"Prophecy Countdown" in Uganda

Before and during Amazing Facts' Prophecy Countdown outreach in Uganda this past April, God's timing was everything. His providence was on full display throughout the nine-day event, which was held in the open air National Hockey Stadium in the capital city of Kampala.

Even in the midst of the storm season, God saw fit to hold back the rain every evening just before each meeting began and until each one concluded. Doug Batchelor, the speaker for the event, explains, “Right on the equator, the weather forecast is nearly the same every day: sunshine and the possibility of rain. But incredibly, it never rained during our meetings—and I believe it’s because God wanted these precious people to hear the Word in these last days.”

This was only a small part of what God accomplished for this life-changing event, which was made possible by a last-minute cancellation in Pastor Doug’s speaking schedule and the ongoing work of the Amazing Facts Center of Evangelism Africa (AFCOE Africa) over the past few months. Adds Pastor Doug, “It seems that the Lord closed one door temporarily so He could open the other just in time—so that Amazing Facts could be there when God’s church in Uganda needed this ministry the most.”

A landlocked country in East Africa, Uganda is one of the world's poorest and has a literacy rate of less than seventy percent, with English the most widely spoken language. Most Ugandans are affiliated with one of the major religious groups in the country—Catholicism, Anglicanism, and Islam—so bringing the everlasting gospel to them was especially crucial at this time.

For several years, AFCOE Africa had been working in the neighboring country of Kenya to train disciples in outreach, with many students coming from Uganda. Most of these men and women returned to their homeland to teach the truths found in God’s Word in their local communities. Early this spring, God intervened to provide an exciting opportunity for these faithful workers to bring their ongoing small groups to a citywide evangelistic campaign in Kampala.

Lowell Hargreaves, director of AFCOE Africa, was instrumental in connecting Amazing Facts with local church leadership in Uganda. In addition to providing training, he oversaw the preparation and printing of Bible lessons used by local pastors and AFCOE graduates in outreach efforts leading up to and during Prophecy Countdown. At least ten health and evangelistic pre-meetings were held the month before this exciting event sponsored by local churches, AFCOE Africa, and Amazing Facts. These connections with the local community helped bring more than 7,000 people to each meeting by the close of the series.

Each evening, attendees received full-color Bible lessons to use for personal study and to share their faith with others. As a result of the combined efforts of pastors, church members, and AFCOE graduates, Pastor Doug’s series led to 335 souls taking a public stand for Jesus through baptism! Many more baptisms are expected as AFCOE Africa team members conduct follow-up with interests across the city.

Local pastor Godfrey Lubwama, one of the leading organizers, was encouraged by the many decisions made for God’s truth in what he hopes is just the beginning of a harvest across Uganda. He shared, “Here in Uganda, sometimes we go through many toils to win even just one soul, but what washes our tears is seeing one come to Christ.”

Church members recognize the importance of supporting these new believers, as one local leader challenged them, saying, “Let’s take concrete measures for their nurturing.” They won’t have to do it alone! AFCOE Africa will now assist local Ugandan churches in strengthening these new believers into faithful disciples through our upcoming AFCOE outreach training program in Kampala later this year.

The Prophecy Countdown meetings also received the blessings of several government officials, who expressed their appreciation for the Bible truths that Pastor Doug brought to the city of Kampala and the country of Uganda. God also used this event to provide Amazing Facts with key government and media connections that will help us broadcast gospel programming to 5.1 million viewers throughout Uganda in the near future!

Pastor Doug says, “What a thrill to minister to the beautiful Ugandan people. The ones we met were humble, gracious, and had a great sense of humor. We believe that through our efforts there, by God’s grace, more people will hear the messages of the three angels and receive Christ into their lives.” 

As in every ministry outreach, we thank supporters like you for providing the finances that made this international ministry possible. We are so grateful for your kindness and compassion!

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