The Deepest Pain—and Greatest Joy!

Posted on Apr 30, 2019  |    ()
Go on a search and rescue mission to reach God’s children around the world through a brand-new evangelistic video series for kids ages 8 through 12. God opened an amazing door to film this new kids program in June, and through you and your love for God’s children, we will reach thousands of kids—in multiple languages. These new messages will introduce children to Jesus and prepare them for baptism. Your support today helps lost lambs of all ages know about Christ’s soon return. Thank you for caring!

Unique opportunity to bring ‘Kingdoms in Time’ to a much wider Audience!

Posted on Mar 28, 2019  |    ()
When a woman who hadn’t been to church in years watched our new Kingdoms in Time documentary on Bible prophecy, she showed up in church the next Sabbath! Your gifts are changing lives, and now you have the opportunity to bring this powerful presentation to millions more on major TV networks. But we must act fast before losing these exceptional timeslots. Please give your gift today to lift up Bible prophecy up!

Empowering Superheroes for God

Posted on Mar 01, 2019  |    ()
Daniel grew up watching superheroes on TV, but when he later gave his life to Christ, he became a superhero for God as an evangelist. You can help equip others like Daniel by supporting a brand new project that will provide evangelistic slides and notes for anyone to preach and share God’s last-day truths. Through your gifts, you will create professional presentations that can be adapted in any language and used anywhere in the world. Thank you for helping Daniel become a superhero for God … and, through you, let’s raise up an army of superheroes for the Lord!

Light Blazing from the Heavens

Posted on Feb 01, 2019  |    ()
Mikael spiraled down into a life of addictions. But through Amazing Facts TV, he saw truth blazing from heaven. Your gifts to satellite evangelism bring messages of hope that will prepare souls for the soon coming of Jesus. Through your support, we can transmit God’s truth into more than 2.7 billion homes around the world every day. Amazing Facts TV broadcasts 24/7 on satellite, online, and our mobile app. Bring life-changing truth to people like Mikael by pointing their hearts to heavenly messages from above!

Finding the Needle of Truth in a Haystack of Lies

Posted on Jan 11, 2019  |    ()
Nicole was utterly trapped in the worldly entertainment business, feeling empty and lonely. But when she turned to the Internet in search of God’s salvation and His true church, she found the needle of truth in the haystack of Satan’s lies—all because supporters like you made it possible! Today, you can help Amazing Facts continue to expand web evangelism, including overhauling and upgrading our Bible School website, to lead thousands more out of the darkness and into the light of God’s glory.

A Population & Evangelism Explosion

Posted on Dec 18, 2018  |    ()
Your vital gifts sent shockwaves of truth around the globe in 2018. Learn how you can reach the world with God’s last-day message as we wrap up an explosive year of evangelistic work and move forward into 2019!

Shining a Beacon of Truth in a Dark Land

Posted on Dec 03, 2018  |    ()
God is opening doors to reclaim His people in a land that once burned Bibles in the streets. The war in Europe against God’s truth—especially in France—has suffocated the church in a predominately secular culture. But through your gifts, God can change people’s lives in these spiritually dark lands … lives like Cyril’s, a young engineer from Nigeria. You can help provide Storacles of Prophecy lessons for upcoming evangelistic meetings in Paris (where Cyril now lives), in preparation for a special series being held by Pastor Doug this spring. Become the hands and feet of Christ through your gift today and offer heaven’s light to thousands who know nothing about our soon coming Savior!.

From Criminal to Christian

Posted on Nov 01, 2018  |    ()
Discover the joy of being used by God to reach searching souls like Dennis, a former drug dealer who received a free Final Events DVD. It not only led to his baptism, but, because of your support, God is now using him as a literature evangelist to help others earnestly searching for answers. Experience the joy of helping seekers find an everlasting relationship with Jesus when you give a gift today!

URGENT! From the Desk of Pastor Doug Batchelor

Posted on Oct 15, 2018  |    ()
There are millions of precious Iranians—and many more in the Middle East—who are searching for answers. You can help send God’s Word to these eager listeners who want to hear from the outside world and who need the gospel in their own tongue! You can send them hope through a Farsi-language satellite channel, broadcasting Amazing Facts to Iran and beyond. Send out God’s truth through your gift today.

Antichrist in the Temple

Posted on Oct 01, 2018  |    ()
Nadine was confused by conflicting doctrines about an earthly temple, but your gifts to Amazing Facts directed her to the “more perfect tabernacle not made with Hands” (Hebrews 9:11). She found freedom in obedience and Jesus’ grace in the message of the heavenly sanctuary. You can direct more eyes heavenward through your support of a new, colorful sharing magazine about the sanctuary that will help thousands see Christ, our loving High Priest who ever lives to save people.

Freeing Captives from the Devil’s Darkness

Posted on Sep 04, 2018  |    ()
Annette was trapped in the false teaching that God eternally burns sinners in hell, but your gifts to Amazing Facts helped set her free from the devil’s deceptions. You can now lead thousands more searching souls to the light of truth through your support of the Internet evangelistic work of Amazing Facts. You will free and empower more souls, like Annette, to stop believing Satan’s propaganda and discover God’s deep love for the lost.

