From the Desk of Pastor Doug Batchelor

God has been pressing upon my heart a deeply sobering concern. I just cannot shake the belief that we are on the brink of seismic changes in our world.

Since the pandemic, you and I have witnessed how global governments are openly interfering in people’s personal faith, lives, and business. Only a month ago, leaders from the world’s major religions gathered at the Vatican to demand our politicians enact global laws to combat climate change—our right to liberty is being openly debated!

This is feeling very much like the beginning of the end!

Yet, as the final events come upon us—frankly, the people of God’s church are not ready. “While they went to buy, the bridegroom came, and those who were ready went in with him to the wedding; and the door was shut” (Matthew 25:10).

Just as the disciples were asleep at that critical hour when Jesus told them to watch and pray, so now the vast majority of Christians are asleep spiritually. Most are increasingly distracted by worldly pleasures and treasures, weakening their ability to proclaim His Word.

The church urgently needs a wake-up alarm. But if you and I do not give the trumpet a clear and distinct sound, who will?

Friend, we need to sound an urgent call to holiness, to a revival of genuine spirituality in our own house. And such reform never comes by muttering a prayer or taking an occasional nibble of Scripture.

No! Now is the time for God’s people to make a full commitment, because someday soon, we will all hear God’s last appeal—and probation will close.

So I’m asking you today to support me in presenting one of the most important revivals I will ever preach—called The Fundamentals of Faith. This will be a straight-talk series loaded with sanctifying truth for these last days. My goal is nothing less than helping to awaken the church and preparing God’s people for the Second Coming.

We are on the borders of eternity! Just look around at the deep political divisions in our nation—and in our churches. Natural disasters, famines, and wars are pummeling the planet, along with the growing numbers of false prophets telling lies. Jesus’ words are being fulfilled!

The signals of His soon coming are blaring in our ears. How do we get ready? The Bible says, “If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray…” (2 Chronicles 7:14). Nothing is more urgently needed today than for us to fall to our knees in heart-searching repentance and earnest prayer. Will you join me?

Because very quickly, what we own on earth will be worthless.

So as you reflect on these momentous times and how you can invest in God’s eternal kingdom, will you prayerfully send an urgent, revival-sized gift and co-labor with me to present The Fundamentals of Faith this coming February?

Your gift today will help me uplift the essentials of a true walk with Jesus—the nonnegotiable elements of a genuine experience with the Lord!

People ask me every day how they can live a victorious Christian life. Some are struggling with addictions, others doubt their salvation, and many live in fear that they aren’t ready. You can help them learn to truly understand the Bible, to pray, and to have a closer walk with Christ to become a true overcomer.

God will use you and your generous gift to make this program possible and carry His final appeal clear around the world. People from Moscow to Mumbai, Houston to Hong Kong, will hear it and be changed through the Holy Spirit’s abiding power.

We have an intense longing for Jesus to come, but we must prepare ourselves and others quickly! Christ is calling us to work together for such a time as this. 

Praying for a genuine revival,

Pastor Doug Batchelor

President, Amazing Facts International

P.S. Nothing is more urgently needed right now in the church and in our own hearts than a revival of true godliness. You can help reignite a revival by supporting The Fundamentals of Faith series coming this February. And remember, your year-end gift is tax-deductible if you give before December 31, 2021. Please invest in God’s kingdom, not in the treasures of this dying world. Thank you!

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