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Rejoice With Me!

December 24, 2012
Rejoice With Me!

An Amazing Fact: When the little country of Fiji won the Sevens Rugby World Cup in 2005—overcoming powerful teams from Argentina, England, and New Zealand—the prime minister of Fiji was so happy he declared March 24 a national holiday so everyone could celebrate the victory. Someday soon all of heaven will stop and celebrate the victories we have gained together for Christ here on earth!

After a long day of my exceptionally poor behavior, my third-grade teacher, Mrs. Weinbaum, pulled me aside for “a little talk.” I don’t remember everything she said, but I do vividly remember this: “Douglas, I hate waste. You can do something wonderful with your life, and you’re wasting it goofing off in class.” I knew she was right. In fact, what she said really scared me. The idea that I could waste my one and only chance at a successful life arrested my attention.

“Rejoice with me!” This is what the man said to his friends after he found his little lost lamb. And when the woman found her precious missing piece of silver, she also called her friends and neighbors together and said, “Rejoice with me!” (Luke 15:4). When the lost prodigal son finally came home, his rejoicing father called for a huge celebration.

So I think you can understand why I would like to invite you, my friend in Jesus, to join with me in praising God for the many wandering souls we have seen come to Christ through the ministry of Amazing Facts this past year. After all, the Bible says, “Rejoice with those who rejoice” (Romans 12:15), so please join me for a moment to review and rejoice over the many wonderful things He has done through this ministry to save the lost in 2012 … and I’ll also give you a sneak-peek at our outreach plans for 2013.

None of these projects would happen without Amazing Facts’ friends and partners like you!

Reclaim Your Faith
In January 2012, Amazing Facts traveled to the Washington, D.C., area to present a unique live global broadcast on the Hope Channel with a special mission to reclaim inactive Christians—those who have left the church for many different reasons. My goal was simple: to reintroduce them to their first love, Jesus Christ, and restore their passion for His end-time church.

It was such a wonderful blessing to see the General Conference auditorium filled to capacity for each presentation. Based on the enormous feedback, we believe thousands of prodigals returned to Jesus through these revival broadcasts. What a wonderful reason to rejoice!

The Reclaim Your Faith series will continue to make an important impact in 2013, as we rebroadcast the programs on TV and have them available for DVD distribution.

Amazing Facts Bible Studies Translation

Even though Amazing Facts is based here in the United States, you truly are a part of a global ministry reaching many different nations, tongues, and people.

Part of the Amazing Facts mission is to help people in other nations read and study the Word of God in their own language. So let’s rejoice that in 2012, we were able to have our many Bible study materials translated into Norwegian, Indonesian, German, Fijian, and Yoruba—a Nigerian language spoken by 40 million in Africa! There are many more translations slated for 2013!

Your support of this ministry is making it possible to fulfill the great commission.

European Evangelism and Youth Revival Across Europe

In April we traveled to Europe to conduct multiple evangelistic and youth revival meetings in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland—and we rejoice today over the many hundreds of decisions for Christ we witnessed.

We are now preparing to launch an Amazing Facts Center of Evangelism for Europe in
Darmstadt, Germany, in 2013, to go along with our flourishing soul-winning Bible schools in the Philippines, India, and here in the states!

New Amazing Facts Studio
After years of renting studio space, I rejoice that in 2012 we completed a longtime dream by converting a section of our warehouse into a broadcast studio. This will literally save us hundreds of thousands of dollars over the next few years, allowing us to invest even more of your faithful gifts directly into outreach media projects.

Our first project recorded in this modest new facility is Revelation: Prophecy’s Hidden History DVD, a sequel to Final Events and Cosmic Conflict. This new documentary, due out in February 2013, uncovers the exciting prophecies of Revelation 12 and 17 to reveal the great apostasy of the Dark Ages and the dawn of the Great Reformation.

With your help and that of other likeminded Christians, our goal is to distribute 500,000 units of the Revelation: Prophecy’s Hidden History DVD in 2013!

New Amazing Facts Website
In 2012, one of our major projects was the complete overhaul, upgrade, and expansion of the Amazing Facts home website to quickly deliver hundreds of evangelistic sermons and articles in the sharpest format available.

The Ultimate Purpose
In October, we traveled to the campus of Southern University to present a new series specially designed to reach the hearts of college students. We called it The Ultimate Purpose, and we rejoiced as thousands around the world watched the meetings on 3ABN. Many young people have written to say these messages, made possible by you, spoke directly to the unique spiritual challenges facing them, all without watering down the gospel. That’s why in 2013 and beyond, we believe these new programs will become a powerful tool in reaching young adults.

Reaching Muslims
There are nearly 1.7 billion Muslims in the world today, and with the recent and ongoing volatility in the Middle East, Christian missionaries face enormous difficulties working on the ground. Yet despite open hostility to the gospel, the Internet allows Amazing Facts to cross these borders and, in 2012, we established a number of websites geared specifically to reach these groups. I can tell you confidently that we’ve planted many growing seeds of the last-day message that will transform hearts in the Middle East!

Our new Arabic website at is seeing a wonderful response, as thousands of people who hunger to know the living God visit us every day. In 2013, we will continue to grow this effective online presence in strategic Islamic countries.

The Three Angels in China
If reaching nearly 1.3 billion Chinese seems like an awesome task, you’re right! But because of your financial support, our Chinese printed materials are reaching thousands each month—and this work is growing. Hundreds of thousands have seen our evangelism videos on our new Chinese website!

We also have specially trained Chinese missionaries to answer the profound Bible questions of those emailing us from China. And in 2013, we plan to increase the number of online Christian videos so more Bible truth can saturate the nation of China.

Reaching Next Door
Amazing Facts debuted tons of new, targeted soul-winning resources to help you share your faith and proclaim the truth of His Word wherever you go. We distributed multiplied thousands of free Christ-centered resources in 2012—and our goal in 2013 is to partner with you to deliver thousands more!

A Work of Salvation
“And what more can I say?” (Hebrews 11:32). Believe it or not, this letter was only a brief glimpse into what God has done through your support of Amazing Facts this year. I could go on and tell you about our “Bible prophecy timeline” or our new Daniel & Revelation sharing magazine, but frankly, the end of the page is blocking me!

So let me just prayerfully ask you to consider a special and sacrificial year-end gift to keep reaching people for Christ. Your gift of praise, gratitude, and rejoicing for God’s hand at Amazing Facts will return to you many times over, I’m certain. This will also serve to shore up our budget in 2012—but far more important, it will help us plan for all of God’s mighty work of soul-winning that He has in store for you and me in 2013.

With God’s blessing and your help, we believe 2013 will be the greatest year of outreach we have ever seen! As we are thinking of our purpose here and planning for next year, I would like to share one of my newest messages from my home church, called “A Time for Every Purpose.” You have heard the expression that timing is everything; well, this is especially true in understanding God’s will for our lives and His purpose in history. So please mark on the reply card whether you want the CD or DVD when you send your gift this month.

Don’t forget to put any prayer request or special New Year’s resolution on the back, and we will pray with you and for you in our staff worship. Thank you for your prayers and financial support in 2012! I pray you will be with us throughout 2013 as we reach the world with God’s message of salvation and prepare the world for His soon return.

Your friend for the gospel in 2013 and beyond … REJOICE!

Pastor Doug

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