The Cuban Crisis and Mission Opportunity

An Amazing Fact: At 99 percent, Cuba has one of the highest literacy rates in the world. Now, after more than sixty years of communistic atheism, the nation is opening up to religious freedom. People there are hungry to read the Bible and Christian literature—but are God’s people ready to feed them?

Even though Luz grew up in the Catholic faith, she rarely attended church. And when her parents did take her, Mass was always spoken in Latin. She could never understand a word of what was being said, and it left her biblically illiterate.

But through you and our other faithful supporters, she learned the beautiful gospel truth in her mother tongue—Spanish—and fell in love with Jesus Christ!

Did you know that Spanish is the world’s second most-spoken native language? That’s 483 million native speakers! And Amazing Facts regularly receives requests for Spanish materials from around the world. Well, if we really believe that the gospel must go to “every nation, tribe, tongue, and people,” then we must communicate in the languages of searching people—pronto!

Today, you can help preach the gospel (evangelio) in this beautiful language so that more seekers like Luz can look forward to Christ’s soon return. You can also greatly multiply Spanish-language resources from Amazing Facts—just as we are about to go on a surprise mission trip to Havana in just one month!

But first, I want to tell you more about how you reached Luz with the Bible truth …

“I Want to Go!”

Like many of our Latin-American friends, Luz had great respect for the Bible but didn’t really know what it said. Yet her heart had a spiritual yearning—so when Carlos Muñoz, our Spanish-speaking evangelist, presented a Bible prophecy seminar in her town and in her native tongue, she gladly attended.

One is naturally wary when visiting a new church, and Luz and her teenage grandson, Christian, were no different. But the people were so kind to them, and the fascinating messages presented by Carlos were so fully supported by Scripture, that they eagerly returned each night.

Of course, the devil works hard to prevent people from hearing God’s truths. So while Luz enjoyed the meetings, she was tempted to let the busyness of life get in the way. But whenever she hesitated, Christian would speak up: “I want to go!” They didn’t miss even a single night!

Because you had compassion on her weary heart, Luz could finally hear and understand Bible truth.

Pleading for Spanish Resources

Soon, church members began sharing Amazing Facts Spanish-language resources—and Luz devoured them. “They were such excellent quality,” she says.

I’m so thankful that your gifts create God-glorifying resources that are enjoyed by seekers. But just the same, the number of Spanish materials we have available is far too small to meet the great need—excellent quality, yes, but limited!

I’m constantly getting comments like: “Do you have plans to make your website in Spanish?” — “It would be great to have more Bible studies translated into Spanish.” — And, “Are you planning to translate your video into Spanish?” 

One man, who attends a church that teaches eternal hellfire, begged us to translate our website into Spanish. “A website like this would be enlightening to my church and to Spanish speakers everywhere!”

One precious young lady left a difficult situation in Mexico and fled to America. Held for months in a detention center, she wrote us a note on toilet paper to request resources in Spanish! Of course, thanks to you, we were able to quickly reply!

Don’t you see these yearning hearts who want Bible truth made available to their Latino brothers and sisters around the world? This cry really hit home when I received a phone call a few weeks ago … from Cuba!

Cuba for Christ

Very few of Cuba’s 11 million people know the everlasting gospel.

It breaks my heart, because growing up, many of my friends were Cubanos. So when an invitation came suddenly for Carlos and me to hold prophecy meetings in Havana this Easter, we jumped at the chance. If this isn’t the hand of Providence, I don’t know what is!

But this is just one short month away, so we’re scrambling to get ready. And we haven’t even accounted for this evangelistic opportunity in our budget.

That’s why I really need your help! While Cuba is rich in culture, her people are destitute. The average monthly income of a Cuban is $32. So Amazing Facts is stepping out in faith to cover the full cost of the trip, including the literature we bring.

And with tensions between the USA and Cuba running high, the State Department is cautioning travel to our island neighbor. Still, Cuba desperately needs Christ. Communism has created many atheists who need to hear about our Creator and Redeemer.

Friend, God is calling Amazing Facts to reach more Spanish-speaking people with His love and truth. Will you help us answer this need and create more resources and a new website dedicated to bringing God’s lifesaving truth to places like Venezuela, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Spain, Mexico, and many other Spanish-speaking nations?

A $32 Challenge

You and I have the ability to bring the Advent hope to the hopeless in their own language—dear souls like Luz. You can change the despondent into fired-up faithful witnesses for Christ. In fact, Luz went on to witness to her neighbors who are now also baptized believers. Praise God!

This month, your gift of $32—the average monthly wage in Cuba—will reach the heart of someone like Luz with a packet of Amazing Facts resources in their own language. A gift of $96 (3 x $32) will help over 3,000 people find liberating truth through a new Spanish-language website. And a gift of $320 (10 x $32) will help dub an Amazing Facts program into a new language.

Luz had never heard Bible truth in her language until she attended a Spanish-speaking Amazing Facts prophecy series. She devoured the message and wanted to hear more. Today, you can greatly multiply the number of Spanish materials and websites for our Latino friends when you sacrificially support this ministry. Thank you for changing her life and helping to bring the message of hope to the people of Cuba.

Proclamando audazmente la verdad (Boldly proclaiming the truth),

Pastor Doug Batchelor

President, Amazing Facts International

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