2022 Praise Report! “A Net Full of Large Fish”

An Amazing Fact: According to the International Game Fishing Association, the largest fish ever caught with rod and reel was a 2,664-pound great white shark. It was reeled in by Alf Dean off the coast of South Australia in April 1959. Dean, a fruit farmer, caught more than 100 great white sharks, but in 1952, he lost a giant one estimated to be nearly 4,000 pounds!

Kareem was swimming breezily through life as a popular disc jockey in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. But when he encountered an attractive young lady at a dance club, little did he realize that he would soon be led to an Amazing Facts program—and be reeled in by Bible truth that would forever transform his life!

Fishermen get excited when they hook a record-breaking fish, but you and I know that sinners reeled in for Christ yield eternally more enthusiasm in heaven! That’s why I praise God for how He used you and your gifts in 2022 in so many unique ways to powerfully connect lost people to Christ and His last-day message of warning and hope.

As pandemic lockdowns began lifting earlier this year, grateful people emerged from their homes—only to find more darkness, confusion, and loneliness in the world. But your support for evangelism hooked them with God’s truth—and even turned some of them into powerful evangelists: “Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men” (Matthew 4:19). That’s what you helped make happen in Kareem’s life after he met Dessi on a dance floor in Dubai …

Reeled in by Truth

Kareem attended a Sunday-keeping church with his family when he was growing up in Lebanon, but he had wandered from God by the time he moved to Dubai. When he began dating Dessi, he didn’t know much about Sabbath-keepers. As their relationship became serious, Kareem met Dessi’s father—and his spiritual journey took a giant leap forward.

When Kareem and Dessi married, her father enthusiastically shared his faith with Kareem. He even gave the pair a set of Amazing Facts DVDs, but Kareem tossed them in a drawer and forgot about them. Still, after a few weeks, the couple decided to watch at least one of them in case her dad asked them about it.

When Kareem watched my presentation explaining Nebuchadnezzar’s dream, he was amazed. “For sixteen years, I attended church but had never heard about Daniel 2. I had never seen anyone talk about the Bible as Pastor Doug did. I was hooked!”

And that’s exactly what you did for tens of thousands more in 2022. Your gifts hooked people onto the truth, which set them free from the world’s lies. 

From Fish to Fisherman

Kareem started watching Amazing Facts programs every day, and, by God’s grace, he was freed from a long-term addiction. He also signed up for the Amazing Facts Storacles Bible lessons online. Not long after, he was baptized into God’s eternal kingdom. Amen!

But that’s not the end of the story. Shortly after, God called Kareem to be a pastor. While Satan tried to block Kareem’s education, God opened the door for him to become a strong servant of God, fishing for—and catching—many more souls for heaven.

This year, you opened the gospel net to hearts searching for essential truth (Matthew 13:47). Your self-sacrificing gifts reeled in thousands to God’s kingdom! So, as we look back on the heart-touching stories of 2022, and prayerfully seek God’s plans for 2023, I want to affirm just how much your partnership means to me. Amazing Facts programs are powerful tools that bring people to Jesus, but they are not possible without you. Your co-laboring gifts help wandering souls, like Kareem, get hooked on precious truth—and then go share it with others.

Your Year-End Gift Will Catch More Souls in the New Year!

Friend, now, at the close of Earth’s history, is the best time to invest in the mighty work of evangelism. The salvation of our friends, neighbors, and family members is vital. Don’t wait another day to say, “Lord, use my gift to hook another soul for Jesus!”

Will you give a record-setting gift as we close 2022 to keep Amazing Facts’ evangelism work going strong? Your gift of $100 will provide more than 1,600 people with Bible truth through online evangelism. A large gift of $500 will make evangelistic TV programs available to over 2,500 searching hearts. And an unparalleled gift of $1,000 will help Amazing Facts prepare for a global evangelistic series next year. Whatever size gift you can give, God will bless it and make an eternal difference through all of Amazing Facts’ programs.

Kareem and Dessi now serve God in the Middle East, where only 14 percent of the people know Jesus Christ. “I cannot thank Amazing Facts enough,” Kareem shares. “God used them to take me out of darkness and into His marvelous light.” Will you join Kareem in helping more souls become hooked on Jesus and His wonderful lifesaving truth?

