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Everybody Needs to Help Lift!

March 01, 2017
Everybody Needs to Help Lift!

An Amazing Fact:
Jason Olsen, a Logan, Utah, police officer, arrived on scene of a horrible traffic accident. Motorcyclist Brandon Wright was trapped under a flaming car—and Olsen knew only decisive action would save his life. That’s when several onlookers heard an unknown voice call out, “We need everybody to come and help lift!” Suddenly, a half-dozen of these bystanders sprang into action and lifted the 4,000-pound car up and away from the trapped motorcyclist—who otherwise would have burned to death. What empowered frightened onlookers to risk their lives to save the perishing stranger?

Just as these courageous bystanders were essential in saving the life of a man who was trapped and dying, you are an essential part of Amazing Facts’ mission to save trapped souls from a hopeless end.

That’s why people like Daryl are so grateful for the heavy lifting you’re doing to reach them with the liberating messages of the three angels. You see, he was trapped. Years of drug abuse left him utterly broken. He lost jobs, stole, and even ended up in jail—but you helped rescue Daryl from Satan’s snare.

Let me share with you how …

Heavy Lifting
Here’s a little secret most people don’t know: The Amazing Facts Bible School—with its 27 Christ-centered lessons—might not be our most visible ministry, but it carries a tremendous evangelistic load that lifts up all of the other ministry facets and roots people firmly in God’s truth.

The Lord is leading seekers to the Bible School through many avenues—when they listen to Bible Answers Live on radio, watch Amazing Facts Presents on TV, browse our many websites, interact with local Bible workers, and come to live prophecy seminars. The Bible school is a hub of vital, soul-winning activity, mailing out thousands of truth-filled lessons each week to people searching for answers.

And many thousands find Jesus through this core ministry every year—thanks to you! In 2016 alone, Amazing Facts enrolled 31,789 students into our mail-based Bible school! Your gifts helped print and mail every lesson to these dear folks seeking truth. (This doesn’t include the 9,393 online students!)

Dedicated staff and volunteers go through each and every lesson we receive. They carefully grade them, take prayer requests, and mail back more lessons. We even have a correspondence team devoted to answering students’ Bible questions.

I know you will rejoice with me that over 5,300 students graduated from the full Bible School course—offered at no cost to them! Of course, it isn’t truly free. You help do the heavy lifting by covering the cost to print, mail, and grade each lesson. The soul-winning Bible School can continue lifting lives up to Jesus only because of your generous heart!

Setting Prisoners Free
Now back to Daryl and how his life was changed. Your sacrificial gifts printed and distributed the set of Amazing Facts Bible Study Guides that ended up in his hands during his time in jail. He shares, “My fiancée was studying the lessons. She wanted to rededicate her life to Christ and gave the lessons to me.”

One by one, Daryl studied the lessons, read the hundreds of Scripture verses in them, and mailed them to us. It changed him forever! “Thank you for helping my faith in Jesus grow. Amazing Facts has been a solidifying force in my recovery and is still playing a significant part. I finally feel free!” Today, Daryl is a rock-solid Christian. He has been baptized and is serving a Sabbath-keeping congregation!

Watch Daryl in his own words by clicking here.

Almost 50 percent of our incoming mail is from inmates looking for spiritual help. Our correspondence team answered more than 8,000 letters last year from prisoners alone and sent them over 20,000 pieces of literature, CDs, and DVDs, each filled with life-transforming truth.

Let’s help them all keep the faith, friend.

A Complete Makeover
Thanks to you, we have completed the major, year-long undertaking of updating the content and artwork of our Study Guides, making them more relevant to our day and beautifully redesigned. The striking covers and fresh illustrations are now ready to reach more hearts than ever. Even better, improved paper, ink, and printing technology make these lessons really shine!

I’m so grateful to you for helping us accomplish this vital redesign. Now we simply need to complete the process and make sure they make it into more hands quickly. That’s why I’m saying to you today, “We need everybody to come and help lift!”

Everyone needs to be lifted up out of darkness with the light of truth—and not just those languishing in prison like Daryl. The apostle Paul wrote, “The Scriptures declare that we are all prisoners of sin” (Galatians 3:22). Without Jesus in our lives we have a hopeless end, but with Jesus we have an endless hope!

You’ve seen the difference it made in Daryl’s life. Let’s now work together to reach even more.

Together lifting up the gospel,

Pastor Doug Batchelor
President, Amazing Facts
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We greatly appreciate your prayers and financial support.
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