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Foundations of Faith: A Convicting Call for Revival

Posted on November 16, 2017
Foundations of Faith: A Convicting Call for Revival
“I’ve never heard anything like this before!” That’s what one Methodist gentleman said while attending Amazing Facts’ nine-part Foundations of Faith series, held in early November in Silver Spring, Maryland. He had been watching Amazing Facts TV programs for years, so when he discovered Pastor Doug Batchelor would be conducting the Bible series near where he lived, he knew he had to attend in person.

Besides the many thousands watching on Hope Channel, 3ABN, and AFTV, about 500 guests attended the live event each weeknight, with a full house of 800 on the weekends. People also traveled from all over the country—from Rhode Island and as far away as Louisiana and Texas—to experience the revival series. Some booked hotels and spent the entire week to hear all the presentations, including a young adult group from New Jersey. In addition, hundreds of thousands joined the event online. Including YouTube, Facebook, and the official host site, videos views reached nearly a million. More than a hundred local host sites also registered for the event around the world.

For Foundations of Faith, Pastor Doug focused on, what he calls, the “Ten Super-Sermons” of the three angels’ messages. Each of the ten subject are easily remembered, each beginning with the letter “s,” and are the doctrines most neglected or misunderstood by most Christians—Scripture, sin, salvation, Satan, Sabbath, state of the dead, sanctuary, Spirit of Prophecy, strength (health message), and the Second Coming. He says, “I believe true revival will always come in connection with the proclamation of the Word and prayer, and that these distinctive doctrines of our church can genuinely lead to true heart transformation."

Local guests were given a free copy of the Foundations of Faith Bible lessons and The Afterlife Mystery sharing magazine. A complimentary children’s program was provided by General Conference staff, where forty children learned about building on the solid Rock of the Bible, Jesus Christ. After the one-hour presentations, local guests and those watching on Facebook were invited to submit Bible questions for a thirty-minute question-and-answer time with Pastor Doug.

Foundations of Faith reaffirmed for many viewers the foundational truths of the Bible, and for dozens of guests, much of what they heard was new. One man attending with his wife became convicted over the Sabbath and is now determined to begin keeping the seventh day holy. One guest personally thanked Pastor Doug for the series, and as they spoke, a lady standing in line behind the man asked him where he lived, and it turned out that they are from the same town. So she personally invited him to church, and he eagerly agreed to attend!

Many others have expressed appreciation for the timely series, which coincided with the 500th anniversary of the start of the Protestant Reformation—when Martin Luther nailed The 95 Theses to a church door in Germany. Over the centuries, the devil has sought to undermine the Rock-solid foundations of our faith. Foundations of Faith was a stirring, convicting call for Christians of all backgrounds to return to the Bible and reaffirm scriptural teachings so vital in these last days.

Because the programs were recorded, Amazing Facts expects these presentations and their corresponding lesson materials to inspire true revival for years to come. Learn more at the official site by clicking here.
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