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An Amazing Fact: When Ferdinand Magellan, a Portuguese explorer, set out from Spain in 1519, he became the first European to cross the Pacific. The long and dangerous voyage around the world took three years, and only 18 of the original 270 members of the crew survived. Magellan himself died in a skirmish in the Philippines. Incredibly though, the voyage still made a profit!

Daniel desperately wanted to be baptized. But his family firmly opposed it. Despite their threats, this faithful young man from Uganda did everything possible to continue listening to the gospel.

Sometimes the journey to the kingdom of heaven is fraught with dangers. Though the coronavirus has restricted physical travel, your love for people to know the truth provides a ticket for the three angels’ messages to circumnavigate the globe!

Daniel, a senior in high school, providentially “stumbled” across a prophecy series presented on a local radio station by Edgar, one of our very own Africa AFCOE-trained evangelists who speaks Bantu, Daniel’s native tongue. Daniel became a consistent listener. Sadly, his parents, staunch Anglicans, had no desire to see their son join some “strange Sabbath-keeping church,” even threatening to disown him.

But whatever the cost, Daniel was determined to follow truth. When a family member broke his radio, Daniel slipped over to a neighbor’s home to keep listening to the life-changing messages.

I’m inspired by the courageous resolve of so many around the globe, like Daniel, who have made sacrifices to hear the gospel. And this is happening thanks to translators that you help fund directly!

However, the window for reaching souls is quickly closing. Final events are being fulfilled rapidly around us. There is an urgent need for you and me to swiftly send God’s truth to touch those on every continent on Earth through more broadcasts, websites, evangelism, and literature in various languages.

But first, let me finish telling you Daniel’s story … 

The Surprise of His Life!

Daniel listened carefully to the prophecy sermons. He was especially convicted by the topic of the Millennium. “That was a turning point in my life,” he said.

On the day that Daniel was to be baptized, he was stunned to encounter his 90-year-old grandfather, who had also been listening to the series on the radio. Grandpa had once believed in the three angels’ messages but had left the church. Now he was getting re-baptized!

Your faithful support made both baptisms possible and provided the training and material Edgar needed to be an evangelist for truth.

More Amazing Testimonies!

Leony, an enthusiastic fifth-grader, attended the “Amazing Bible Camp” conducted by our Amazing Facts team in Indonesia. She took to heart the call to share the Bible’s messages with others.

When the camp ended, Leony invited her school friends to a homework study group—and afterward asked them to study the Bible. Using bookmarks that you helped publish in her language, Leony taught them God’s truth.

While the COVID-19 pandemic has postponed her group meetings, Leony has begun witnessing to her family and even convinced her grandpa to read Amazing Facts sharing magazines that you helped translate into Malay. Today, he’s a baptized member of God’s last-day church!

Translating Truth

Raj (a pseudonym to protect him from persecution) was born a Roman Catholic in Bhutan, a country bordered by Tibet and India. His parents sent him to Catholic schools, and he regularly attended mass.

“I was a rebellious teen and often got into fights,” he explains. “My mother often cried and prayed that I would change my ways.”

Then, during a trip home from college, Raj noticed there were no longer idols in their home. His mother had joined God’s remnant church. Raj was so impressed, he took Amazing Facts Bible studies in Hindi, which you helped translate, and was baptized.

Raj now works full-time at Amazing Facts India and translates our materials into several Indian languages, reaching millions in the world’s second-largest country.

Stories from Everywhere

Mr. Wu found God’s messages on the Chinese Amazing Facts website. He shared what he learned at his business, and five of his employees accepted the truth! Our Amazing Facts team in China is sending him our Study Guides, translated into Mandarin, to help grow his small group.

And there is Arold in the Philippines. Two AFCOE students dropped by his home to visit his grandmother. He slowly warmed up to hearing about the Bible and eventually attended prophecy meetings and gave his life to Christ!

I Have a Dream

The Internet today has more potential than the printing press had 500 years ago. As I’ve prayed about how we can touch the greatest number of souls for God’s kingdom, I’ve become convinced that the three angels’ messages must be translated into the world’s most widely spoken languages—Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, Hindi, and more.

With your help, we have expanded our Spanish-language work and just launched an Amazing Facts Latino website ( But since the pandemic, there has been a global explosion of audio, video, and written content on the web, and we must send out God’s truth through these avenues. There are still many of our resources that need to be translated so that more people can learn about Jesus in their native tongues.

Supporting a team of committed and talented translators around the world has a cost. Your gift of $150 will help pay for voice-over translation of a full Amazing Facts broadcast. And for a generous gift of $250, you can help translate an entire sharing magazine.

Raj learned of God’s truth in Hindi. Daniel heard Bible messages in Bantu. Leony was taught God’s last-day message in Malay. Mr. Wu listened to Amazing Facts sermons in Mandarin Chinese. Together, we can send the message of salvation around the globe. Multiply your worldwide impact for Christ by supporting the translation work of Amazing Facts (Matthew 28:19, 20).

Grateful for your global-reaching gifts,

Pastor Doug Batchelor

President, Amazing Facts International

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