Fishing for men until Jesus comes,

Pastor Doug Batchelor

President, Amazing Facts International

P.S. Remember, all gifts given by December 31 are deductible on your 2022 tax return. So will you please consider giving a BIG record-breaking-size gift, knowing that the Lord will multiply your resources to grow His kingdom? Thank you for your faithfulness!

Your Impact in 2022 … and Beyond! 

 2022 Year-in-Review Video 

Live Evangelism and Revival Events

Broadcast from the W.O.R.D. Center in January, Revelation’s Final Warning, a special outreach series on the three angels’ messages, was our first-ever Amazing Facts Summit.

In March, Pastor Doug presented the 10-part Inspiration: The Bible’s Greatest Stories! revival, which drew record crowds in Las Vegas—and thousands more joined from around the world online.

In May, 34,000 youth and young adults were challenged to develop and share their testimonies at the second-annual Amazing Facts Youth Summit.

In May, Pastor Doug proclaimed Christ in Ireland, conducting evangelistic meetings in Limerick and bringing revival in Dublin and Belfast.

In August, Pastor Doug spread Bible truth to the people of Poland and the Czech Republic, lifting up God’s last-day message in a region facing intense conflict.

In October, you helped more than 6,000 people find wonderful truth through Amazing Facts evangelistic meetings in Mexico City. More than 150 were baptized!

Global Outreach Grows

In China, 973,855 people found life-changing truth on the Amazing Facts Mandarin-language website.

In India, 300 million households were reached through Tamil-, Telugu-, and Hindi-language broadcasts.

In Africa, over 28,295 Bible studies were conducted in person, leading 2,399 souls to commit their lives to Jesus through baptism.

AFCOE Trains Soul-winners

In August, 29 students from across the globe arrived at the W.O.R.D. Center for outreach training, supporting an evangelistic campaign church plant through the Amazing Facts Center of Evangelism.

In November, AFCOE graduates joined Pastor Doug in conducting evangelistic meetings in Guatemala. Schools were rebuilt, medical services were provided, and the gospel was preached with boldness.

Internet Carries Truth

In 2022, more than three million people found solid Bible answers on Amazing Facts’ many websites, which delivered over 11 million pieces of digital truth.

Across Amazing Facts’ social media—Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram—over 1.8 million people found lifesaving truth.

Bible School Celebrates 50 Years!

In 2022, more than 35,000 people enrolled to study God’s Word in the improved Bible School—and you helped deliver 791,913 lessons to searching hearts across 212 nations and territories.

Your co-laboring gifts made it possible to provide encouragement and solid Bible answers to 3,364 prisoners through personal letters and emails from our staff and volunteers.

You helped distribute 500,000 hope-filled messages to inmates in just four months on the new Pando mobile app, which is designed for prison outreach.


Amazing Facts’ publishing work led thousands out of darkness and into the light, with you helping to distribute nearly two million pieces of literature across the globe.

New resources you helped produce this year include Earth’s Final Warning: The Three Angels of Revelation and Revelation Verse by Verse: A Daily Devotional.

Broadcasting Evangelism and Beyond!

In 2022, your faithful support carried the beacon of truth around the globe through major TV, cable, and satellite networks, reaching over two billion households with multiplied millions watching.

You helped produce 980 new evangelistic programs and broadcast over 3,000 programs and evangelistic messages on major stations, getting people hooked on God’s truth around the globe.

Your gifts added seven new TV outlets sharing God’s truth—including KTLA (Los Angeles), Daystar Español, the GEB Network, Inspire, KBCW, World Harvest TV, and India’s Aradana network.

Big Outreach Plans in 2023

Amazing Facts programs on Fox Business

Dallas citywide evangelism meetings broadcast live—with AFCOE training onsite 

Evangelism and revival in Melbourne, Australia, and Auckland, New Zealand

Launching Australia AFCOE training school

Health Summit Weekend event broadcast live from the W.O.R.D. Center

New Cosmic Conflict sharing magazine

Holding the Line revival series broadcast live internationally

Completing Amazing Facts Indonesia's new training and evangelism campus

New Final Events: Armageddon DVD documentary

And more …

There’s so much more that you helped accomplish in 2022, but I simply don’t have room to share all the stories and miracles made possible by your prayers and gifts. I have confidence that God will also bless your faithful partnership in 2023 to fill the gospel net to overflowing! Thank you for standing with Amazing Facts in the rewarding work of helping people get hooked on Christ and His everlasting Bible truth!

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