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Amazing Facts Broadcasts Now in Japan, U.K.

Posted on October 11, 2016
Amazing Facts Broadcasts Now in Japan, U.K.
Like a tidal wave of truth, Amazing Facts programs keep sweeping across the globe bringing inspiring messages from God’s Word to millions of new listeners.

Now you can enjoy watching Pastor Doug Batchelor on-demand through, a 24-hour, dedicated Internet channel based in the United Kingdom. Seven days a week you’ll be able to watch Amazing Facts Presents, Sabbath School Study Hour, and the Everlasting Gospel. Plans are also being made to view Amazing Facts programs in England through Roku and Apple TV.

In August 2016, the Hope Channel in Japan launched two Internet channels ( that will broadcast Amazing Facts programs (with translation to Japanese) to over 127 million people in the Land of the Rising Sun. Besides our primary programs, like Amazing Facts Presents, this 24-hour, 7-day outlet will include presentations like The Last Day of Prophecy and Amazing Adventure.

We’re excited that Japan, the UK, and other places are reaching people with God’s message! And we are so grateful for your support, which is making this outreach possible!
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