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Onward and Upward: Amazing Facts in Houston

Posted on May 08, 2017
Onward and Upward: Amazing Facts in Houston
During the weekend of April 22, more than 8,000 believers gathered in Houston, Texas, for the Greater Houston Area Campmeeting and Soulwinning Festival, its largest gathering in twelve years. Area pastors asked Pastor Doug Batchelor to be the keynote speaker at this exciting event, which included services for both Spanish and English speakers.

In the weeks leading up to the convocation, more than sixty churches, forty pastors, and hundreds of local believers in the area worked together with students from Andrews University to share God’s Word with seekers. Pastor Dan Serns, the evangelism coordinator for the Texas Conference, encouraged every church to have the first fourteen lessons of the Amazing Facts Bible Study Guides in their lobbies to share with visitors. He appreciates the vital role that Amazing Facts is serving in presenting the truth in an appealing and effective way.

Pastors Doug Batchelor, along with Jëan Ross, vice president of evangelism for Amazing Facts, urged those in attendance to boldly continue their work of sharing Bible truth in their communities. Pastor James Milam, from the Houston International Church, says, “Their message was wonderful, biblical, timely, and reached just about everybody.”

Beautiful music and a baptism filled helped to fill out the day with blessings. One exciting story was how a Baptist pastor connected with Sabbath-keeping church seeking to rent space for his church. Subsequent Bible studies led him to make a commitment to keep the Sabbath, and now he is sharing with his current congregation the new truths he has found in God’s Word.

Both Pastor Doug and Pastor Jëan were thrilled and encouraged by the response of the people to the work Amazing Facts is doing. A long line of people waited to greet Pastor Doug and share positive experiences of how Amazing Facts has been a blessing in their lives. It was exciting to see how the resources and programs that Amazing Facts provides are helping local churches work more effectively to hasten Christ’s soon return.

Thank you for making it all possible through your gifts and prayers!
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