URGENT! Cover 98.5 percent of the UK with Bible truth now!

When I first heard the numbers, the immense opportunity, I could not wait to write and tell you about it. You and I have been given the chance to broadcast Bible truth on the largest Christian network in the United Kingdom. The coverage is incredible—reaching England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland!


Jesus said, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel” (Mark 16:15). Your gifts are helping to put God’s last-day truth on so many stations around the globe—covering Africa, Asia, and Oceania. Even now, you are translating God’s message into the Urdu, Telugu, Tamil, Farsi, and Hindi languages to reach Pakistan, Iran, and India.


According to several polls, Christianity in the UK has declined 10 percent over the last decade. But God has given us the chance to turn that tragic trend around by covering one of the most secular places in the world with the three angels’ messages!


TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network) is big in the USA, and it’s also big in England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. In fact, the TBN UK signal reaches 98.5 percent of households across all the United Kingdom! When you think about it, that’s incredible—because it’s almost impossible to get on government-controlled TV in the UK.


Lots of Brits tune into TBN UK—as it can be viewed through both paid and Freeview cable across the country, as well as online. That means you can help our friends “across the pond” hear God’s life-changing truth for the first time and have everlasting life. What’s more, this opportunity to reach souls with God’s message means broadcasting six days a week at a prime viewing local time of 5:30 pm.


This is an amazing chance to uplift the precious truth of Bible prophecy even higher in these last days. Many in the UK are watching Joel Osteen, Joyce Meyer, Charles Stanley, John Hagee, and David Jeremiah on TBN UK, but they don’t hear the simple Bible truth about the Sabbath, health, or the wonderful prophecies that point to Christ’s soon return.


And the annual cost is a bargain: $177,840. That sounds like a lot, but it amounts to less than $600 per day to reach 60 million people almost every day of the week. It’s such a fantastic opportunity to reach so many souls that we couldn’t let this slip by. I believe, because of your love for helping to save people, that you will join this valuable opportunity to rescue seekers from being deceived on these pivotal islands anchored in the Atlantic.


Redeeming the Time

Friend, this is a divine appointment! I believe that with your partnership, we must pursue this. It reminds me of Paul’s counsel to “make the most of every opportunity in these evil days” (Ephesians 5:16). How true are his words in these end-times?


Amazing Facts is mainly a media ministry. The largest share of funds you invest goes toward TV evangelism because it reaches a huge slice of the world’s population. Millions discover us because they are surfing religious channels looking for truth and meaning in life. And we can’t let them down!


Like Miriam from the UK, who shares, “I am so glad I ‘accidentally’ found Amazing Facts. The lessons and programs have helped my husband and I read and understand our Bibles.”


And Izzy, also from the UK, wrote, “Every time I watch your broadcast, I feel drawn closer to the Lord and encouraged. Thank you for answering my difficult questions.”


So will you join me this month, making it possible for more people to discover essential truth through Amazing Facts’ many evangelistic TV programs? Your gift of $50 could impact the hearts of millions! A generous gift of $100 will bring truth to twice as many seekers. And a “UK-sized-gift” of $600 could put God’s message into 27 million homes. But any size gift you send, God will multiply the eternal difference it makes worldwide through all Amazing Facts evangelism programs.


Through TBN UK, you can put Amazing Facts on the air in 27.8 million homes and share the three angels’ messages across the United Kingdom, one of the most powerful secular countries in the world. Your generous support of media evangelism and other outreach will boldly proclaim truth in these last days.

Thank you!

Pastor Doug Batchelor

President, Amazing Facts International

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