Amazing Facts Makes History (On the History Channel)

Imagine being able to preach the complete everlasting gospel to an audience of over 40,000 people—five days a week … for a year! That’s the massive opportunity that came to Amazing Facts just a few weeks ago.

Through God’s perfect providence, the History channel offered us the chance to broadcast His last-day truth to a crowd that could fill a large stadium—for five days a week, Monday through Friday, 30 minutes each morning! These Christ-centered programs will be broadcast at 6:00 AM Eastern on Dish and DIRECTV—and 6:00 AM Pacific on most cable providers

History is a super-station. It is nearly impossible for just anyone to secure airtime on this award-winning American network. But through divinely inspired contacts, we were offered, out of the blue, an opening—a heaven-sent chance—that we just couldn’t pass up. If we didn’t step in immediately and by faith, someone else would have.

Amazing Facts has never broadcast five days a week on such a massive network. It means that instead of broadcasting four times a month, we can air 20 programs a month. This now enables us to share an entire series of precious truths in sequence—it’s going to be like a full evangelistic meeting coming to every city in the United States!

And there’s more …

The History channel is also offering us a spot on History en Español, which means we’ll be reaching a Spanish-language audience once a week, every Sunday at 7:00 AM ET. God never ceases to amaze me!

When you think about it, History is all about facts—just like Amazing Facts. But we’re all about the history of God working in our world, the history of salvation, Bible history, and the history of prophecy. In 2019, we even broadcast Kingdoms in Time on History to high ratings. That’s why I believe a divine hand is opening the way to reach a whole new audience every weekday with God’s last-day truth.

This big opening tells me we are nearing the final days. The globally disruptive pandemic we just experienced also reminds us that Christ is coming soon. With the distress of nations, millions wonder what will happen next. People are earnestly searching for answers. I know that’s true because contacts through Amazing Facts media have at times tripled this past year. The world is thirsting for plain Bible truth!

My heart goes out to all of these frightened seekers. Remember what Jesus said? “When He saw the multitudes, He was moved with compassion for them, because they were weary and scattered, like sheep having no shepherd” (Matthew 9:36).

Are you moved with compassion when you see multitudes thirsting for Living Water? Broadcasting on History gives you and me the huge opportunity to reach a segment of society that we just aren’t reaching currently. These people need a clear picture of Jesus, how to be ready for His return, and, most important, sound truth about salvation in Him. You can now offer them this lifesaving truth every workday morning through Amazing Facts broadcasting.

After watching our broadcast, Dennis said, “I’m a huge fan of the History channel. It was so refreshing when I turned on the TV this morning at 6:30 and saw your program. Thank you for showing me a refreshing way to enjoy the teachings of God’s Word.”

History reaches into 85 million homes. Thousands of faithful viewers like Dennis love history, and you can show that history is really “His Story.” Let’s make history by preparing people for the end of this world’s history.

Amazingly, God has opened the door for us to reach this secular audience once again, but at a 32-percent lower cost than last time. I’m earnestly asking you to bring wonderful truth into a home for as little as 14 cents per broadcast. It’s colossal, I know—nearly $600,000 for six months of broadcasting on History—but the closer we come to Jesus’ return, the more precious these opportunities become. The Holy Spirit is now preparing our world for the most cataclysmic event ever to take place!

Would you be willing—during these busy summer months—to say, “Pastor Doug, we can’t let this opportunity slip through our fingers. I want more people to know Jesus”? Would you give an extra gift this month, a gift double your normal gift, to secure this chance to be on the History network?

Your gift of $100 will impact over 700 households with Bible truth. Your generous donation of $300 will send Bible-based literature to 200 outstretched hands. And $1,000 or more this month will reach thousands through the airwaves. Whatever size gift you send, I know that God will multiply its eternal difference.

Friend, we are living at the end of time. We will soon be in the kingdom of heaven. Let’s bring with us as many friends as possible. It’s a reward that will last for eternity.

Making history for God’s kingdom,

Pastor Doug Batchelor

President, Amazing Facts International

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