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Counteracting the Devil’s Deceptive Distractions

September 26, 2012
Counteracting the Devil’s Deceptive Distractions

An Amazing Fact: During World War II, the Allies created an entire “army” of inflatable tanks, plywood aircraft, and dummy boats in Northern England to distract the German army from where the real attack across the English Channel would be launched.

Counteracting the Devil’s
Deceptive Distractions

Deception is a highly effective tactic in warfare.

That’s why Satan uses it so widely in his spiritual war against God’s children. Jesus said that the devil is “the father of lies” (John 8:44). He is a master of deception and distraction.

In contrast, you and I must be masters of the truth. I am writing you today because I don’t want you to be distracted by Satan’s deceptions—and because there is an exciting new way you and I can help others know the saving truth about Jesus.

Record End-Time Interest
I am very excited about the new door God has opened for us to reach the massive group of people seeking to understand what’s happening in these last days.

Did you know that every month in the United States alone, there are 20 million Internet searches for information about the end times? Millions are also seeking information on the Mayan calendar, which supposedly foretells the end of the world on December 21.

And we now average around 25,000 interests every month seeking to understand prophecy at, and we anticipate this interest to continue to grow each month.

Indeed, the “End of the World” subject is sparking enormous levels of interest today … and opening some very promising doors for outreach. What an incredible opportunity for you and me to share the truth of God’s Word about this vital subject!

New Prophecy Magazine
Earlier this year, God gave Amazing Facts a vision to put together a powerful new witnessing magazine—Daniel and Revelation: Secrets of Prophecy. With clear articles, pictures, and charts, this resource will vividly unfold God’s real plan for the end times.

And with original, cutting-edge artwork unlike anything we’ve done before, it will explain the vital message of prophecy for the world and for our individual lives—the amazing facts people really want and need right now—in a vibrant, fresh way.

I can state boldly that this interest is only going to mount in coming days. With your help, we will be there to reach every soul looking for answers!

A Distracted World
It’s not just the secular world that is deceived about the end times. Many sincere Christians are expecting a secret rapture to occur or are waiting for the temple in Jerusalem to be rebuilt. The devil has them distracted, looking in the wrong direction for the fulfillment of prophecy.

To be blunt, whether it is watching sports or hearing political pundits procrastinate about the election, Satan doesn’t care what you’re looking at around you as long as you don’t look up to the Lord! Jesus, speaking about the last days, warned us not to become distracted by the “cares of this life” (Luke 21:34).

He also said the devil would use every means possible to deceive His followers. “If anyone says to you, ‘Look, here is the Christ!’ or ‘There!’ do not believe it. For false Christ’s and false prophets will rise and show great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect” (Matthew 24:23–25).

The final deception of the enemy will be so convincing that it is almost able to deceive even the elect. That’s why we need to focus our attention on Jesus. He is the only way we can win the battle.

The Greatest Prophetic Books
Daniel and Revelation: Secrets of Prophecy will be more than just “another” publication—it will unfold the two most important prophetic books in history. These are the books we should be reading and sharing right now.

There is a good reason that when Jesus was teaching on the last days, He quoted from the book of Daniel: “Let him that reads understand” (Matthew 24:15). He even pronounces a special blessing on those who read Revelation (Revelation 1:3). You have this blessing because you know and believe the message. But today I’m asking you to help us share the same blessing of truth with others!

With your help we are going to distribute multiplied thousands of copies of Daniel and Revelation. Remember, truth is stronger than lies! Together, you and I can help to expose the distractions and distortions and shine the light into the darkness.

God Has Blessed Before
Four years ago, I asked you to help me start a prophecy website that would reach the world. Together, we launched in 2008. What’s happened since then? If you search the words “bible prophecy” in Google today, you’ll get 5.8 million hits—and is the first one listed!

I believe this magazine has the same potential. And your gift today will help reach the hearts of the millions who are searching for truth.

Daniel and Revelation will become another powerful weapon in the Amazing Facts arsenal against deception, just like our Hidden Truth and Amazing Health Facts! magazines. It is going to cost more than $80,000 to design, produce, promote, and initially distribute. In fact, I took a step of faith and we’ve already started on it, but I think you will agree with me it will be worth every penny we invest.

Here’s the Plan

First, we are going to launch this new resource soon in order to capitalize on the fascination with the 2012 Mayan prophecies—advertising it on our television and radio broadcasts and the number one prophecy website on Google:

Second, we are going to establish a major online presence through Internet ads to seekers who are searching Google for answers about the end times. We will offer them the magazine as a free resource.

Third, we trust our friends everywhere will order copies to use as a witnessing tool for their neighbors, friends, and family. As interest in prophecy rises to a fever pitch, this will be an excellent resource to easily share your faith and love in Christ and help prepare people for Jesus’ soon return.

And—great news—the bulk pricing for this full-color, illustrated prophecy magazine will be under a dollar, making it affordable to share by the hundreds and thousands! I hope you can see this is going to be one of the most cost-effective evangelistic campaigns we’ve ever done! And it couldn’t be more timely …

But we can’t do it without you. This project is going to require the help of every friend of Amazing Facts. There is a great open door of opportunity before us, but we must act immediately to take advantage of it—and that means we need to hear from you today.

Your support today will make it possible for us to send this magazine around the world and reach thousands of seekers on the Internet, but it will do even more. You will make it possible for us to continue all of our other evangelistic endeavors across the globe. Please prayerfully consider how God would have you be part of this effort, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours to overcome the deception of the enemy,

Pastor Doug

This new sharing magazine will unveil the two most important books of prophecy at the most important time in history! I ask for your generous financial support to help us share the good news!

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