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As I sit here at my desk, scrambling to schedule a flight for an unexpected mission trip, I’m amazed at God’s providence, how He opens and closes doors in ways we do not always understand.

I’m suddenly reminded of the apostle Paul’s second missionary journey, when he was unexpectedly “forbidden by the Holy Spirit to preach the word in Asia” (Acts 16:6). But even as the Lord closed that door, He opened another! God gave Paul a vision of a man pleading, “Come over to Macedonia and help us!” (v. 8).

I can tell you that God still works in the same mysterious way! Because He has just opened a HUGE door of salvation in Uganda just as another door unexpectedly closed. The Lord has sent us word, through church leaders in that spiritually starved nation, pleading, “Come over and help us!”

You see, I’ve just been invited to conduct a huge evangelistic prophecy event in April—that’s just a few weeks away!

This is truly an urgent call, not only from Uganda to Amazing Facts, but from my heart to your heart. This outreach was not on our calendar—and, frankly, it isn’t in our budget. But when the Lord calls, my heart yearns to go, trusting He will provide a way.

Will you help Amazing Facts answer our Macedonian call? Will you be the Lord’s conduit to fulfill this soul-winning trip? We simply can’t go without you!

The Water of Life

Uganda is known as “the Pearl of Africa.” Its tropical climate makes it the continent’s fruit basket, and it’s home to the endangered giant mountain gorilla. But among this majesty lies the deep darkness of spiritual falsehood.

That’s why God is calling us to Kampala, Uganda’s capital and largest city—with over 1.5 million people. It sits along Lake Victoria, the source of the Nile, the longest river in the world and the one that ferried baby Moses to safety.

For two weeks in April, Amazing Facts will present the message of the three angels—leading people to the safety of the River of Life, Jesus Christ! And what the Holy Spirit does there through you and me will flow to the rest of Africa, much like Lake Victoria feeds the Nile through the heart of that continent.

Kampala is filled with lost souls drinking from the diseased waters of this world. They need the refreshing Water of Life, and you and I can bring it to them as Christ’s messengers—but only if you support these meetings with your gift today.

Forward in Faith

Millions in Africa are searching right now. They are seeking after life but are coming up empty-handed. That’s why I’m thrilled to tell you that, even now, in His foreknowledge, God has blessed our AFCOE Africa program in Kenya—and it has spilled over into Uganda. At this very moment, a team of AFCOE graduates is on the ground, preparing Kampala for our soul-reaping series.

So I ask you to please respond right now to this eleventh-hour plea—so that we can boldly go forward with this gospel series. You can turn this opportunity into a reality, to lead thousands to everlasting life, with your gift today. Will you please help provide all the resources needed to carry out this giant effort, while sustaining all our other ministry programs?

As my thanks for your urgent, special gift this month, I want to send you my message “Changing Your Mind,” which shows how you can master your thoughts and think like Christ with God’s help! Please request it, listen, and pass it on.

God has opened this last-minute door for Amazing Facts to present a soul-winning Bible prophecy program in Uganda. Please give today so that others may be set free by the Source of Truth around the world.

Advancing when He calls,

Pastor Doug Batchelor
President, Amazing Facts

P.S. A radio producer in Uganda, Timothy, was desperate to find real answers to his Bible questions when God led him to Amazing Facts on the Internet. He was thrilled to learn about the Sabbath, the mark of the beast, and many other life-changing truths. “Watching these programs,” he says, “erased the doubts I had about the Word of God.” I’m sure you know exactly how Timothy felt when you experienced Bible truth for the first time too. You can bring this same experience to many more thousands—but only if you step with me through this huge door that God has opened. Thank you for your urgent gift today!

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