Last-Minute Decisions Change Lives Forever!

An Amazing Fact: In 1912, while campaigning for the presidency, Teddy Roosevelt prepared a 50-page speech. On the evening he was to deliver it, he folded up the massive manuscript and stuffed it into his breast pocket, along with a case for his glasses. On the way to the campaign site, he was shot by an assailant at point-blank range. But because of his case and thick hunk of paper, the bullet only just pierced his skin. Unfazed, even with the piece of lead still lodged in his chest, Roosevelt took the stage and delivered his rousing 84-minute speech.

Have you ever made a last-minute decision that altered your life? Amanda did.

One day while channel surfing, she saw an intriguing program title: Amazing Facts. She then made a choice in the spur of the moment that forever changed her life—watching a truth-filled program that your gifts made possible!

Thousands have written to tell me that they made a similar out-of-the-blue choice to watch Amazing Facts—and that it rewrote their eternal destiny.

And sometimes, the Lord opens a door at the last minute. That’s what happened last month when Amazing Facts suddenly found a Sunday-morning timeslot on UPtv—opening the doors for you and me to boldly broadcast the three angels’ messages to an all-new audience.

Isn’t that the way God works? He suddenly opens doors as a test of our faith: “I will … teach you in the way you should go; I will guide you with My eye” (Psalm 32:8).

Friend, I feel the Holy Spirit prompting me to move forward on these last-minute opportunities when my heart is caught up with heaven’s mission to save lost souls, like Amanda …

Not Satisfied

Amanda and her husband Steve were both raised in the Baptist church. She remembers attending services every Sunday since she was five years old: “I was happy with my church, but there were always questions that no one could answer.”

It happens all the time. People read their Bibles and find truths that don’t line up with what they hear from the pulpit. When they seek clarity, the responses they get often leave them feeling spiritually adrift.

Amanda believes that her split-second choice to watch Amazing Facts was prompted by the Holy Spirit—because I was speaking about the seventh-day Sabbath. “That presentation brought me a Bible truth that I knew was true!” Amen!

That’s why you and I must work to provide gateways for these seekers to find God’s truths and His church. Jesus said, “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be filled” (Matthew 5:6). You become the blessing that satisfies these spiritual longings when you co-labor with us in broadcasting Christ-centered programs!

Have you noticed how often God seems to work at the last minute? When the Israelites were cornered between mountains, the Red Sea, and an angry Egyptian army, the Lord parted the Red Sea just in time.

When Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego faithfully refused to bow to the golden statue, at the last minute, the Lord stepped into the flames with them and kept them safe. He will likewise honor you if you take a step of faith!

Seizing a Last-Minute Opening!

That’s why I’d like to ask you to embrace a last-minute (think “last-day”) opportunity from God. At the eleventh hour, He opened this prime timeslot on a growing network. We’re praying by faith that you will join us today in this time-sensitive opportunity, as we hadn’t budgeted for this unexpected opening.

We are not being reckless—if the funds do not come in, we will cancel this broadcast.

This timeslot is 8:30 AM on Sunday, a broadcast window when many Americans are looking for religious programs. UPtv reaches into over 70 million homes nationwide. It focuses on family-friendly programming, making it the perfect spot for us to capture an audience that is seeking to know God more intimately.

By God’s grace, we were able to seize this coveted timeslot for half the typical cost, all the while enabling us to provide millions more Sunday-morning seekers a chance to hear essential Bible answers to the difficult questions they are asking in these last days.

TV Is Still Changing Lives

Today, because of your love for souls, Amanda and Steve are also helping others know the truth by giving to the work of Amazing Facts!

It’s not always easy to take hold of the Lord in a moment of faith. Amanda and Steve are facing challenges from family members who don’t understand their new commitment to the Sabbath. But God is helping them, and they are encouraged daily by Amazing Facts Bible resources that you are also making possible.

Because of your gifts, today Amanda can say, “I am so grateful that I tuned in to your broadcast that day because I know that was the day that changed my life.”

Make a Last-Minute Choice

As I mentioned, Amazing Facts took a leap of faith to secure this Sunday-morning timeslot, hoping to reach more people like Amanda. Now, I’m asking you to take a step of faith with us and make the choice to keep Amazing Facts on UPtv—sharing Bible truth with even more spiritually hungry seekers.

The cost for holding this timeslot is $260,000—that’s for an entire year of sharing plain truth with 70 million people! For as little as $25, you can help nearly 7,000 souls learn about the Bible. And your gift of $100 or more will help more than 28,000 find an everlasting relationship with Christ.

Amanda pushed a button on her remote and was immersed in God’s truth through Amazing Facts—that split-second decision transformed her life for eternity! Will you prayerfully consider sending your lifesaving gift to help more people be ready for Jesus’ soon return?

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