Panorama of Prophecy: Opening Eyes to God’s Truth!

An Amazing Fact: Vasco Núñez de Balboa, the great Spanish explorer, was the first European in the New World to set eyes on the Pacific Ocean. In 1513, while exploring the Isthmus of Panama, he asked a savvy local for directions to the “South Sea,” hoping to discover riches. The guide led him to a mountaintop, upon which he climbed a tall tree. From that ridge, Balboa could see both the Atlantic and Pacific and the intersection of two great continents. That one panoramic view not only changed the maps of the world—it also changed history!

Where are we today on the map of earth’s history? That’s what millions are wondering as they try to make sense of the confusing landscape of polarizing politics, global pandemics, unprecedented violence, and staggering natural disasters.

Like Balboa, there are still open-hearted seekers who yearn to be led to a place where they can see a clear vista of their future. And you are poised, like Balboa’s guide, to lead them to a panoramic view of the truth—to the pinnacle of Bible prophecy, one of the best places to discover the real picture of our loving God and to find a lasting relationship with Him!

Friend, I have never felt such an urgency to preach Bible prophecy as I do today. That’s why I’m writing you—to share an enormous opportunity for you to help those hungering for truth by partnering with Amazing Facts in a global evangelism event. It’s called Panorama of Prophecy: A Bible Study Spectacular, and it begins next month!

Of course, explorers like Balboa sought the fleeting treasures of this world, but seekers today are looking for divine truth, the eternal riches of heaven—people like Stephanie.

“Too Young and Naïve”

Although Stephanie was not raised a Christian, this teenager from Ohio felt drawn to read the Bible. And even though her parents forbid discussing religion in the home, Stephanie yearned to know the truth about God.

One day, in secret, Stephanie read the Ten Commandments. She noticed keenly that the fourth commandment said that “the seventh day is the Sabbath of the LORD” (Exodus 20:10). She knew that Sunday was the first day of the week. Saturday was the seventh day.

Naturally, Stephanie wondered why Christians went to church on Sunday. She shares, “I asked a pastor, and he said that we should keep Sunday because that’s the day of Jesus’ resurrection.” But Stephanie knew that there is no Bible command to make Sunday the new day of worship.

So this persistent young lady opened up her Bible and showed the pastor the fourth commandment, but he merely replied, “You are too young and naïve and don’t understand how to read the Bible. You’ll understand when you’re older.”

What a tragedy! So many honest seekers have been told by “religious leaders” that they don’t have what it takes to understand Scripture.

We must stand up and speak out! Today I pray, as the apostle Paul did, “that I may open my mouth boldly to make known the mystery of the gospel” (Ephesians 6:19). Public evangelism is still vital in these last days!

Frustrated by her pastor, Stephanie earnestly prayed, “Lord, teach me how to read the Bible.”

A Divine Appointment!

The very next day after her sincere prayer, Stephanie happened upon a TV commercial that caught her attention. It was an advertisement for an Amazing Facts prophecy seminar, which your gifts made possible.

The ad said, “Do you want to learn how to read the Bible?” Those were the very words in Stephanie’s passionate prayer to God. She was thrilled!

Then her heart sank. She doubted that her parents would drive her to a religious venue to learn about God. But then Stephanie heard the speaker announce the location. It turns out, the meetings would be held at her local high school not far from home.

Praise God! He opened the way for Stephanie to attend the entire Amazing Facts series—and she was baptized into Jesus Christ and God’s remnant church!

Panorama of Prophecy

It’s now time for us to schedule more divine appointments with the Savior globally! You can help open the eyes of thousands more like Stephanie to see life-changing Bible truth and reach the wonderful Promised Land.

With your help, from October 15 to November 13, I will present Panorama of Prophecy from the new W.O.R.D. Center. Not only will there be a live audience attending, but the series will also be available to host at churches, halls, study groups, and for individuals to watch on AFTV, 3ABN, and even on YouTube and Facebook.

So will you please stop and take a moment to reflect on how God has blessed you—and then ask Him how involved He wants you to be in this massive outreach? Your gifts will broadcast this series live on television and produce updated Bible lessons. You will also help re-broadcast it on major stations like Lifetime and History in the months to follow, helping thousands more know essential truth. We also have plans to translate and distribute this series globally so millions more will have the opportunity to have their eyes opened.

A Pressing Opportunity

We’ve already seen how the pandemic limited evangelism—the window to freely and openly share the full gospel is quickly closing. I sincerely encourage you and your church to be a part of this mission to bring the three angels’ messages to this sin-darkened world.

Will you also respond by financially supporting Panorama of Prophecy—while also ensuring our media, publishing, and website ministries continue strongly? This is the perfect time and way to invest in God’s final work—opening eyes and hearts to know and receive Christ and prepare for His soon return.

Will you give today? I believe thousands will enter the Promised Land because you gave.

Boldly proclaiming eye-opening truth,

Pastor Doug Batchelor

President, Amazing Facts

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