A Determined Quest for Truth!

August 2019

A Determined Quest for Truth!

An Amazing Fact: When someone bet Buffalo Bill that no woman could ride across North America alone, Nan Aspinwall was determined to meet the challenge! The 31-year-old intrepid cowgirl mounted her favorite mare and set off on September 1, 1910. Over the next 180 days, she covered a staggering 4,496 miles. Crossing mountains and forging rivers, Nan had many adventures and close calls, but finally, on July 9, 1911, she rode into New York City—and was recognized as the first woman to cross the USA alone on horseback.

Dear friend,

Did you know that each month, 95 percent of Millennials (ages 18 to 34) in America tune in to radio? That’s 70 million people! Yes, this form of media is still tremendously effective in the USA and internationally in reaching those seeking for meaning in life. And we now have an opportunity to double the number of seekers who can find God’s foundational truths—seekers like Justina.

Justina was determined to find answers, and her pastor wasn’t helping. She grew up in a close-knit Mennonite community in Central America, where for years she rode to school by horse and buggy.

Her loving parents lived a simple lifestyle with a deeply spiritual focus, but something always troubled Justina. The religious teachings she was hearing often didn’t seem to mesh with Scripture. This sent her on a quest for truth. And God used you to bring her solid Bible answers that changed her life forever.

Every Sunday evening, I’m reminded that there are thousands of honest seekers like Justina who hear religious ideas that just don’t add up. And they want straight answers from the Good Book, not mere human opinion.

Well, nearly 25 years ago, Amazing Facts started broadcasting Bible Answers Live for this very reason. And thanks to you, the program has grown from one small station in Sacramento to hundreds of stations around the world reaching searching souls!

And that’s how Justina discovered the truth …

Offering Better Answers Every Week

When Justina was a child, her parents allowed her to listen to a Christian radio station—but only when it played a children’s Bible story. However, providentially, right after the Bible story ended each day, Bible Answers Live came on!

Secretly, Justina kept listening, and the broadcast soon became her favorite. As she eagerly listened year after year, the Scripture truths she heard took root and answered the longing questions of her heart.

She especially wondered what really happens when someone dies and why a loving God would torture people forever in hellfire. But listening just one day to Bible Answers Live cleared up her confusion and brought tremendous peace to her heart!

When she learned from Amazing Facts about the Sabbath truth, she asked her pastor why they went to church on Sunday. He told her he’d get back to her the next week, but he never did. That’s why I’m so grateful you were there to help her find answers that convicted and transformed her heart!

Still, we’ve only scratched the surface. There are millions of other souls that could be reached if we could just place Bible Answers Live on more stations. Of course, Satan doesn’t want people to learn the truth, so he is broadcasting his doctrines of devils.

We must counteract these lies! That’s why today, Amazing Facts is broadcasting Bible Answers Live on 163 FM and 47 AM stations in the USA each week—plus 9 Internet sites. You’re even making it possible to air the program on 5 satellite and 7 international stations.

But we can still help millions more hear accurate answers to their Bible questions if we make Bible Answers Live more readily available to them. Are you willing to “give a defense to everyone who asks”? (1 Peter 3:15).

She Read Them All!

Eventually, when she was eighteen, Justina was able to access a computer. The very first thing she did was find amazingfacts.org and download all our free books—made possible because of you and our other faithful Amazing Facts co-workers!

Justina then immersed herself in study. She personally told Karen and me, “I downloaded every book and read them all!” And the impact was eternal. “I could no longer read my Bible the same way,” she says today. So even though she was living in a Mennonite community, in her heart, she was a Sabbathkeeper.

Justina also told her brother Peter about what she was learning. She was thrilled to discover that he was also convicted that Saturday was God’s day of worship. Together, they began visiting a local Sabbathkeeping church and were baptized soon after!

That’s what happens, friend, when people get hold of fundamental Bible truth and allow it to penetrate their hearts! But that doesn’t happen unless we place it within their reach. That’s why we need to greatly expand the broadcasts of Bible Answers Live.

A New Opportunity

I have a confession. Whenever I used to watch Billy Graham preach to a stadium full of people, I was a little jealous. Today, I still long to preach to big crowds for Christ. But the Lord always reminds me that I already have the opportunity to do just that every week!

Bible Answers Live is like conducting a weekly evangelistic program to multiple stadiums full of people. Truly! Every Sunday, we can reach into every automobile in North America through hundreds of AM, FM, and satellite stations—even Facebook!

And today, I’m excited about a new opportunity to add a Bible Answers Live rebroadcast on satellite radio every Saturday night, which will double our reach! But if we are going to snap up this golden time slot, we need your support now. The cost is $800 per program, adding up to $41,600 a year. It’s a big goal, but I believe we can meet the challenge if we all work together.

We also want to put Bible Answers Live on television every week! (Please pray about these projects, as they are still in the works.) But these evangelistic advances are only made possible as you and I faithfully fulfill Jesus’ commission to take the message of truth into all the world.

Tuning into Truth

Today, Justina continues to share her faith with her family and prays for these seeds to bear fruit. She also rejoices that her sister will be baptized soon!

But what about all the other honest seekers who listen to radio only to get the “devil’s doctrines” instead of God’s Word? Jesus is asking us to fill the airwaves with His messages of truth. When people call, let’s be ready to meet His challenge!

Will you please ask God what He would have you give to help more people know Christ and His lifesaving truth this month? Your gift will help more desperate souls find answers to their Bible questions not only through our radio broadcasts, but also through our websites, television broadcasts, and many other outreach efforts.

Thank you for your gifts and for being a part of Amazing Facts’ work. You are making an eternal difference!

Bless you for your love for souls,

Pastor Doug Batchelor

President, Amazing Facts

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