New Sight for Blind Eyes

An Amazing Fact: Doctors are mystified as to why a man who was blind for twenty years—with a condition called Leber Optic Neuropathy—suddenly began seeing again. Kevin Coughlin awoke one day to discover he had miraculously regained his vision without any treatment. The spontaneous reversal of his disease is unprecedented. The only thing Kevin can think of is that he had begun to pray daily and make changes in his diet. Now he can lead his seeing eye dog! “Anoint your eyes with eye salve, that you may see” (Revelation 3:18).

Countless people today are wandering in the dark, spiritually blind—people like Jason. But you and I have the tremendous opportunity to help them clearly see Jesus Christ.

While Jason’s physical eyes were in perfect condition, his spiritual eyesight was dim. I’m so thankful that you helped restore his vision through Amazing Facts television programs, and now he understands God’s truth and the purpose of his new life with clarity.

People like Jason watch television for hours each day. The majority view programs that distort their spiritual perceptions. The immorality pumped out by the entertainment industry dulls their ability to see their need of salvation.

But your support helps heal their vision and brings spiritual eye salve to the biblically impaired. 

“I couldn’t tear myself away!”

One Sunday morning—“prime time” for religious broadcasts—Jason came across Amazing Facts programs. “I began watching your program before going to church,” he explains. “Slowly, I started getting to Sunday church later and later. I couldn’t tear myself away from your program!”

Friend, you helped Jason see new light—and he couldn’t get enough of it!

And he’s not alone. Every week, bins full of mail to our office say the same thing: An Amazing Facts television program opened eyes to spiritual truth.

Answering Vital Questions

Many like Jason have questions about the Bible because they hear things at church that don’t square with Scripture. Yet Jason found hope when he saw the lifesaving truths of Scripture being taught by Amazing Facts on television. And many more today are seeing the three angels’ messages beamed through the airwaves, satellites, and cable lines right before their searching eyes—but only by your help.

Satan is on a rampage to confuse the world and distort the true picture of God. He works 24/7 dumping garbage before the eyes of the world. We must be just as diligent to provide a clear presentation of Jesus and His Word. 

Changed by Beholding

Beholding ChristEvery month, Amazing Facts helps millions to truly see King Jesus and sharpen their spiritual vision. And every time you send a gift, you open their eyes to “the Lamb of God that takes away the sin of the world” (John 1:35). 

Jason says, “Thank you for crystallizing the Sabbath truth for all of us who are teetering on the fence of confusion.” 

Today, you and I can help more people like Jason have crystal clear vision about key Bible truths. Jesus said, “If I am lifted up from the earth, [I] will draw all peoples to Myself” (John 12:32). I can’t think of a more sweeping way to lift Christ up than through Amazing Facts television—our most effective form of outreach. And our world urgently needs to see Jesus. Please keep helping me lift Him up!

Yelling at the TV

Television is a great medium to reach people who would never think to attend a church. But in the privacy of their homes, they will watch our messages—sometimes just out of curiosity.

One viewer wrote, “Please tell Pastor Doug that I am a Baptist pastor (35 years in ministry) and used to yell and shout when I saw him teaching, trying to prove him wrong.”

You would think he would simply switch the channel, but he confessed, “For some reason, I never shut him off. Thank God. I have been convinced by his preaching that what he is teaching is from the Word of God!”

You shouldn’t be surprised by how your gifts touch Christian leaders around the world who watch Amazing Facts. I regularly speak with pastors and speakers from popular Sunday-keeping ministries. Many are convicted by our clear biblical messages—from the very programs you make possible.

One of the most incredible things about Amazing Facts programs is just how far and wide they reach! Your support airs our Spirit-filled presentations on national and international outlets—such as Middle East TV, Lifetime, Daystar Network, Hope Channel, Inspiration Network, and many more—touching a weekly potential audience of billions worldwide!

Priceless Evangelism!

Our annual budget for media is about $5 million, which is why your support is so critical. You make it possible to reach Jason and millions more—from Sweden to South Africa, from India to the Philippines. Amazing Facts television is global evangelism at its best!

Jason, a man who was late for church on Sunday mornings because he was glued to Amazing Facts programs, is now a baptized member of a Sabbath-keeping church. Praise the Lord! Jason came to see Christ clearly and find salvation … but only because you cared. 

More are waiting! Will you give to Amazing Facts television today and bring a clearer picture of Christ to multitudes of people channel surfing for spiritual food that satisfies?

Lifting up Jesus for all to see, 

Pastor Doug Batchelor
President, Amazing Facts

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