Blanketing the Earth with Truth

An Amazing Fact: In January 2016, more than a thousand participants, ages 8 to 85, gathered in India to create the world’s largest crochet blanket. Mother India’s Crochet Queens started by making hundreds of 40 by 40-inch sections of myriad patterns and then crocheted them all together to make the enormous blanket, which measured an astonishing 120,000 square feet and briefly set the Guinness World Record!


Steve couldn’t believe what he was hearing from the man on the television. With a Bible opened on his lap, he was eager to point out every error that bald preacher was saying.

The only problem? Steve turned page after page in his Bible and couldn’t find any actual errors!

It’s a story that I’m blessed to humbly share with you today. Through your generous gifts, the power of the Holy Spirit is using Amazing Facts broadcasts to lead thousands to a change of mind and a real transformation of heart upon hearing God’s simple truth.

The sad fact is that many sincere people all over the world believe boldfaced lies about the Bible. They’ve listened to so many deceptive teachings from church pulpits and TV evangelists for so many years, they think they can easily disprove the actual truth about the Sabbath, end-time prophecy, the afterlife, and the Second Coming—just like Steve did!


A Miserable Childhood

Steve was abused as a child many times, leaving him feeling ashamed and powerless. It’s no surprise that when he discovered a spell at the back of an occult book that promised to change him into a powerful werewolf, he couldn’t resist trying it.

However, after saying the spell’s words aloud, his life spiraled downward. He explains, “My music changed; my friends changed. I began lighting fires and drinking alcohol.” He thought he would finally be gaining control, but the truth was, he was letting something dark take power over him. And he was only nine years old! “Before I knew it, my life consisted of fights, legal troubles, car crashes, breakups, and satanic books,” he said.

The Heresy Hunter

Years later, by God’s grace, Steve finally chose to leave Satanism. He married and began raising a family. But tragedy struck again: His brother committed suicide. “I became angry with God,” he shares. “I argued with Christians. I cussed every other word. I destroyed Bibles. I was so furious.” But God didn’t give up on him.

When an injury forced Steve to stay home for months, he watched Christian programming to pass the time—and his interest in the Bible grew. But he didn’t know that what he was hearing often didn’t match up with what God’s Word actually says. Ironically, he shares, “I became a heresy hunter.”

That’s when Steve and his wife saw an advertisement for Revelation Now, the prophecy seminar you helped air globally in 2020! That was when Steve sat on his couch, an open Bible on his lap, ready to prove what he heard me saying was heresy. Instead, as he checked everything he heard against the Bible, he concluded that nothing I said was out of place.

Friend, the power of God’s Word changed Steve’s life. “The word of God is living and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword” (Hebrews 4:12).

Wouldn’t you jump at the chance to help even more lost souls like Steve come to Christ?

Blanketing the World

Amazing Facts takes seriously Christ’s commission to “go into all the world” (Mark 16:15). That’s why, with you, we are unwaveringly committed to making Christ-centered programs available to every home in the world.

So when God recently opened the door for us to broadcast on Sunday morning on ION Television, we jumped at the chance. Why? The vast number of viewers during this 6:30 a.m. time slot surpasses many other broadcasting opportunities. And there’s no question that television, when properly used, is a giant medium to faithfully and lovingly blanket the world with the true teachings of God’s Word!

A few years ago, we snagged a place on ION, which produced a surge of Bible study interests. Even though the fee was high, the results were amazing. Out of the blue, however, ION bumped all religious programming. Now, a prime slot has opened up again but at a much better price. Praise the Lord!

ION is found all over the place—cable networks, Dish and DirecTV, and on 59 over-the-air TV stations in major U.S. cities. In fact, ION covers more than 73 percent of the U.S. viewing population. It’s even available on YouTube TV, which means anyone in the world with internet access can watch.

Amazing Facts began airing the three angels’ messages on ION just a few weeks ago on March 26—but we urgently need your help now to keep it going.


Proclaiming Truth Everywhere

The cost to put Amazing Facts programs on ION for one year is $403,000.

Your caring gift of $50 will help 625 people like Steve know Christ and His liberating truth. A generous gift of $150 will reach more than 1,800 viewers. And a “blanket-the-world gift” of $1,000 will help open the eyes of 12,500 people to God’s life-changing message. Any gift you give will be multiplied by God to save individuals for the kingdom of heaven through Amazing Facts’ evangelistic work.

Today, Steve says, “I love Jesus Christ and owe Him everything. I’m forever grateful to all of you who made this possible.” That means you!

The signs of Christ’s soon coming are in the news, rapidly flickering across TV and mobile screens. Catastrophes and wars keep mounting. We must search out the best outlets now so that we can proclaim the Word—before the night comes when no man can work (John 9:4). You can bring even more souls to Christ when you help put Amazing Facts evangelistic programs on huge TV networks like ION.

Blanketing all the world with His Word,

Pastor Doug Batchelor

President, Amazing Facts International

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