A Sign of the End: Reversing the Curse of Babel

July 2019

A Sign of the End: Reversing the Curse of Babel

An Amazing Fact: Did you know that almost half of all medical errors made in emergency rooms are due to information problems? Because one out of ten Americans speaks only limited English, hospital staff often struggle to communicate with gravely ill patients. Misdiagnoses that lead to worsening illness and death frequently occur because of a lack of accurate translation services.

Dear friend,

Mo Chou was at the end of her rope—literally.

Living with the overwhelming despair of being married to an abusive husband, she decided to end her life. Yet when she tried to hang herself, the rope broke. I believe that this was Providence!

Then, through God’s mercy and your gifts, the lifesaving good news of the Savior came to her. Even in her small village tucked away in central China, she discovered Amazing Facts videos.

After hearing the powerful Bible truth in her own language, she gave her life to Jesus and has now become a bold witness of truth to everyone she meets!

A Famine in the Land

“Not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the words of the Lord” (Amos 8:11). One of the biggest challenges at Amazing Facts is answering the flood of requests for evangelism resources—DVDs, books, magazines, and Bible lessons—in different languages to reach more people like Mo Chou.

The devil loves to put up every roadblock to the gospel. In China, government restrictions make it nearly impossible to proclaim the Word of God publicly. But an equally difficult barrier is language. Seekers simply move on if they can’t find spiritual truth in their language in a broadcast or on the Internet.

Friend, to do the work of God, we must use the real gift of tongues to reverse the curse of Babel!

That’s why Amazing Facts is continually working to multiply the number of languages of our resources and broadcasts. And it is changing lives all over the globe. Your kindness made possible the Mandarin-language Amazing Facts DVD that turned Mo Chou’s life around!

But sadly, we’ve just skimmed the surface. Only a few of our resources are available in multiple languages. However, we have witnessed with astonishment that every new language we add brings a fresh wave of new souls to the faith!

Pastor Liang, a Sabbath-keeping minister who uses Amazing Facts resources in his outreach, traveled to visit a group of new believers. After these seekers watched Amazing Facts videos in their language, they were inspired to keep the seventh-day Sabbath—including Mo Chou—and to live by the new truths that you revealed to them in Scripture.

The same thing happened with the early church. After the believers gathered for a time of earnest prayer, God poured out His Spirit and the confusion of Babel was removed! Peter stood up at Pentecost and preached to a diverse group of Jews from “every nation under heaven” (Acts 2:5)—and they heard the gospel in their language! “We hear them speaking in our own tongues the wonderful works of God” (Acts 2:11).

Should we expect anything less than seeing the good news reach multiple millions today in their languages? Imagine it! You can help initiate another Pentecost for Christ!

Confusing Tongues

I experienced a little “Babel confusion” while speaking in Paris a month ago. A French translator helped me with the messages, and our Storacles of Prophecy Bible lessons were available in French. But at the end of the service, while I was greeting people, my translator had to leave.

People came up to me and spoke excitedly. But I could only smile, because I had no idea what they were saying. Friend, it made me long for heaven when we will all speak the same language!

At Pentecost, the Holy Spirit was the translator of the bold preaching of the gospel. But today, God has given the gift of tongues to believers who can turn English into Indonesian or Marathi or even Zomi.

Will you be a translator? You can help turn English into Swahili, French, and so many more languages. You can fulfill the three angels’ messages by supporting the end-time global work of Amazing Facts. I know that the Holy Spirit will miraculously bless this work.

Broadcasting Worldwide

Right at this moment, we are working to convert batches of our flagship programs into Spanish and Hindi, in addition to the ongoing translation work in China. Other major languages seeking translation of quality Amazing Facts materials include Russian, Arabic, French, and Portuguese.

We recently started broadcasting on Inspiration International station to over 200 countries in the world. The broadcasts are all in English, so that limits the audience. We sometimes add subtitles to the lower third of the screen—but this is far less effective than dubbing voices for listeners to hear the messages in their native language. While it’s more costly, it’s much more effective in touching their hearts for Jesus.

Even the process of translating printed materials is difficult. We have to find quality, native-speaking translators worldwide and double check their work to ensure the translations remain bold and sound biblical teaching. Yes, this takes time and money, but it is well worth the effort.

Just ask Mo Chou. Your giving made an eternal difference because you brought the Word to her in her own language. Amen!

Babel in Reverse

When humanity rebelled against the Creator by building the Tower of Babel, the Lord confused their languages to stop their evil work. But when God’s people cooperate with Him and each other to spread the good news, the curse of Babel is reversed!

Will you help uncage the gospel and translate more of God’s last-day messages for the world by sending your gift to Amazing Facts this month? Your gift will provide the funds to translate one of our Bible lessons into a new language, to dub a DVD into Spanish, and to send resources to people who are desperate to hear the truth in their language.

We need your support to break the curse of Babel. Will you help us reach more people like Mo Chou—souls so desperate for hope that they contemplate ending their own lives? Let’s not let people get to the end of their rope before they find God’s truth. Thank you for sending them truth in their own languages!

To every nation, tribe, tongue, and people,

Pastor Doug Batchelor

President, Amazing Facts International

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