers Live on TV. Expanding into this new format will greatly enlarge the audience and lead more souls to the kingdom. Will you give a Bible answer to a seeking heart by giving a gift today?

The Brightest Work... in the Darkest Times

Posted on Dec 11, 2020  |    ()
A global pandemic. Economic gyrations. Sixteen U.S. natural disasters. Bitter political division. Violent social unrest. Yes—the year 2020 has certainly been a trying one. But through your support, the light of God’s truth has continued to shine bright.

A Sudden Surge of Sunday Surfers

Posted on Dec 01, 2020  |    ()
Rita’s beliefs about God and hell frightened her, until she found the truth through Amazing Facts International broadcasts. Now, you can reach a potential audience of over 100 million homes by supporting our Sunday morning timeslot on ION TV—one of the largest networks in America. Please lift up Christ and draw more people to the Savior by supporting this exceptional soul-winning opportunity. (And don’t miss the exciting chance to have your impact doubled through a matching gift!)

Sending the Gospel Global

Posted on Oct 29, 2020  |    ()
People speak in many different languages around the world. In order to reach more souls with God’s last-day messages, we must translate truth into tongues they can understand. There’s an urgent need to focus on the most-spoken languages—like Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, Hindi, and more. Please support the worldwide evangelism translation work of Amazing Facts and see your gifts travel around the globe!

Terrified of Hellfire

Posted on Oct 15, 2020  |    ()
The twisted doctrine of an eternally burning hellfire has driven millions away from God and toward atheism. But through your loving gifts, you can publish what the Bible really says about hell and God’s rescue plan to save people from eternal destruction. You will bring peace to terrified hearts when you print and distribute the truth about hell!

Light Penetrating Prison Walls

Posted on Oct 01, 2020  |    ()
The pandemic has kept visitors and families from seeing prisoners. Suicide rates have skyrocketed among inmates. But you can penetrate prison walls with the light of truth through a loving gift to Amazing Facts. Your dollars bring encouraging words and life-changing resources to thousands of hopeless hearts. Please send light into these dark places today!

Perfect Timing to Invest in Evangelism

Posted on Sep 01, 2020  |    ()
World events have made it the perfect time for evangelism. Hearts are open like never before; the opportunity has never been greater to share God’s last-day message with millions who are wondering what the Bible says about the crises affecting the entire globe. Please help Amazing Facts send invitations to those searching hearts today!

New Faith Rising from the Ashes of Atheism

Posted on Jul 31, 2020  |    ()
There is a famine of God’s truth in Europe. You can broadcast Amazing Facts on GOD TV, a channel that reaches the UK and many other parts of Europe, Africa, India, and beyond. It’s a time-sensitive opportunity, so act now and bring Bible truth to millions!

Speeding the Message of Truth

Posted on Jul 01, 2020  |    ()
Your gifts to support Amazing Facts’ Internet ministry is restoring faith to thousands and renewing relationships with Jesus. In this fast-changing world, we must keep using every means possible to make God’s message sharp and clear for more people everywhere.