Four Minutes that Changed Everything

Posted on Aug 02, 2018  |    ()
Ronnie was deeply concerned and confused that she couldn’t harmonize most of her church’s beliefs with what she read in her Bible. Then she and her husband Steve caught just four minutes of Amazing Facts on TV—and everything changed!

Heartache and Hope in the Holy Land

Posted on Jul 02, 2018  |    ()
Both hope and heartbreak mingled within me as I stood near the birthplace of the Messiah. Heartbreak because most souls in the Holy Land, Jews and Muslims, are clueless that Jesus is their true Messiah. Yet, because of you, hope shines through the heartache as some who watch our programs in Israel are accepting Jesus. Your gifts turn heartache into hope for thousands.

Abandoned at Two: Discovering the Source of Living Water

Posted on Jun 01, 2018  |    ()
Victor from Uganda was searching for answers in all the wrong places, but through your gifts to Amazing Facts, he was led to the Source of Living Water. You can help millions of thirsty souls find God’s last-day truth when you support the worldwide evangelistic work of Amazing Facts. You will lead people, like Victor, to stop drinking from the polluted waters of this world and receive the quenching messages of heaven!

Proclaiming the WORD to the WORLD with Wonderful POWER!

Posted on May 15, 2018  |    ()
Now is the time to turn up the volume and amplify God’s love and His final judgment to the world. However, the continuation of this life-saving work is now being limited due to our inadequate 50-year-old building, which is stifling our evangelism efforts and opportunities to make an even bigger impact for Christ.

Saving People Dying in the Dumpster

Posted on May 01, 2018  |    ()
One of the saddest realities today is the rapid erosion of moral values driven by almost every facet of media. There is a landslide of trash—scandalous news, ads, and entertainment saturated with sexual immorality, violence, and profanity—burying millions who are oblivious to their danger. How can we stay silent when God’s truth is being adulterated and souls are dying?

AFCOE Online — An Evangelism Explosion!

Posted on Mar 30, 2018  |    ()
Just imagine if every believer in the world could get effective discipleship training—regardless of their language or location! That’s why I’m excited about our bold new e-course, Amazing Disciples, an online training program that connects the passionate people of God to our expert Bible teachers—and will lead to thousands of baptisms before Jesus returns.

From the Desk of Pastor Doug Batchelor

Posted on Mar 01, 2018  |    ()
Amazing Facts has been unexpectedly called to preach the last-day message in Africa. And with your help, many souls will be won for the kingdom!

Confronting the Greatest Mission Challenge

Posted on Feb 01, 2018  |    ()
Did you know that one in five people on earth lives in India? And hundreds of millions of her people have been deceived by the devil. But God is opening doors for Amazing Facts to teach them about Jesus and His soon return. Please join us!

Proclaiming the Final Events of Prophecy

Posted on Jan 10, 2018  |    ()
Many sincere people have been mesmerized by myths about Bible prophecy. Satan is preparing them to accept his terrible counterfeit. Together, we can help them understand the truth about the final events of prophecy so they can receive freedom and peace in Christ.

Early Warnings That Save

Posted on Dec 15, 2017  |    ()
Thousands of lives are saved each year because of weather satellites. These “eyes in the skies” provide several days of warning and help people find shelter. By helping to proclaim the prophecies in God’s Word—accurate forecasts for what is soon to come upon the world—you can help thousands find shelter in Christ.

Reaching 1 Out of 5—A Bold Vision for China

Posted on Dec 02, 2017  |    ()
The gospel is desperately needed in the land of the Red Dragon! Only three percent of her 1.4 billion citizens claim the name of Christ—so there are still multiple millions of lost souls who don’t know that Jesus gave His life for them.

New Sight for Blind Eyes

Posted on Nov 03, 2017  |    ()
Here’s an amazing fact: Because of your generosity, more than four million people view our television programs each month in North America alone. And many millions more are still searching for biblical truth and solid answers.

Creating An Explosion of Truth

Posted on Oct 17, 2017  |    ()
Hundreds of thousands of predominately Muslim people in Indonesia have never heard about Jesus—because the church desperately lacks trained Bible workers. You can help create an explosion of truth and change their lives forever!

The High Cost of Redemption

Posted on Oct 02, 2017  |    ()
God once used Martin Luther to start a reformation that rescued millions of souls held hostage by Satan. Sadly, it is now threatening to fade away as the foundational teachings of Scripture are being buried again.

Fighting Fake News With the Good News!

Posted on Sep 01, 2017  |    ()
Have you noticed that "fake news" has become a big problem in our world? Well, the spiritual realm is no exception. Jesus said the truth will set people free—and God is using you to deliver tens of thousands from the devil’s fake news.

Freeing Souls Stuck in Babylon

Posted on Aug 01, 2017  |    ()
Millions are still standing hip-deep in sin, stuck in the mire of worldliness and confusion. But I have personally seen thousands, like Kim, who’ve been rescued from Babylon because of you!

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