Evangelism Providence, Not Coincidence

An Amazing Fact: In 1975, two bored teens, Susan and Amy, put a message in a bottle and tossed it into Puget Sound along the Pacific Northwest. Forty years later—after floating thousands of miles—the bottle was found by Mikki, a beachcomber in Alaska. With a little work, she was able to find and contact Susan, now a scientist living in Hawaii. Susan said the experience made her believe that “anything is possible.

Some people think that live public evangelism is as futile as putting a message in a bottle and tossing it into the sea. But not Joshua. When he and his wife, Melissa, watched the Landmarks of Prophecy programs that you and other friends made possible, it was an eternally transforming experience.

So why does Amazing Facts keep doing evangelistic meetings? First, because God has called us to urgently preach “the everlasting gospel” (Revelation 14:6). Second, because Jesus commanded, “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28:19). And third, because it works!

When we think of public evangelism, we are tempted to imagine nameless faces sitting in an auditorium. But when you look into the joyful eyes of Joshua and Melissa, it becomes very real and deeply personal!

We don’t know how much longer we will be free to do public evangelism, but you can still help more people like Joshua and Melissa today. Right now, you are needed to put into place a large-scale evangelistic event that will win more people to Christ while the gates of mercy are still open.

And your gift of support will be more than curious notes stuffed into a bottle and tossed into the sea; when you give to God’s kingdom-building work, you are promised, “Cast your bread upon the waters, for you will find it after many days” (Ecclesiastes 11:1).

Batchelor and Mt. Bachelor

Through their own study, Joshua and Melissa had recently discovered God’s seventh-day Sabbath, but they didn’t know any Sabbath-keepers. The Lord had also impressed them to head to Oregon, where they bought a small cabin on a plot of land.

Shortly after moving in, a friendly elderly couple living across the street walked over and introduced themselves. They would often come by to chat whenever they spotted Joshua and Melissa outside. “It was unexpected,” Melissa shares, “but every time we talked, the conversation would turn toward God.” But when the elderly couple invited them to church, Joshua and Melissa politely declined, assuming they went to church on Sunday.

When winter arrived, Joshua and Melissa signed up for skiing lessons at the nearby Mt. Bachelor—so named because it stands off by itself from the nearby Three Sisters peaks in the Cascade Range. One day, after coming home from Mt. Bachelor, their friendly neighbor, Al, spotted them. He came running out with an old VHS player and tape, exclaiming, “Joshua, you’ve got to hear my pastor!”

Joshua politely took the items from Al, but their TV wasn’t compatible with the VHS player—so they promised to look up this pastor online instead. And wouldn’t you know it, God made it easy for them to remember the pastor’s last name: “Batchelor.” You see, Joshua says that while the spelling was different, “Pastor Batchelor’s name was all over Mt. Bachelor. It was impossible for us to forget it!”

No Inconsistencies

On the very next Sabbath, Joshua and Melissa tuned to AFTV.org and watched their first Batchelor sermon. “We were so impressed!” Melissa says. They ended up “binge-watching,” looking for anything that contradicted the Bible—and “found nothing!”

Your generous support makes streaming rivers of life available to spiritually thirsting souls like Joshua and Melissa. “It’s wonderful to know there are other Christians out there,” Melissa explains, “honoring God’s Sabbath day!”

After watching a full Amazing Facts prophecy series, Joshua and Melissa attended a local Sabbath-keeping church, where they found many new friends. By God’s grace, the pair were eventually baptized into God’s remnant church!

Pinnacle of Prophecy

At this very moment, there are millions more just like Joshua and Melissa searching for fundamental Bible truth. They need good neighbors like you to reach over the fence and share God’s love. Will you carry out heaven’s call to win more people to Christ?

You can this October, when Amazing Facts will answer God’s call with a full-sized evangelistic reaping series in Dallas, Texas—called Pinnacle of Prophecy. In this all-new program based on Revelation 14, I will cover the rapidly progressing events showing prophecy being fulfilled today—and explain key Bible truths along the way. This outreach event will not only reach large numbers of seekers in Texas, but it will also be broadcast internationally and re-broadcast on major networks, reaching new people and fortifying Christians in the faith.

But to fully move forward with this series, I need your vote of confidence right now. These large programs take significant planning and support from courageous co-laboring friends like you.

We have prayerfully set a goal to raise $400,000 to present Pinnacle of Prophecy. That not only includes the costs of running a full AFCOE discipleship training program in Dallas, but also securing a venue, printing new materials, marketing, broadcasting the programs globally, and preparing the series for sharing with others afterward—just like Joshua and Melissa’s neighbor shared those old VHS tapes!

Your loving gift today of $100 will share Bible study materials with 300 people who attend this series. Your seed-scattering gift of $50 will broadcast the everlasting gospel to more than 1,500 souls. And a mountain-sized gift of $1,000 will build a solid foundation for creating Pinnacle of Prophecy, which will bring life-changing truth to millions through TV broadcasts and online videos for years to come.

Whatever size gift God inspires you to send, He will multiply the eternal difference it will make through all of Amazing Facts’ outreach efforts.

Today, Joshua and Melissa still go skiing on Mt. Bachelor, but now they take lots of Amazing Facts witnessing materials to give away. “We plan to share Christ on every chairlift this year!” What an inspiration! Let’s join them in uplifting Jesus during the Pinnacle of Prophecy evangelistic series.

Believing anything is possible with God,

Pastor Doug Batchelor

President, Amazing Facts International

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