Perfect Timing to Invest in Evangelism

An Amazing Fact: Li Ka-Shing, the richest man in Hong Kong, recently made a fortune due to his perfect timing investing in Zoom, a video-conferencing app. Because of the app’s immense popularity due to the pandemic, the value of his holdings jumped 80 percent. However, Li lives modestly and is one of the world’s most generous philanthropists.

Barbara was at the lowest point in her life. The last few years had been a nightmare—her mother had passed away, her husband had died of cancer, and then she lost her father to a stroke.

Researchers tell us that people who experience crises like these are more open to the gospel. But whether it’s the death of a loved one, a divorce, job loss, health challenge … or perhaps even a global pandemic … timing is everything.

So it was with Barbara.

You see, the night before a flyer advertising an Amazing Facts International evangelistic series arrived in the mail, Barbara cried out to God for help. The arrival of that flyer couldn’t have been timed more perfectly. It changed the direction of her life!

Friend, I have never felt such an urgency to preach the three angels’ messages as I do today. The timing is perfect because of what’s happening in our world. That’s why I’m writing to you—to share a powerful opportunity for you and me to present a live, large-scale evangelistic event in October.

But you may be wondering if public evangelism even works anymore. Well, let me tell you how your giving turned Barbara’s life around …

These Are the Times

As Barbara tried to cope with grief, financial stress, and her own health challenges, she thought she was going to go crazy. She’s not alone.

Millions feel the same way—your family members and neighbors among them. How much truer this is during the global COVID-19 crisis! Tens of thousands have died. The economy has gone haywire, with millions out of work. And now social unrest has spilled into streets.

But yes, amid all this chaos, people are especially open to the gospel.

When Barbara’s world fell to pieces, she searched for real answers. Today, our planet is coming unglued, and honest-hearted people are likewise asking, “What’s happening?” 

Remember Jesus’ prediction? “… men’s hearts failing them from fear and the expectation of those things which are coming on the earth, for the powers of the heavens will be shaken” (Luke 21:26). We Christians are not surprised, but many of our loved ones are deeply troubled.

That’s why I rejoice that at just the right time, Barbara received our event flyer—a mailing made possible because of your sacrificial gifts. At first, she threw the colorful brochure into the trashcan, but the Holy Spirit prompted her to take it out and examine it more closely. And she did! 

What Will Happen Next?

No question, we are now experiencing a global crisis. It has disrupted people’s lives like nothing we’ve seen in our lifetimes. They are wondering, “What’s going to happen next?”

Will scientists provide cures? Will bankers steady the economy? Will the news enlighten us with truth? Will government leaders calm the social unrest?

I don’t think so.

Only One can give us lasting hope. And only one Book explains the prophetic events that will soon take place on Planet Earth—and God’s plan to deliver His people.

That’s why the timing is perfect for investing in evangelism now, in sharing a message of warning with the world, a message that points people to Christ as the only answer to carry us through these trying times. And that’s why Amazing Facts is preparing for a major evangelistic event next month. We cannot wait. We must act now.

That’s what changed Barbara’s life. She attended the Amazing Facts’ evangelistic series and was baptized! The timing was perfect; she was ready to hear the good news. You were there for her, and she gave her heart to Jesus! Such is the power of the Holy Spirit when we cooperate with heaven.

Revelation Now!

But we must keep doing our part and continue to send out His saving Word.

So from October 23 to November 14, I will present—with your help—a new evangelistic series titled Revelation Now! Decoding the Bible’s Greatest Prophecies. It will be broadcast from the new Amazing Facts’ W.O.R.D. Center campus.

I will be teaching on topics relevant to today’s seekers, showing how the Bible has something profound to say about the uncertain times in which we live. Not only will there be a local audience, but the series will be available to watch online through AFTV, 3ABN, and Facebook, so that churches, small groups, home groups, and individuals can participate. This evangelism program will also be translated and broadcast live in Spanish on social media and 3ABN Latino. Shortly afterward, it will be translated into Mandarin and Hindi, making it available to the top-four spoken languages in the world!

Your gift this month will help broadcast the series on major television stations and create brochures, posters, Bible lessons, decision cards, bulletin inserts—all to be made available at so you can invite your friends and neighbors to join you.

Strike When the Iron Is Hot

God is giving us a window of time to share a final message of warning to our world. Will you respond to this pressing opportunity to support Revelation Now? Just as Li Ka-Shing poured venture capital into a start-up with growth potential, God wants you and me to be faithful stewards who invest in productive outreach (Matthew 25:14–30) that can save millions of souls for eternity!

Besides world conditions, another factor makes this perfect timing for investing in evangelism. Two generous supporters have put up a matching fund this month. They will match every gift that is given, up to $154,000!

That means the number of Barbara’s you help will be doubled! Your gift of $25 will double to become $50; your $100 donation will become $200; and a $500 gift instantly becomes $1,000! Never have we had a window so wide open into people’s lives. Hearts are ready, gifts will multiply, and I believe thousands will be saved through the proclamation of the Word. The timing is perfect!

Through supporters like you, Barbara can now say, “I’m so glad I pulled that brochure out of the garbage! My best friends in the world are in my church.”

Will you now help Amazing Facts send more loving invitations to people to join God’s family? Thank you for investing in the eternal kingdom at just the right time!

Yours in sharing a timely message to a world in crisis,

Pastor Doug Batchelor

President, Amazing Facts International

Click here to download and share the Revelation Now! flyer.

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